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#1 thing I learned will change your day and all your days to come

#1 thing I learned will change your day and all your days to come.

When I was a kid I had this poster in my room and I still remember it so clearly to this day.

It was a 2 frame poster cartoon, 1 frame above the other like in the newspaper just not left to right but top to bottom. The top picture was a cartoon of elevator doors open and you’re looking in at a bunch of people. You can tell they’re going to work. All grumpy, mad, sad faces and holding briefcases and stuff.

To the left of the elevator door is a woman in profile heading to get on the elevator and she is holding a baby on her shoulder so the baby’s face was looking back in the other direction.

Then the bottom frame was the elevator of people with the woman and she is facing you and you see the back of the baby and all the people in the elevator have huge smiles on their faces.

I just loved looking at that poster as a kid. I think that’s why what I want to share with you impacted me so much.

I have looked all over the internet for this little gem but can’t find it. This picture really was worth a thousand words.

Now I want to share this because you are not going to believe this #1 thing I learned today from my good friend Jana Martinez.  This #1 thing I learned will change your day and all your days to come.#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day

It’s the very first week of the new 2016-17 Master Key Mastermind Experience class and we are all super excited about making real and lasting change!

Jana did an awesome Learn to Read Faster webinar for us today and at the end of the webinar she told us this one thing that I CAN NOT believe I have not heard before.

Ok here goes this 1 thing I learned will change your day.

Smile!  Ha! Are you kidding me. Nope I’m not. SMILE!

So here’s the thing.  If you smile and hold that big smile for 17 seconds you will release all those happy, pleasure hormones.  These hormones are knows as endorphins.  You’ve heard of those, right?

These are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, which in turn releases these chemicals.  If you’re stressed out the SMILE because it not only releases endorphins, but get this, it also reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone!  Double the benefit!#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day

Ready for the triple benefit?  When you smile you look better, younger and happy which attracts people to you.

17 Seconds can change your entire day – the effects last four hours!  Can you believe that, half the work day, if you have a job!  Smile twice and your entire day is better. Smile 6 times a day that’s it to change your day and all your days to come.

And guess what?  If you hold that smile for 65 seconds you actually lower your blood pressure!  That will change all your days forever.

Here’s a classic laugh out loud for ya! It’s one of my favorite TV shows ever and I now it will make you smile.

What is Your Because?

You hear it all the time, “I can’t because…”

So what is your because?

Because you don’t have enough what? Time ~ Money ~ Resources ~ Education ~ Connections ~ Friends ~ Family ~ Love ~ …. Fill in the blank.

You can’t achieve more because.

Well that bullshit, the sentence should read I can’t because I’m full of shit and don’t want to get of the proverbial couch and do something with my life.

We’re lazy, you’re lazy, I’m lazy. Americans are the laziest people on the earth. Elbert Hubbard wrote in 1899! in A Message to Garcia,the most reprinted publication of all time, besides the Bible, “No man who has endeavored to carry out an enterprise where many hands were needed, but has been well-nigh appalled at times by the imbecility of the average man – the inability or unwillingness to concentrate on a thing and do it.”

So here is your opportunity to stop acting like the “average man” do something with your life, here is a starting point for you.

And if you’re like me and tried 100s of things, books, classes, therapy, groups, more books and videos on and on and on and nothing made much difference then here is your answer too.

The reason all the self-help stuff doesn’t work, the silly leadership stuff, the walking on coals, the spending $1000s of dollars getting up sold and up sold, the reason is that there is no accountability and no real support.

You can’t do it yourself. There should be no such thing as self-help. What we all need is to become self directed thinkers and that is what our course is about.

It’s about joining a community of people who what more from their lives – Do you want more from your life?

To find out more about the Master Key Experience and the incredible PIF model just opt in over there on the right and get the FREE 7 days to a Knew You and you’ll also be on the early notification list.

Watch this video too.

Mahalo & Aloha!
I love you!

It’s Never Enough No It’s Never Enough – MKE Week 19

It’s Never Enough No It’s Never Enough – are part of lyrics from a great song by the Bare Naked Ladies. “Life in a Nutshell”. Love that title too. I’m grateful to that band for reasons you don’t need to know but do you ever feel it’s never enough no it’s never enough? Why, why do we feel that way sometimes. Maybe all the time…

Concern about your resources could make you feel uncertain today or everyday. Is this due to your feeling that life isn’t going according to your plan particularly when you compare yourself with others? Even though it may seem as if you don’t have enough or that you are lacking in some way, you may wish to bring your attention to what you have in life that is truly precious and the gifts that the universe has given you. Perhaps today you can create a gratitude list for the things that you have.

There a great song in the movie “White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby & The Incredible Rosemary Clooney, and part of the chorus is “count your blessings instead of sheep” and I try to remember that scene everyday.

Count your blessings instead of sheep. Some of you may not know what that reference means. The origin of that particular reference is for years if you couldn’t fall asleep the remedy was to count sheep in your mind. Kind of funny and weird when you think about it, just bore yourself to sleep really.

Anyhow, one of the best remedies for the feeling of lack, as eluded to above, is to remember all the things you’re grateful for or in other words your blessings. So here is a great tip for that, start with the letter A and write all the things that begin with A that you are grateful for:

So I start with Air – without that blessing don’t mean nothing.

Arms I’m super grateful for my arms – I saw this woman on a documentary one time and she had no arms and was taking care of her baby… with her feet and her mouth – AMAZING. Although she was super strong for doing that it made me more grateful for my lovely, strong arms! Sometimes I’m not because genetically I have to work very hard on them as they carry a lot of body fat and I feel super self-conscious about them – So I’m very grateful to remember how grateful I am for my arms. Wow so I’m grateful for 3 things already!

I believe you can see how this could become a huge list and never enough as a distant memory.  So work at it everyday – it’s a great tip I believe. So do it today even if you realize you are nature’s greatest miracle and that you and your life is perfect as it is and you are always evolving!

I love you!
It's Never Enough

Tomorrow Never Comes

Master Key Experience Week 10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never ComesMaster Key Experience Week 10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Today is December 3rd, 2016 and Week 11 webinar is tomorrow but, tomorrow never comes.

You may say, “What do you mean Davene, tomorrow never comes?”

Well I’ll tell you.

When my husband Mark was writing his book, “Standing Tall, Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly” he wrote this one, what I though was, a very funny verse.

“Look, you can never get there because once you get there … you are here. Happiness, health; real wealth is here, not there. I mean it might seem like we’re playing with words but we are not. The Verities and the thirteen riches of life are here, not there. Most people believe life begins for them when they get some place, ya know? When they get there. We all get trapped in that moving goal post thing. That’s the irony! Trying to get there prevents us from being here and here is the only place wealth is can be,” he says.

I tell him really I’m confused with the “here and there” thing and “now we’ve got the moving goal posts.”

Asks me to walk across the lanai, points to a spot. Says, “Go over there.” I do.

He goes through the sliders and out of sight. He asks me to yell to him my location … “so tell me, if I was looking for you, would you say, ‘I’m there’ or would you say ‘I’m here?’”


He comes back out on the lanai.

“I told you to go over there…but when I asked you where you were, you said ‘I’m here’. You can never get “there” Doc exclaims. “As soon as you get ‘there’ you are here” 

from “Standing Tall, Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly” by Mark Januszewski

I just love that – stop trying to get there, you’re already here! Enjoy it!

I Love You, The Fab D

Tomorrow Never Comesyoda-joke

Down The Shitter Master Key Experience

One Little Holiday And Everything Goes Down The Shitter Week 9 MKE

One Little Holiday And Everything Goes Down The Shitter Week 9 MKE

It’s already Saturday and I am late and totally forgot because of one little holiday and everything goes down the shitter week 9 MKE.

So I’m super late writing my blog.  I just realized that it’s Saturday and I have NOT written my Week 9 MKE Blog yet. So down the shitter week 9 MKE almost.  Saved at the last minute, better late than never.

So Thursday was Thanksgiving in the United States of America and that is a high holiday here.  I’m not sure why if you consider what our European ancestors actually did once they got here.  Not cool.

Anywho, this one little holiday threw me completely off the tracks of completing my work.  So Down the shitter Week 9 MKE blog. My checklists are empty and I’ve missed the mark on a bunch of stuff.

I love that little cartoon that says something about if I don’t die till my to do list is done I’ll never die.  I can’t remember it but I remember thinking – that’s me.

My work will never be finished.  And I’m grateful right at this moment that I do have alot of work to do.

Although not enjoying that this one day holiday derailed me.  It’s been a theme in my life that I get very nervous and confuffled right before holidays.  Sometimes I could not go to school right before holiday vacations.  Not sure what it’s all about but it happened this week.

There may be a task here of digging to this, analyzing is my hobby, to find out if there is a piece of cement that needs knocking off.  Or not.  I’ll leave it to the Universe, but I am grateful that it’s been brought to the forefront of my mind.

[thrive_optin color=”orange” text=”Give Me 7 Day Detox” optin=”8859″ size=”medium” layout=”horizontal”]

So many, many things to be grateful for I can’t list them

Had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you did too.

I love You,



Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience Down the Shitter Week 9 MKE Master Key Experience

Saint Bernard has got the answer

Saint Bernard Has Got The Answer to All You Woes Week 8 Master Key Experience

Yep, Saint Bernard has got the answer

Here we are Week 8 of the Master Key Experience.  Yep, Saint Bernard has got the answer and it was shared a few weeks ago in the course.

During the Master Key Experience or Master Key Mastermind Alliance as it’s also known, there are assignments and one of the assignments is to read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essay on Compensation.  It’s a tough assignment.

In that essay Emerson quotes Saint Bernard. If one understands this quote fully I believe that it’s the answer to all of anyone’s woes.  But you might not like it.

Here it is.

“Nothing can work me damage except myself, the harm that I sustain I carry about with me and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault”                  Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
I highly recommend reading that a second time and maybe more.  Saint Bernard has got the answer to all your woes, difficulties, problems, challenges, issues, addictions, etc. etc. etc.

What this Doctor of the Church is saying is that you have to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life!  The good the bad and the ugly.

Read Saint Bernard again, if you want a happier more peaceful and joyous life read it again and this time own it.

If you hate your job, if you are unhappy in your relationship, if you don’t have a job, if you are alone, if your kids are driving you crazy, if you are sick, if you are really sick, if you are hurt, if someone broke your heart, if someone wronged you, if someone stole from you, hurt your family, if you’ve been devastated by a loss, and I could go on and on and on.

If there is anything, anything at all in your life that you don’t like or want there it’s your fault!  And if there are things in your life you love then that’s your fault too!  The good, the bad and the ugly all your responsibility 100%.


It’s up to you to do something about anything that’s in your life you don’t want there.

I hated my job so I buckled down for 2 solid years, made big sacrifices, and worked as hard as I could to make enough to leave that horrible job!  And now I work for myself.

My dgdaynaaughter was running wild and I was terrified something would happen to her.  So I threw her out and said,  “If you want to act that way you are on your own”.  That was a daily siege but I had to do it.  Now she is the number 3 power in our company.  She’s awesome and mostly Dayna is her own person and doesn’t care about what other people think.  I love that about her.

Now I’m not saying that I’m responsible for the person she is now, but there was no way that I was going to teach my daughter that it was OK to behave badly and not pay the consequences of those actions.  Life doesn’t work that way.

As difficult as it was to watch my beloved daughter live in a dangerous situation I knew it was better than allowing her to disrespected me because that was teaching her not to respect herself and I was not going to do that, no way.

Many people hurt me bad, some family, real bad when I was little and I had no choice then.  But I’m a grown up now and I choose to forgive them for they know not what they did, that is my choice and I move on.  And that’s that!

The ones that hurt me after I was grown, well I take responsibility for that – I choose to be in relationship with them so it’s on me.

I got sick, real sick.  Had to have an operation – but now I eat differently, I exercise, I drink lots of water, avoid processed foods, no GMOs, no doctors, organic, love myself and my future self, and I take care of myself body, mind and soul.  So now I’m healthy.  Blessed to be so healthy after what I’ve done to my poor faithful self  🙂

Well mostly healthy, still have to step up and do better for myself there.  What I’m saying is if you are sick it’s you who made you sick.  Now you say what if little kids and babies are sick – did they make themselves sick.  Yes – period.  Yes they did I don’t know how but I know for sure that the subconscious mind, once set on something, can do anything including make one sick.

But guess what, it can make you well too!

I could go on and on and on with any example.  You’re lonely and alone – then get out there a meet people and find out why, maybe, people don’t like you – ask someone who knows you to honesty tell you what it is that puts people off.  Why can’t I find someone to share my time with.  Do something!  Don’t just sit in an unsatisfying life and blame anyone but yourself!

I have a very close friend who is alone, and lonely but he knows it’s his doing.  He’s not ready or it’s not worth it to him to find someone.  But he’s not pissing and moaning about it he knows it’s his responsibility to make himself happy if he wants to be happy.

Get up and take responsibility for yourself, your joy, your bliss, your peace, your happiness.  Even if it is scary and hurts its better that being unhappy.  Trust me it’s better.

Now if you don’t like all this that I am writing there is a reason for that…

Mahalo & Aloha ~ I love you, and I suggest you do also!

DaveneSaint Bernard has got the answer

Saint Bernard has got the answer

Only 7 Days to a New You MKMMA Week 7

The 7 Days to a New You

The 7 Day Mental Diet or as I sometime call it Only 7 Days to a New You tells us:

If you make a false start, or even if you go on well for two or three days and then for any reason “fall off” the diet, the thing to do is to drop the scheme altogether for several days, and then to start again afresh. There must be no jumping on and off, as it were.

And we at the Master Key Experience have an informal rule about this, Only 7 Days to a New You, which is if you get a negative thought and hold it for more that a few seconds the you must restart the Only 7 Days to a New You.  Even if you’re on day 6 you gotta start again at day 1.

Putting together 7 days without a negative thought is a miraculous achievement.  I hope to get there some day.

But let me tell you the Universe picked an interesting week for our 7 Days to a New You to fall on.  Election week!

And not just another election but the most divisive election in remembered history.  Now I’m not having an negative thought when I say the election is divisive – there has not been an event that has divided the county the way this election has since the Civil War.  Which according to my daughter, Dayna, most high schoolers don’t know happened.   Maybe we do need a change…

I am thrilled that our 7 Days to a New You has fallen on the week.

Maybe this group, the Master Key Experience members, can make a difference in the negative word, thoughts and deeds that are spewing into the country because of this wildly historic election.

Share love, share acceptance, agree to disagree, be kind it’s all going to be fine.  There has not been a three term democrat since Roosevelt.  It’s going to be fine.  Everyone is just caught up in the shock of something that no one really thought would happen.

Let’s embrace that it’s all going to be just great, better that would could have ever imagined!

Living Your Dream


Aloha & Mahalo,