Transform Your Life

How Can a Famous Comedian Help You Transform Your Life?

Since being a pimple faced, hormone crazy teenager George Carlin has been a favorite.  There is something about the way his mind works and sees things.  George always said things that can transform your life.  Kind of reminds me of my husband, Mark Januszewski.  Super smart guys are really sexy!

So I created this video for the MKE March to 3000 Mastermind.  Which is the greatest thing ever and I’m so so grateful for each and every member of this amazing group.

But this video has ads 🙁 Super sad.  How can George and I help you transform your life if you have to watch those damn ads.  Here is another screwing by Google and Youtube.  If you have anything on your video that is copyrighted, even if it’s super short, they give themselves the right to place ads on your video.  Can you believe it – OK I get it using someone else’s material could be considered violating a copyright – but I got that click ON YOUTUBE!!!!

Well beats me anyway here is my great video and you can find out more by opting in over there on the right!  I’m going to give you a TON of stuff for free if you opt in there!

So much amazing mind altering life transforming material you’re not going to believe it!

Mahalo & Peace Out!


Transform your life


Master Key Experience Week 24 Junk Food Junk Thought

philosophersSo while getting into the study of some present day philosophers earlier this week, Week 24 of the Master Key Experience, an idea to write a blog about Junk Food Junk Thoughts appeared.

Then while going thru email this quote showed up from the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

“The mind never becomes tired, but sometimes it becomes bored with the “food” it gets.”

It’s a sign to write the blog!

So, yes, struggling with Junk Food has been a lifelong addiciton.  It’s been a long, long time fight.  Being an addiction the only recourse is to change my thoughts about it.  Don’t think STAY AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD, or THIS IS SO BAD FOR YOU but instead think HEALTH and INCREASE HEALTH.

Then the thought came oooooohhhhh I can do the same with Junk Thoughts.  Stop trying to push them out and instead replace them with all the tools I have from the Master Key Experience.  The Law of Substitution, The Law of Dual Thought, The Law of Growth.  You can learn all about these by opting in for the “7-Day Mental Diet” over there on the right.

Gratitude is the thrust of my life today and “I’m lovin’ it Jerry!”

So I’m doing that again this year thru the Master Key Experience with the members and they are having wonderful results this year too in the course.

It’s so exciting to be a person who is trying everyday to make the world a better place!

Mahalo & Aloha,


Davene 2016

Master Key Experience March to 3000! Week 23

Master Key Experience March to 3000! Week 23

I’m very excited about my new Master Mind – March to 3000 I hope you’ll all join me for our new venture.

We’ll be starting our own Facebook group and sharing ideas and challenges and lots more.

This is going to be fun and exciting as we learn and share all the amazing possibilities of what will happen when we reach 3000 MKE members.

Mahalo & Aloha!



Master Key Experience Week 19; The Choice

From my favorite guest blogger - Mark Januszewski

THE CALL  – Master Key Experience Week 19

We say farewell, with love, to so many during the high-teen weeks.  Master Key Experience Week 19, 18…

The choice has become clear, the choice we all must make


The choice has become clear, the choice we all GET to make

And that’s it in a nutshell.

The choice?


By week 19, reality, no matter how hard we’ve been fighting it, is here.  All, as in 100% of the circumstances in our life were created by us… we are all living the life we decided to live.  Not one BIG decision…but the day to day, hour to hour, second to second decisions have given us the life that we have.

That’s the bad news… the good news?

We “created” it and that means, absolutely, that we are creative.

The choice is will I do the work to change the world within…will I keep grinding with the drills, the cards, the sit knowing that I can influence “subby” and the decisions, and by extension my world and the world around me will be different.

And… it’s bigger than you can think, this change you can, with hard mental labor, make.

There is more at stake than your DMP…


Naw, not little old me…the ideal, the world wants you.  It needs you and it needs your unique gifts.

What will you do?

Will you find a sentence the Master Key System that you don’t like?

Will you complain and quit over the length of webcasts?

Will you find a sentence in the Master Key System that “unlocks” the vault?

No matter…for those choices have already been made by those who do not want to answer the call…and already been made by those who have.   They are not the real choice.

The real choice?

You can change yourself and that inturn changes your world which changes the world.


Yeah, I get it.

Many are called, few are chosen.

You? Change the world? Yup
You? Change the world? Yup

You have been chosen… no, it’s not some elitest thing.    You have, somewhere, surrendered to your highest self…hmmmm

See, we are ALL called and the “chosen” are simply the few who, like me, want to deny that people and the planet need us and it scares the crap out of us to the point .. but have the courage to answer our highest self

What would the person you intend to become do next?

How abou this… what would the miracle of a person that you are and were intended to be do next?

Quiet your mind and listen… you’ll hear it.

Do me a favor, do the world a favor, do your future you a favor….

Listen to this again…let it really sink it; it’s THE CHOICE

You are gifted, unique…and you are love.

The world?

The world is in need of love today, love is in need of love today.

Happiness comes from within and you know how to help people find the compass and the map and the guidance system.

30,000 …that will do it

You in?


Mark Januszewski

Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience
Mahalo sharing The Master Key Experience

The #1 Law You Must Know – MKE Week 18

The #1 Law You Must Know is in the, guess what…?

It’s in the Bible and probably a lot of other places too but the reading I did a few days ago quotes the Bible and here it is:
Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and i there be any praise, think on these things.

This is the “Law of Growth” the greatest or the laws of the mind. This is a basic, fundamental, ubiquitous, law of the mind. ALL and I mean ALL psychological and metaphysical teaching is little more that commentary upon this, period.

Mahalo & Believe,
The Fab Davene

Master Key mastermind Alliance

Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 16

It’s exciting to write a blog this week.  Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 16.

After the webinar on Sunday and our belated Christmas it got me thinking about family Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 16and how being in the MKMMA can affect that delicate family balance.

This week, and in the future, walking in the footsteps of my amazing husband and business partner Mark Januszewski is the order of the day because here’s a video instead of writing lots of word.

It seems to be the wave of the future during the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 16 and 2016 and I believe I’m a bit behind the 8 ball but not for long.  So here is my first Vlog.

Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 15

Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 15

I did miss everyone last week but it is nice to have a week off from Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 15

So guess what?

We have had company at the house since the 29th of December and it’s been super exciting and fun.

Michael Steinmann and his wife Maria Erashova, Michael is from Germany and Maria i sfrom Siberia, Russia.  They currently live in Boston (I love irony) and are enjoying that very much.  We love them so much and they are to, to adorable.  Maria is a great adult fantasy writer and Michael a super IT guy.  Also Master Key Mastermind Alliance & Go90Grow members.

Also visiting is Gunilla Sunnros from Stockholm, Sweden.  Gunilla is an amazing person running her own hugely successful productions company.  She produces huge events in Sweden.

It’s been so great to spend quality time with these lovely people from other cultures.  Did you know that New Years Eve and Day are a huge thinMaster Key Mastermind Allianceg in Russia?!  It’s like their biggest holiday.  Who knew?  Russians I guess.

So Maria and Michael said they want to cook us all an authentic Russian meal – Holy Wow!! I had no idea what were in store for, delicious and amazing.

Master Key Mastermind AllianceI had Borscht!  It’s fantastic, have it if every you get the chance.

We’ve been to the beach!
We’ve been ziplining with Kauai Backcountry Adventures!

We’ve gotten a ton of work done!

And Mark is writing books and Maria is a writer so that’s an amazing collaboration!

Magical things are happening everyday!
Master Key Mastermind Alliance IMG_4132 IMG_4147

Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 13


The Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 13 has a week off next Sunday because this is Christmas Week for some of us.   AND 13 is my lucky number – I was born on Friday the 13th!  So lucky!

Being Christmas week, I think I lost a day because I thought today was Friday and it’sMaster Key mastermind Alliance actually Saturday.

This is a quality challenge, because the weather is beautiful everyday sometime I forgot what day, month and even year it is on a regular basis.

Yes I am saying that losing day is common place for me.  But I’m super grateful though.  Living in Kauai does have it’s upside too 🙂

Anyway, this week has been so full of awarenesses and epiphanies that it has been a bit overwhelming.

It’s hard to believe the we are half way through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience and I am so, so grateful for this year’s class.  I have grown unbelievably through their example. Mahalo nui loa class of 2015-16.

The thing I’m the most grateful for this holiday season, it’s been the greatest gift, is the forgiveness.  Ah such a relief.

Forgiving others, some who probably don’t even require my forgiveness, and self forgiveness.  The peace of mind that comes from authentic forgiveness is so beautiful I can’t even describe it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not been an instanenous occurrence not by any means.  In some cases it’s been years, decades!

There have been some recent changes and “in my face” examples of how unforgiving I have been in the past and I won’t say I regret the unforgiving person I have been but I will say it’s been a waste of time that I forgive myself for wasting it!

Master Key mastermind AllianceWe at the MKMMA are committed to excellence and today on this blog I want to publicly say mahalo to our Guides, Master Guides and staff that all work so hard to make this course a life changing experience.

I love you all!

The Fabulous Davene

Week 12 Master Key Experience – Amazing Woman

Week 12 Master Key Experience led me to an Amazing Woman in History
Amazing WomanAfter reading an article about the United States Navy naming the very first female, another amazing woman, 4 Star Admiral Admiral in history, Michele J. Howard, I did a little research.

That’s right the FIRST female 4 Star Admiral – just as an aside there have been about 221 male 4 Star Admirals since about 1866 – so you’re telling me in the last 148 years there has not been 1 single woman worthy of the title until today. Hmmmm… just sayin’

My research led me to this woman. “Amazing Grace” Hopper, pioneering computer programmer. Being a computer person myself I was very interested in this Admiral of the US Navy.

Amazing WomanI too considered myself an amazing woman and also a pioneer in the computer world. I started working on computers in high school back in the early 80s. Then got a job using a typesetting computer, The Compugraphic 2000. Let me tell you back in the day this thing was state of the art.

I’m sure in a trash heap today.

Master Key Experience
Yep, there she is what a beauty!

Because of my background I jumped right into the computer revolution. MacClassic was my first computer. Learned DOS and Unix. Then onto PCs as Microsoft took over the world.

I’m happy to report I came back from the dark side in 2008 and Apples abound everywhere in my home.

This eventually led me to an amazing career on the computer, to may amazing husband Mark Januszewski, and to the Master Key Experience.

Well imagine my surprise to find out about “Amazing Grace” Hooper. One of the first people to be writing code back in the 1960s. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were not yet in first grade. I was a very late bloomer.

This incredible woman was a leader in the single most influential process that has hit our planet and very few know about her. Her name is not at the forefront of technology. I wonder why??

Well no actually I don’t – I know why.

Here’s some of her bio:
Grace tried to retire twice, in 1966 and 1971, but both times she was recalled to active duty indefinitely. She was promoted to commodore in 1983, a title that was later renamed to “rear admiral, lower half,” and finally retired for the last time in 1986 at the age of 80. At the time, she was the oldest active-duty commissioned officer in the US Navy. At her retirement she was awarded the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the highest non-combat award possible by the Department of Defense. She then worked as a consultant to Digital Equipment Corporation until her death in 1992.

In the course of her lifetime, Grace Hopper was awarded 40 honorary degrees from universities around the world, along with numerous awards and honors including:

First winner of “Computer Science Man of the Year” (there irony for ya) award from the Data Processing Management Association in 1969
First person from the United States and the first woman from any country to be made Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society in 1973
First woman to receive the National Medal of Technology as an individual in 1991

An Amazing Woman, yes?

I’m inspired by this woman and I just wanted to let more people know about THE true technology pioneer of our HERstory.

Week 11 Master Key Experience – Gratitude

http://masterkeyexperience.comWeek 11 Master Key Experience – Gratitude. Cause this is Thanksgiving week here in the USA. Hard to believe that we are already in Week 11.

There’s a ton of things for me to express gratitude about today. The Master Key Experience for one.

Really to many, I can’t list them all here. You’re not interested in my magical life, but I hope instead your interested in how you can make your life magical too.

It says in my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) “Life is amazing and all this happened from living Emerson’s Law of Compensation“.

So a huge part of the MKMMA Course is this 28 pages document that will change your life if only you’d take the time to read and understand it. Here is a link to it so read it Emerson’s Law of Compensation and change your life too.

I am so grateful for Ralph Waldo Emerson for all his essays but especially Law of Compensation. Forever grateful and you will be to.