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It’s Never Enough No It’s Never Enough – MKE Week 19

It’s Never Enough No It’s Never Enough – are part of lyrics from a great song by the Bare Naked Ladies. “Life in a Nutshell”. Love that title too. I’m grateful to that band for reasons you don’t need to know but do you ever feel it’s never enough no it’s never enough? Why, why do we feel that way sometimes. Maybe all the time…

Concern about your resources could make you feel uncertain today or everyday. Is this due to your feeling that life isn’t going according to your plan particularly when you compare yourself with others? Even though it may seem as if you don’t have enough or that you are lacking in some way, you may wish to bring your attention to what you have in life that is truly precious and the gifts that the universe has given you. Perhaps today you can create a gratitude list for the things that you have.

There a great song in the movie “White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby & The Incredible Rosemary Clooney, and part of the chorus is “count your blessings instead of sheep” and I try to remember that scene everyday.

Count your blessings instead of sheep. Some of you may not know what that reference means. The origin of that particular reference is for years if you couldn’t fall asleep the remedy was to count sheep in your mind. Kind of funny and weird when you think about it, just bore yourself to sleep really.

Anyhow, one of the best remedies for the feeling of lack, as eluded to above, is to remember all the things you’re grateful for or in other words your blessings. So here is a great tip for that, start with the letter A and write all the things that begin with A that you are grateful for:

So I start with Air – without that blessing don’t mean nothing.

Arms I’m super grateful for my arms – I saw this woman on a documentary one time and she had no arms and was taking care of her baby… with her feet and her mouth – AMAZING. Although she was super strong for doing that it made me more grateful for my lovely, strong arms! Sometimes I’m not because genetically I have to work very hard on them as they carry a lot of body fat and I feel super self-conscious about them – So I’m very grateful to remember how grateful I am for my arms. Wow so I’m grateful for 3 things already!

I believe you can see how this could become a huge list and never enough as a distant memory.  So work at it everyday – it’s a great tip I believe. So do it today even if you realize you are nature’s greatest miracle and that you and your life is perfect as it is and you are always evolving!

I love you!
It's Never Enough


Week 12 Master Key Experience Harmony

Week 12 Master Key Experience Harmony

Harmony is on my mind today.  Week 12 Master Key Experience Harmony is on my mind.

Why is harmony so difficult to attain with humans.  All other life forms on this planet have zero trouble achieving harmony.  Every other life form!  Everyone except us.

The lack of harmony among humans is astonishing to me.

Ego, opinions, lack of personal responsibility, unwillingness to do what ones says they will do – so frustrating.

Hey, I’m not perfect and I do this stuff to.  I guess it’s free will run riot.

Anyone I’m focusing on being as harmonious as I possibly can today and everyday.

I’m frustrated this week and I usually am around this time.

It’s so sad when people quit the class and it’s so hard when people don’t get what we are trying to do.  It’s so sad to me when people don’t want to do the work.  Do what they promised they would do.

That’s why we have everyone write “I always keep my promises” all over everything we do.  Every card has, “I always keep my promises”.

People today think nothing of blowing off a promise, missing appointments or lying about showing up.  It’s crazy.

I’m at the end of the baby boomers and I gotta tell ya, my parents would NEVER make a promise and not keep it.  They were both from the greatest generation.  That group of people  although maybe more prejudice about things were certainly driven by integrity.  Fear of God.

What I mean by Fear of God is not hell and wrath of God type stuff but Karma if you will – if you do a certain action you are going to pay a price good or bad.

People don’t believe that today, if you hurt someone, if you lie, if you steal, kill whatever you will pay a debt for that action.  The same is true for being kind, inservice, loving humanity – there is a payment for that too.

I’ve always said that peace of mind is my birthright, it’s on my DMP.  So few of us have peace of mind. Experience a calmness and quieting of our minds.  If you desire peace of mind get into harmony.

Let’s get into harmony, be kind, shout praise from the roofs, when tempted to critique bite on your tongue.

I love you!

Transform your life


Saint Bernard has got the answer

Saint Bernard Has Got The Answer to All You Woes Week 8 Master Key Experience

Yep, Saint Bernard has got the answer

Here we are Week 8 of the Master Key Experience.  Yep, Saint Bernard has got the answer and it was shared a few weeks ago in the course.

During the Master Key Experience or Master Key Mastermind Alliance as it’s also known, there are assignments and one of the assignments is to read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essay on Compensation.  It’s a tough assignment.

In that essay Emerson quotes Saint Bernard. If one understands this quote fully I believe that it’s the answer to all of anyone’s woes.  But you might not like it.

Here it is.

“Nothing can work me damage except myself, the harm that I sustain I carry about with me and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault”                  Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
I highly recommend reading that a second time and maybe more.  Saint Bernard has got the answer to all your woes, difficulties, problems, challenges, issues, addictions, etc. etc. etc.

What this Doctor of the Church is saying is that you have to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life!  The good the bad and the ugly.

Read Saint Bernard again, if you want a happier more peaceful and joyous life read it again and this time own it.

If you hate your job, if you are unhappy in your relationship, if you don’t have a job, if you are alone, if your kids are driving you crazy, if you are sick, if you are really sick, if you are hurt, if someone broke your heart, if someone wronged you, if someone stole from you, hurt your family, if you’ve been devastated by a loss, and I could go on and on and on.

If there is anything, anything at all in your life that you don’t like or want there it’s your fault!  And if there are things in your life you love then that’s your fault too!  The good, the bad and the ugly all your responsibility 100%.


It’s up to you to do something about anything that’s in your life you don’t want there.

I hated my job so I buckled down for 2 solid years, made big sacrifices, and worked as hard as I could to make enough to leave that horrible job!  And now I work for myself.

My dgdaynaaughter was running wild and I was terrified something would happen to her.  So I threw her out and said,  “If you want to act that way you are on your own”.  That was a daily siege but I had to do it.  Now she is the number 3 power in our company.  She’s awesome and mostly Dayna is her own person and doesn’t care about what other people think.  I love that about her.

Now I’m not saying that I’m responsible for the person she is now, but there was no way that I was going to teach my daughter that it was OK to behave badly and not pay the consequences of those actions.  Life doesn’t work that way.

As difficult as it was to watch my beloved daughter live in a dangerous situation I knew it was better than allowing her to disrespected me because that was teaching her not to respect herself and I was not going to do that, no way.

Many people hurt me bad, some family, real bad when I was little and I had no choice then.  But I’m a grown up now and I choose to forgive them for they know not what they did, that is my choice and I move on.  And that’s that!

The ones that hurt me after I was grown, well I take responsibility for that – I choose to be in relationship with them so it’s on me.

I got sick, real sick.  Had to have an operation – but now I eat differently, I exercise, I drink lots of water, avoid processed foods, no GMOs, no doctors, organic, love myself and my future self, and I take care of myself body, mind and soul.  So now I’m healthy.  Blessed to be so healthy after what I’ve done to my poor faithful self  🙂

Well mostly healthy, still have to step up and do better for myself there.  What I’m saying is if you are sick it’s you who made you sick.  Now you say what if little kids and babies are sick – did they make themselves sick.  Yes – period.  Yes they did I don’t know how but I know for sure that the subconscious mind, once set on something, can do anything including make one sick.

But guess what, it can make you well too!

I could go on and on and on with any example.  You’re lonely and alone – then get out there a meet people and find out why, maybe, people don’t like you – ask someone who knows you to honesty tell you what it is that puts people off.  Why can’t I find someone to share my time with.  Do something!  Don’t just sit in an unsatisfying life and blame anyone but yourself!

I have a very close friend who is alone, and lonely but he knows it’s his doing.  He’s not ready or it’s not worth it to him to find someone.  But he’s not pissing and moaning about it he knows it’s his responsibility to make himself happy if he wants to be happy.

Get up and take responsibility for yourself, your joy, your bliss, your peace, your happiness.  Even if it is scary and hurts its better that being unhappy.  Trust me it’s better.

Now if you don’t like all this that I am writing there is a reason for that…

Mahalo & Aloha ~ I love you, and I suggest you do also!

DaveneSaint Bernard has got the answer

Saint Bernard has got the answer

Week 3 of the MKE is My Favorite!!!

Week 3 of the MKE is My Favorite

It is probably 20 years now that the subject of metaphysics, the subconscious mind and how the Universe really works has been a great passion of mine.  I’ll tell you why week 3 of the MKE is My Favorite.

Sometime around February 1996 I met Mark Januszewski.  He introduced me to the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and, for me, it changed everything.

I didn’t have any business experience, I had always just been someone else’s employee, so when I got into business for myself I was super lucky to meet Mark and as a result read this book.

I studied that book and some others like, Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman In The World”, “The Success System That Never Fails” by W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill.  Then the big two I found were the incredible authors, lecturer & teacher Emmett Fox and Joseph Campbell.  Then the absolute over the top I found “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel.

Week 3 of the MKE is my favorite because he teaches how the mind and the body are connected and how to ignite that metaphysical energy engine inside myself – this week really opened my eyes and heart.

What all these authors based success on is the metaphysical idea that if you focus your thoughts on what you want and affirm these things out-loud then they will happen.  That you’ll actually somehow alter the “ether”, the vibrations of the universe to our will and anything you want will happen!

These guys shared this stuff a long time ago.  Way before the scientific evidence that proves all this is true and I wanted to know how they knew!  How the heck did they know – well I found out pretty quickly that these ideas have been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

This is nothing new that we can change our lives by changing out thoughts.

What happened was my excitement for this information compelled me to really started to dig deep into these ideas and I started researching everything I could find.

Fortunately my wonderful husband, who by the way was actually trained by the great W. Clement Stone, was on the same page with me and my voracious appetite for these amazing truths and we eventually created the amazing 26-week course The Master Key Mastermind Alliance or the Master Key Experience, MKE for short.   Mark was actually already totally inline with all this stuff he just let me find it and be amazed by it on my own.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance is an astonishing journey for anyone, it’s ubiquitous and I’m so grateful for that, it’s my purpose and my passion and I am so blessed to be part of this course.

Mahalo to all our Staff, Guides, Members past and present – I love you forever!

😀Week 3 of the MKE is my favorite


How Can A Pebble Make You Happy

Years ago I did this weekend retreat called A Cursillo.  Here is a description:

The Cursillo weekend is an invitation for you to experience the love of Jesus Christ on a personal level and to bring this love and joy into your daily life.

I gotta say for that time in my life I felt very loved.  The people who run the Cursillo encourage your family, friends and even strangers to write you notes and letters and give you little gifts whatever they want to show how you are loved.

There are other things that people will do like fast or give something up (sacrifice) for the time you are at Cursillo to honor what you are doing.  While I was there my sister put a pebble in her shoe to remind her to pray for me and send me love and strength.  My sister sacrificed comfort to be of service to me.

This got me thinking about a challenge that we have with people who decide to take the giant leap into the Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience.  Now lots of people take the course and experience real life changing stuff so it’s important that we give them all the help we can.

Sacrifice is a big part of what we teach members in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course and the other day I was reminded of the pebble in my shoe thing.

seaturtleWe were standing on the rocks watching the sea turtles in Poipu and a tiny rock slipped into my shoe and I walked with that pebble till I got to the car.

The led me to thinking about sacrifice and service and our members.  See we have these Certified Guides that are there to help our members through the course.  Yes, we offer this amazing one on one support.  So I am working out ways to assist the Certified Guides in helping our members make it through the entire course and making their lives better.

When we think about becoming better, and part of becoming better is giving up the things that are in our way, we have to include sacrifice.  Sacrifice in other words means giving up or overcoming whatever is in your way of achieving the life you want.

This is a struggle for most people.  If they can even think of what it is they want their life to be in the first place then they can try and figure out what is getting in the way of achieving that life.

So I have a suggestion.

pebbleinshoeIf your life is not what you want it to be e.g. are you happy, do you know your unique talents, do you experience bliss?  Are you happy in your job, your relationships, your living situation, with your family, with your friends.  Do you feel whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy?  If you don’t then put a pebble in your shoe.  Walk around with that in your shoe all day and try and figure out what it is that you must give up or overcome to achieve a blissful life.

This is just an experiment that I’m trying out so go ahead and do it and let me know what happens.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance changes lives and it can change yours too.  Check it out at

Aloha & Mahalo from beautiful Kauai

The Fab Davene


Another Miracle of the Master Key Experience


Working hard and having the right mind set certainly helps.  This amazing life didn’t just appear before my eyes.  Hard mental labor had to be applied daily.

The hard mental labor most are not willing to do, as stated by Charles Haanel the author of The Master Key System – which is why so few have amazing lives.  That’s sad to me because this is not easy but it’s very simple.

The “Master Key Experience” is the fastest and easiest way possible to achieve what you really want in life.  This course was created by the magnificent Mark Januszewski.


Because I received ANOTHER email today that blew my mind, made me cry a little, made my heart soar, made me cover my mouth, say OOOOOOOO and thank the Universe.  In the words of the immortal Dirty Harry, “go ahead made my day.”

Well it happened today.  Another “Master Key Experience” member and Certified Guide for the “Master Key Experience” just made my day!

Like I said ANOTHER email.  Because I get alot of these “blow your mind” emails, thank the Universe I do, but this one was particularly rewarding and humbling.

The reason for that is when we received this marvelous woman’s DMP (Definite Major Purpose) statement a few years ago, A DMP is what our members are required to do.  Write out their goals in a particularly powerful way.  Anyway when the DMP was received it was assigned to my daughter – The Dynamic Dayna Marie Merry.  Now Dayna was an apprentice at critiquing DMPs at that time and wisely asked for assistance.  Dayna said, “Mom she wants to move to Ireland but she’s so negative about it I don’t know what to tell her”?  So she sent it to me to help.

When I saw the DMP it was indeed extremely negative and needed some improvement but I could feel the true desire written in it and gave her some educated feedback.

This person ultimately because a Certified Guide with the “Master Key Experience” and now she gives educated critiques to new members on their DMPs.  So that’s cool – but you have got to read what I received this morning from that very person:

Just wanted to let you know that I am moving with my family to Ireland in August!!  Yes I had it in my DMP and it’s manifesting right before my eyes.  We put our house on the market May 1st and we were in contract 3 weeks later.  Our next adventure is just beginning.  I am embracing all that goes with moving and there is a lot as you know. 


This is a blow your mind email and is just another in a long line of bliss, joy, happiness, courage, strength, perfection, power, love DMPs that have come to fruition through the Master Key Experience.

There will be many, many more to come and I hope if you are reading this that you’ll be one of them because I know you deserve to be deeply happy everyday of your life.

The joy I feel at being able to humbly serve the great beings that inhabit this planet is indescribable and I feel truly, truly blessed by God, or whatever you choose to call this marvelous Universal Energy, that helps me daily.

Lou Gehrig’s got nothing on me today!

MKMMA Week 4 – The Old Blueprint

With Gold Key On Home Construction BlueprintsThis is our 5th MKMMA class.  It’s shaking out about the same as the previous 4.  That’s because we are dealing with humans.

I rejoice in all the MKMMAers who are sticking it out and doing the work and going the extra mile to improve their lives and the lives of all who surround them.

Not it’s not easy but it’s very, very simple!


I know the MKMMA course is not perfect, as we are human too.  Pretty close though.

Humans pretty much will all behave about the same when confronted with the reality of their current lives and circumstances.  Most of which they are NOT happy with. BTW.

Just watch the some TV if you don’t believe me.  No I don’t mean watch a TV show or shows, I mean really watch it.

Oh I know you don’t watch TV, ya nobody watches TV.  😉

Zero good news on the news – which isn’t news since it not the truth.  Reality TV?  Zombies?  Drugs, violence, murder, that’s what humans want.

Even PBS is funded by the Koch Kriminals.

It can sometimes be sad to be idealistic in the world in which we live, where you have to search for good news and heroes.

Our mission is to show as many people as possible that THEY ARE heroes, that they deserve peace, joy, happiness, bliss and all that life has to offer.  IF and only IF they are willing to do the work!

Anyone who has the courage to change is a hero in their own life!  What is better than that?

Sadly so many won’t answer the call, the call to become a hero.  They will let their old blueprint, the one that makes them so unhappy, win.

This is a hard week for me because so many will go back to their lives of quiet desperation, as Thoreau so beautifully stated, such a sad truth.  So that’s it – I let it go.


I rejoice in all the MKMMAers who are sticking it out, diggin in and doing the work and going the extra mile (without judgement) to improve their lives and the lives of all who surround it.

Not it’s not easy but it’s very, very simple!



This is No Way to Achieve Your Dream

angry-customer-phoneI see we are going through another lead scraper, phone broadcaster things – bullcrap system again…..  I can’t stand those scraper things. That Is No Way To Achieve Your Dream

Again, really……  I’m getting these total garbage messages everyday.  I judge, yes I do.

“Take massive action” – “Next billion dollar company” – “We taking the industry by storm” – “The next top earner hasn’t even gotten in yet” – Really?

Please give me a break, you people have been shoveling the same shit for the last 40 years.

It is very hard for me to believe that network marketers, multi-level marketers, relationship marketers (that one makes be throw up a little), online marketers.ThrowUpLarge  Whatever the hell we are calling ourselves these days..  It’s hard for me to believe that you guys are falling for this one again.

Please, I implore you, ask yourself the following question.  This is the question you SHOULD be asking yourself, not should I buy this lead system for $250 or $29.95 a month.

Here we go.

If the average person knows somewhere between 1500 – 2000 people (don’t give me that bullshit, it’s a fact)

OK – if the average person knows between 1000-1500 (happy I lowered it, try this skill) people and they tried to build a business prospecting people they know and/or who love them AND those people didn’t respond to what they had to say –  WHY, In the name of all that is good, do you think that strangers are going to respond any better???!!!

Can someone answer that question for me, please?  If you have something to say about my blog, please grow some “Schmessticals” to leave a comment.  Or shoot me a message if you’re chicken.

Buying leads in any form is NOT for the majority of people.  The vast majority.

OK, here is when you CAN purchase some whatever lead system from someone.  Who is, BTW, probably disguising it as a training.

First – have a 6 month to 1 year bankroll (you’ll see why in the second point)

Second – prepare to spend 80 hours a week on the phone pitching strangers and plugging away on Social Media (Yes, I said 80 hours or 2 people at 40 hours a week)

Third – grow a very thick skin, very thick.  If you are the type of person who takes things personally, this is most people, then this will be very difficult.  You will need alot of psyching up and cheer leading.

Fourth – Most importantly!  If you have NOT build an authentic burning desire, centered around your personal pivotal needs,  you are dead in the water.  Dead!  If you don’t know what I am referring to then don’t even attempt this foolhardy business.

So, if those 4 things are firmly in place then you can possibly make something happen in about 1 year.  Good luck to you – I really do wish you the best.  It can be done.  We’ve done it. But you better be prepared to kiss alot of frogs.


You could learn some skills – learn WHAT TO SAY to people so you get more of them to say “yes” and as a result build a solid business based on people who know what to do, what to say and how to teach this duplicating machine.  Real duplication where everyone is doing the same thing.  Isn’t the point of the business, to teach others what to do so they can do it without you?

Not what some bullcrap leader tells you is duplication, it’s easy to discern if you look.  They are either all doing the same thing or they are not.

This is a concept that our industry has not embraced, thus the extremely obvious stats.

16 Million people do mlm and it’s a $30 Billion industryth-1

728,000 people do Franchising and it’s a $3.3 Trillion (Trillion with a T) industry.

Essentially franchising is 100 times more successful than MLM – gee I wonder if we should try “all doing it the same way” – duh….

But you do the math.

Gee, what would be easier for you – bang my head against the wall 80 hours a week contacting leads or learning what a $3.3 Trillion industry does.  Hmmmmm.. that a tough one.

Listen to me, I know from where I speak.  I was a top sales person in a top dealership selling cars 65 hours a week.  Honda North, Danvers, MA, what’s know as a Presidential Dealership.

Try to imagine selling 20-25 cars a month, think about that for a second.

You are standing in a dealership, or if you are like me, you are standing out on the lot in the hot sun, the rain or the snow, waiting for people to come and tell you, “Oh we’re are only looking today”.  Can you imagine being a car sales person.

Guess what?

It was easier than trying to build a business by pitching leads, much easier.

The people walking into the dealership were coming to me.  I was not calling them and pitching them or driving over to their house in a car I was hoping they would buy.

It’s not about leads, systems, the company, the plan or, Goodness forgive me, your precious product.  IT’S ABOUT YOU!

If you don’t change what you are doing and saying and mostly WHO YOU ARE nothing will change in your business or your life.

It’s really about what it going on in your subconscious.  What do you believe about yourself?  What do you believe you deserve?  That’s all it about, which is far to big to get into here, but if you are interested the MKMMA course starts in a few weeks.  Oh yea, it’s free.

But I will tell you that if you have this part right it won’t matter who you talk to – your business will build.

The bottom line?

Stop falling for these crappy, leads selling, scam artists and learn how to be a professional networker who understands their worth.

All the skills you need are available for free at The World’s Laziest



1 Sure Fire Way to Achieve Your Dreams – Master Key System Online

We are getting ready to re-launch the Master Key System Online. I’ll explain how it’s the way to achieve your dreams.

The amazing, brilliant course put together by my genius husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Newtorker.

So been reading the Master Keys outloud for the last couple of weeks to get ready for the re-launch. Let me tell ya, it’s been an eyeopener, AGAIN!th

I completed the Master Keys System Online back in 2009.

We were living in Haverhill, MA in a very old, 2 family house. We actually had to ask the tenant to move out because the house was so badly damaged by termites. The damage was hidden and not discovered during the inspection. The entire place was falling apart. Don’t let the realtor be in charge of the inspection, just a side note.

So we’re living in the nearly condemned house, loss of tenant income, MLM biz falling apart, debt mounting, kids acting out, aging parent issues, etc. etc. Then SLAM the worst news yet – a very serious health issue!

Holy crap, I’m supposed to move to Kauai in June of 2012. I’ve been reading this on my DMP for over a year. Now this!

95% of the people will say to themselves, “Well that’s it. I’ll never get to Kauai now”, “I’m in my late forties my husband nearly 60 it’s over 🙁 “It’s impossible”.

That was NOT my reaction. Mahalo for The Master Key System Online!

I thought, OK great, now it’s even more important to get to Kauai fast because it will make a difference with the health issue. Fresh organic product, readily available and inexpensive. Lots of fresh fish, calm, stress free environment and this beautiful amazing weather and vistas!

Really that’s what I thought, why did my mind go there immediately?

Because I went thru the 26 weeks of the Master Keys Course.

It’s a life changer – this is not one of those hypie, motivational, guru bullshit statements – The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Course is a life changer!

Less than 1 year, after receiving the shocking news, a full 2 years before we expected.

We have achieved our dream of living in Kauai, we created an entirely new 7 figure business for ourselves, 3 of our 4 children live here now, Mom lived here for a year with us, Tommy the beloved English Setter made it too. Health is better than ever, we flew the grand kids over for a 6 week vacation, successful Go90Grow Live Event here in Kauai (another achieved dream) and the list of overflowing blessings goes on. But even I’m getting a little like “Whoa are you kidding me that’s a miracle. That can’t be true…” but it is 🙂

Here’s the kicker! I had nothing to do with this happening. All I did was follow the directions in the Master Keys System Online. Things fell into place of their own accord. Daily miracles and circumstances but only when I decided to rigorously stay in harmony. And let me tell you its simple, very, very simple. Anyone can do it. Not easy, but simple.

So if you really want to achieve your dream, it’s possible by doing the work and with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Course.
Aloha and Mahalo,