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This is No Way to Achieve Your Dream

I see we are going through another lead scraper, phone broadcaster things – bullcrap system again…..  I can’t stand those scraper things. That Is No Way To Achieve Your Dream Again, really……  I’m getting these total garbage messages everyday.  I judge, yes I do. “Take massive action” – “Next billion dollar company” – “We taking […]

1 Sure Fire Way to Achieve Your Dreams – Master Key System Online

We are getting ready to re-launch the Master Key System Online. I’ll explain how it’s the way to achieve your dreams. The amazing, brilliant course put together by my genius husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Newtorker. So been reading the Master Keys outloud for the last couple of weeks to get ready for the […]

Why the MLM Gurus and Icons Hate The World’s Laziest Networker

Saw this picture on Facebook today ~ we all see these types pictures and quotes all the time. Usually posted by Network Marketers, Internet Marketers or Multi Level Marketers trying to get you to buy something or opt for something, right.  Ironically not this person though.  🙂 If I could figure out why this is […]

Go90Grow Live Event – Network Marketing Training

Sometimes the most amazing things happen – even if you expected something amazing to happen. That is what happened to me at the Go90Grow Live Event last week.  An advance Network Marketing Training and Self Improvement Training. I knew that some amazing things would happen, but really, not this amazing. Sure, sure it’s Kauai how […]