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I Make Dreams Come True

How can I make such a statement!

I’m telling you I know how to do it!

Here’s the thing, my husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker created a version of Think and Grow Rich just for people involved in Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing or Home Based Business – whatever you call it.

Well I took his course, sort of a guinea pig, and I did what he told me to do.

I didn’t decide which was the best way for me to do it, I just did what I was told.  I don’t do that very often.

You see I was your typical MLMer, I didn’t want to follow rules or take suggestions because I think I’m smarter that everyone else.  Like a lot of MLMers I know.

There are the types that say my husband is wrong, that he calls himself The World’s Laziest Networker and says that MLM is NOT a numbers game.  Oh that horrible, telling people the truth.  IT’S NOT A NUMBERS GAME.

Hey if they want to recruit tons and tons of people, like some MLMer who recruits 10o’s of people, well that’s great but guess what!!!   The everyday MLMer can’t do that!!!

Most of us can’t possible recruit that many people AND if we did there is no way we could do justice to all those people and be of service to them and truly help them build their business.

Ya, if you want to do it that way go ahead, but don’t tell everyone who doesn’t do it that way that they are wrong.  Because we’re NOT wrong – the proof is in the print out people.  Just take a little closer look and see who if they are building leaders, not 1 or 2 people who are hitting it 14 hours a day, but real leaders that are helping their people build REAL teams.  It doesn’t take that close of a look believe me.

So back to business, so I do the course my brilliant husband created.  And here we are 3 years later, on June 30th, and I’m living my dream.


First moved to Kauai, I live in paradise, my paradise!  Mark, Me and my Mother in law – if you saw my life 3 years ago you’d have said that there was NO WAY we were moving to Kauai.  And 2 years earlier that I expected.

IMG_6752Then daughter number 1 Chelsea shows up with Tommy (Mark’s very sweet and beloved English Setter)

Chelsea is now the GM of Papayas, the largest non franchise store on the island!   She’s amazing, so passionate about providing safe, healthy, organic food to the people of Kauai!  I could write an entire blog about this amazing kid.

Then daughter number 2 shows up, Jackie my youngest.  She hits the ground running and is now the GM of Heart Flame Bakery, the biggest vegan, gluten free bakery on Kauai.  Holy wow what’s going on.

IMG_0212Now yesterday June 24, 2013 daughter number 3, my older daughter Dayna and her intended Jason are here!  The best part for me was the hug my daughters gave each other when the came together after not seeing each other for a year.  Ah, so sweet for Mommy.

I can’t wait to see what Dayna and Jason accomplish!

I dreamed of having Go90Grow members here in Kauai for  Live Event.  I dreamed that the kids would be involved and help us serve our members, ANOTHER DREAM CAME TRUE!!!  I didn’t even realize it until it happened – I see both girls there helping our members being of service to us and them, and it hit me right in the moment, I lost it right there in the meeting room a few minutes before the meeting started, oh my goodness it’s sweet to make your dreams come true.  Here’s a place when the word AWESOME is appropriate.  It was!

Go90Grow Network Marketing SkillsThe first Go90Grow Live Event was a smashing success, best of all many of the people who attended are growing.   Their businesses are growing and the lives are getting better and better because they were here.  A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME.



IMG_0047We’re here in paradise all the girls are here – now for Derek and his 3 amazing kids.  They’re next on my list!

So I’m telling you right now that Mark is RIGHT – this course gets it done.  There are 2 days left to change your life forever.  Get Go90Grow today!




Thing I Love About Network Marketing Skills

ImageWe’ve driving along going to the beach.  Me, Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker, the daughters Chelsea and Jackie.  Family beach day!

I look in the rear view mirror to smile at the girls and all I see is the tops of their heads.

Yes, they are both looking down at their cell phones.

It seems like the whole world is looking down at their cell phones.  Make sure your roots are done because that’s all we see anymore.

Even the pig on the plane is on his phone.

What’s happened to human interaction.  We’re together in a the car or a restaurant and everyone is Pinning or Facebookin or Tweeting.  People don’t ever talk anymore, always with the texting!  No one has phone skills anymore.

How about we talk, look at each other, interact.

The thing I love about Network Marketing is you must interact with people to be successful.  The face to face, bellybutton to bellybutton works best.  So you better know how to it.  You better have the network marketing skills.

Sure there’s those people who build their businesses on the internet.  They are always trying to sell you some crappy system, you know who I mean.  They tell you that you’re in point and click marketing, but it’s not duplicatable.

Let me ask them, which I have and they never answer me, if your network marketing biz is going so great why are you trying to sell me this secret, lead generator, traffic driving system, or some other crap?  Not one of those people have ever responded to those questions, hmmm……

Should one have an internet presence, absolutely.  A blog is great, it’s a great way to find interested people.  And social media is a must – you’re absolutely conspicuous by your absence on that front.  But unless you have the ability to advertise and the online expertise to stay ahead of the technical curve it’s not going to work to build that way exclusively.

All the arrows that you can fit in your quiver are necessary and good to practice.

But you have to know how to talk to people.  You have got to know what goes thru a prospects head and what to say to them if you want to be successful.

It’s not only prospects you have to know how to talk you also have to know how to communicate effectively with the people who join your business.

Coaching and excellent communication are a must.  They don’t want to see the top of your head.

Learn the network marketing skills you need – there are a here are a bunch of free ones.



Number 1 Error In The Network Marketing Industry

Ours is a great industry and it’s true that you can make enough in just 8-10 hours a week to take the pressure off, save for college, buy a house, breathe, even retire if you’re really willing to help some people.

If ,ONLY ONLY IF, it’s done correctly.  I know it and I’ve done it and I’ve helped tons of others do it.  I know it’s the very best option out there for the person who wants to do the work.  It’s the Perfect Business.

It’s the Perfect Business – our Network Marketing Business.  But it’s time for a change!

At about 2:20 in this video is your answer.  The number 1 error in the network marketing industry.  An absence of true leadership.

When I first joined MLM back in 1995 I was a broke, scared single mom with two little girls.  I couldn’t afford cable so I watched this movie every night on my 11 inch TV.   I didn’t see it until my wonderful husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker pointed this scene out to me.  Now it’s very clear.

There is so little water in our industry.  We have ego, greed, lies and an abhorrent lack of true leadership.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask yourself, what is the most maligned industry on the planet?

You got it Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing.  Right?

And yet people continue to join in droves.  Ask your self why – it doesn’t make any sense.  Why?

They join because they know in their hearts that it’s the last vestibule of real independence in business for the everyman or everywoman.


You are at the mercy of the ego, greed and shameful lack of true leadership and you believe the sand is water.  Here’s some water for those of you who are trying to build but can’t seem to get anywhere.

The reps, distributors, owners, or whatever your company calls the peeps, are pegged as a rapid market.   The market is actually thirsty not rapid.  But the peddlers don’t care which it is, they just know that there is very little training, leadership, support for you so they can pitch the sand you’ll buy it because you’re so thirsty and you’ve never been shown the difference.

This is why the “gurus”, “icons”, lead peddlers, system peddlers and downright bottom of the barrel “trainers” can sell their wares at leisure.  Because no one is giving the reps any water.  So the drink the sand, alot of times it’s old dirty sand that never really worked anyway.  Yes it’s redundant and it’s for a reason.

It’s hard for me to imagine that some are in such deep denial about what they are doing and who they are hurting.

Johnson and Johnson doesn’t care that they poison us.  The Rockefeller Foundation, that pretends to be philanthropic, has actually done more harm to more people that any other corporation on the planet.    Even Kashi, which we think is a “natural”, “healthy” company supports Monsanto and the poisoning of an entire hemisphere.  The list goes on and on and on.

So why Davene, why do you believe that the “leaders” and “corporations” in our industry would care either.  From my experience most don’t and I continue my battle cry – if you want to make some money you need to learn the skills.

This blue personality that I have sometimes feels like a burden, I’m striving to stay positive and happy but when I see really nice people, who are honestly trying to build, get smacked down over and over in the name of ego and fear I need to vent a little.  So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m sure there are lots of people out there in MLM/Network Marketing who do care – I know there are and I applaud you as I do the good, caring leaders of other industries – but I’m drowning under those who care more about volume, money, selling junk and their own egos.

Ours is a great industry and it’s true that you can make enough in just 8-10 hours a week to take the pressure off, save for college, buy a house, breathe even retire if you really want to help some people!  If it’s done correctly.  I know it and I’ve done it and I’ve helped tons of others do it.  I know it’s the very best option out there for the person who wants to do the work.  Yes I’m repeating myself – It’s the Perfect Business.

Aloha & Mahalo,


1 Great Network Marketing Skill for You

Last blog was a rant.  I admit it.  I just get so sad and disappointed by people.  All the time… why can’t they act the way I want them to?

I guess we all get let down, and I’m certain that I let people down too – I’m certainly not unique.

But it gets me to wondering, am I the one who’s crazy.  Why are so many acting the opposite of what I believe is right and true?earth

Then I remember things like; there are probably 4 Billion people on the planet who think I’m nuts for believing what I believe.  Some even hate me for it and would like to slit my throat of they had the chance.  And I certainly abhor alot of the things that happen in this world that others believe is right and good.

So then I think, “OK so I’m not crazy, we just don’t all agree.”  Well on some things I just can’t buy that, I just can’t.

Dishonesty in business for instance.  Yes I know it’s Pollyanna to think that all business people will be honest.

There is one great Network Marketing Skill, life skill really, that may help if you struggle with this as I do.

I figured out a long time ago that people don’t act the way I do.  It was a hard lesson for me.  Alot of us believe that others will behave the way we will.

Liars think everyone lies.  Untrustworthy people don’t trust anyone.  Nice people think everyone is nice.  Honest people believe others are honest.  Take note of this in life it will help you to know who is who.

Just because I believe that lying to prospects, and worse teaching your reps to lie, and not helping your new people is despicable doesn’t mean that others believe that too.

Just because I think it’s wrong to lie because you’re lazy doesn’t mean everyone thinks that’s bad.  Some people can convince themselves that it’s OK to do that – I don’t know maybe they have resentments and justify their behavior.  I’m sure I have done that in the past.

There’s this quote in the Bible, “The slothful man saith there is a lion in the street who will destroy him”  So he’s lazy and uses fake excuses so he doesn’t have to step out.  There is no lion out there you’re just too lazy to get up off the couch, stop watching Housewives and do something useful with your friggin life!!

nmIt’s is impossible for me to get past the laziness and lack of integrity in our industry today.  And that’s ironic because my wonderful husband Mark Januszewski is “The World’s Laziest Networker“.   He got that handle not because he’s lazy but because he always worked his Network Marketing biz in 16 hours a week or less – FULL TIME.  That’s because he know the right way to do it, and that’s what we’re trying to teach people with Go90GrowNetwork Marketing Skills!

Like Billy Bean knows how to run a baseball team with one of the smallest budgets in the MLB.  He has the skills that are contrary to most in his industry, like my husband.  Oakland on top AGAIN!  I digress….

I look online and I see all these fake leaders and gurus who never did anything, or hit it big once a long, long time ago.  They are selling junk.  The thing that really gets me is that if you just scrape a little of the top you can see that they are not telling you the truth – and no one bothers to ask, “Hey, what have you done lately?”

Sure some made money, but when and how?  Most don’t have a clue what they are doing and hit it right.  Good for them I say, I wish it happened for me that way.   We had to build brick by brick, everytime.  We didn’t bring anyone with us when we went to a new company.  There is no integrity in that!   Do me a favor please look at someone before you give them your hard earned money or follow them into the “Next Billion Dollar Company” but we’ve been over that already.

There’s reps saying they’re “icons” and made like a gizaillion.  Well good for you, but it was 10, 20 or 30 or more years ago and never build anything since leaving the company.  And tell me this, if they’re were making so much $$ why did they leave – and where’s the gizallion?!  Why are they building another company or selling something if they made all that dough?  I believe these are fair questions and there may be some out there who have good answers but I haven’t found one yet.

And another “icon” who has a new book, system and philosophy every 6 months or so and tons of people fall for it – they buy this crap when the thing he sold before it didn’t work!!!

Why doesn’t anyone ask these simple questions?

Why do people continue to do things that don’t work, why do they continue to behave the same why when it doesn’t make them happy???einstein

Einstein and Thoreau said the two things that explain some of it for me:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

So all I can do is set a good example and try not to be insane, live with integrity and mostly try not to hurt others when I’m mad at them!

Mahalo & Aloha,
The Fabulous Davene




Network Marketing Skills – Will They EVER Learn

Right now I am overhearing a phone conversation between my husband and a very nice man who is a network marketing rep.   It’s a conversation I heard many, many time over the years.images  Mark is explaining the fundamentals of network marketing skills.  Again.

Why don’t they get it, company leaders, company founders and ownership, alleged icons in the industry.   They just don’t get it.  They keep pitching the same crap.

Listen to this and pay close attention.

  • There has not been a Billion Dollar company in this industry, in the United States since NuSkin founded in 1984! Does that make you wonder why everyone says “We’re going to be the next Billion Dollar Company” – no you’re not.
  • There have been only 16 Companies that have passed the $250 Million mark and 8 of them are NOT in the United States
  • It’s easier that ever to get products to people, the products are more expensive (volume should be up), communication is easier… how is it possible???

Are you kidding me.  Mark, The World’s Laziest Networker, calls it the bell shaped curve of volume that happens when an MLM companies catches fire in the US.

Some hit big, right place, right time (like most of the so called leaders in this industry) then the volume spikes after a few years then down the others side.index  I bet you can think of 2 or 3 right now.

There is a weight loss company right now, does BMW strike a familiar note, that is now bleeding volume in the US, like all the others since 1984.  Will They Never Learn?

They all scream sponsor more, sponsor more, sponsor more!  Land whales, some of them actually pay other reps to come into their companies.  Not just the leaders are stupid enough to do this, but the owners and founders are too.payoff

What do you think will happen if you pay for someone to come into your company and bring their people with them…. you guessed it!  They do it again and leave your company for the next highest bidder.   I don’t get the lack of logic, and I’m Blue personality “Not Logical” and it make perfect sense to me.

I could go on and on and on about how foolish companies and some leaders are,  yelling about their great product, their great comp plans (please) their great company.  What do you think everyone else is yelling.

You must offer something the prospect and new reps something they don’t know they need yet.  SKILL!  How the hell are they going to build if they don’t have the skills.

It seems so simple to me, why is an entire industry continuing to do it wrong.  Remember this is NOT my opinion it’s facts.

The industry continues to flounder mostly because of conflicting information.  The internet helped but it also hurt us, people are confused.  Everyday with a new system or lead generator or some other junk.  We did this too, until we figured it out.

The companies don’t force training and skills.  They leave it to the leaders.  And you see where that has gotten this industry, there is not denying it but the companies and leaders still do.

They don’t know how to break from the pack, how to become great!  They just don’t know how to do it – you don’t have to believe me.  Just look at the facts – in the richest time in our history there has been no Billion Dollar Company.  Pilzner predicted it to happen 2 years ago – so he was wrong too.  How is this possible???

Common sense is not so common!

The real key to becoming the next Billion Dollar company is Network Marketing Skills – not sponsor more people – it’s more people sponsoring.

Standardized, systematized network marketing skills.  And yes, it has to be exclusive.  If the leaders don’t want to do it – they want to do it their way – the way of bell shaped growth – the cut them off.  Kick the out!

That’s what franchises do, that’s why they have 1/3 the amount of people as MLM and 100 x the volume.  That’s right even though our industry has better products and way more people franchises kick our ass.  They all do it the same way.  So simple.  And if they don’t they’re OUT.

But MLM’ll never do it – I have no idea why.  Affirmational bias & ego, probably.

Anyway unless there is a company that will be willing to take on this industry changing challenge,  I don’t see a Billion Dollar company in our future.

Oh there are plenty that will do well and lots of people who will make good incomes, but that’s all they will do – they won’t become GREAT!

And  $250M is nothing to sneeze at, but don’t tell everyone you’re going to be the next Billion Dollar company, cause you’re NOT.  Not unless the company has standardized, systematized training that EVERYONE uses and teaches.

There is something you can do though.  Remember that it’s your company from you down.  Get your people trained effectively.  Make sure you’re all doing the same thing and it will duplicate and your business will grow.

Aloha and Mahalo,

The “Fab” Davene


Number 1 Way To Live Your Dream

You see all the quotes on Facebook about living your dreams.   Speaking of dream quotes, the best one I ever heard was Quincy Jones he said, “If you can be discouraged from living your dream then you should be.”

I just love that one.

You hear it and see it all the time.  “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life”.  “Do what you love and the money will come”.  “Be happy first and success will follow”.   Essentially improve yourself, but they never tell you how.

Although all of these are true you may ask yourself, or if you’re like me, you may wonder, “OK so how do I find out what I love to do, because I have no f’ing idea what it is.”

That was a big question of mine for years, I don’t really know what I love.  And if you grew up like me, in a crazy home, I mean really crazy then, I believe, that question is even harder to answer.

If you are one of the lucky ones, like my wonderful husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker, and had this great childhood.  Even though his Dad was tragically killed in the Koren whatever it was, he knew from a very young age who and what he was.  He was nurtured by amazing, loving Sicilians. He knows what he loves.

I believe that is why so many are attracted to his message and he communicates it so strongly so people, most people, understand that he just truly wishes for their success.

Getting a good head start, like Mark did, I really do believe helps in the quest for “What do I love?”  But mahalo to my husband and other for showing me the number 1 way to find what I love and live my dream.

Here is a video of me back in 2008 when we were on your last vacation to Kauai – in 2010 we moved here to the very spot that I am recording from in Kekaha.

So here it is June 4, 2013 and I’ve been living here in my dream for 3 years!

Number 1 Why To Live You Dream is to live your dream in your imagination, it must be real in your mind before it will become real in your life.  Imagination is the only bridge to enthusiasm (If you put any stock in Einstein) -and that authentic enthusiasm taught me what I really love to do – I found it by taking the time for myself – every day.  It’s 15 minutes a day and the payoff is PRICELESS!

It works – all I did was focus and meditate on what it was that I wanted.  Now do what I tell you and join Go90Grow and take the Think and Grow Rich Bonus course and you’ll have your dream too!

You can do it too!

Mark and Davene in Kauai

Mark and Davene in Kauai

Aloha and Mahalo from Kauai

“The Fabulous” Davene


Avacados ~ The Master Keys ~ Go90Grow and Network Marketing Truth

http://thefabdavene.comI meditate Almost everyday.  It’s not always your typical meditation where I sit silently and try not to think.  Ohmmmmm, ohmmmmm, LOL

Sometimes I read or sometimes I just sit and look out my window at this amazing living jungle and a beautiful avocado tree with about 60 of the gorgeous fruit hanging off it and I think about what I love and focus on my Definite Major Purpose.

It’s what Joseph Campbell says, “just take that time a do whatever it is that you love to do.”  He goes on to say with great enthusiasm, “get it done”.  It doesn’t matter what you do with that time, I usually take 1 hour, but even just 15 minutes just for you, doing what you love.  Read, listen to music, dance, swim, draw, legos, it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is it’s what you love – what do you love?

Taking some time for yourself is crucial, every single day.  The Master Keys teaches us that. Over and Over and Over.  All the illuminated ones teach us that too.  Stop for a while and just be.  Why is it so difficult in this wacky western society that we live in.  Why is it some kind of sacrifice to take some time for yourself.  To make your self better so you can be better for others.

Well anyway we’re not gonna solve that one in a blog that’s for sure.  But I will continue to ask that question, make the suggestion and fight for people to take their well deserved, sacred time for themselves.

Go90Grow teaches this in the Think and Grow Rich Bonus Material.  I don’t know why we call it a bonus it’s really the heart of the Go90Grow course.  Without it you’re probably not going to be very successful – in anything.

All successful people have some kind of personal growth, self improvement that they rely on, and Go90Grow successes are no different.  They have the Think and Grow Rich growth model that Mark Januszewski created to rely on and it’s great!!!

The sad truth about Network Marketing is that so much of the leadership and so many of the companies are based in bullshit.  That’s right I said bullshit.

Most of these programs and leaders teach people to be pushy, aggressive, lying a-holes, yes they teach MLM reps to lie.  You can go to training websites today, right now, and they are teaching their reps to lie to prospects.  Jeezz, and I could send you to some sites right now, but I won’t,  if you ask me I’ll tell you.  Plus I’m not giving them a free backlink, no way, not for nothing.

They are always yelling, “we’re the best, our company is better, our products are better, our doctors can beat up your doctors”.   “Whateves” as my daughter Dayna would say.

That’s not what our industry is about.  It’s very sad to me.  Network Marketing Truth and Multi Level Marketing are really the last vestibule for free enterprise in this country.

And the people that are reps for these companies and leaders just look up and say, “well they’re successful, shouldn’t I listen to them?”  I assert to all of you who think that to look harder.

If you know the story of Walter Deming you’ll see this is the same thing.  I ask you before Deming approached the American car manufacturers where they

making alot of money.  You bet they were.  But who’s making all the car money now?   It’s NOT the American car makers it’s the Japanese car makers.  They listened to Deming, they realized that they were leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table.

I say that Network Marketing companies and leaders are the same as the American car makers, they don’t want to hear “there’s a better way, you an make more money if run your business with integrity and honor” but they think they know better and they leave millions on the table, spewing the same old, worn out crap.

They are wrong!   Go90Grow is right!!!  Build your network marketing business and your life with integrity.  Get all the free skills at

Aloha and Mahalo from Kauai



How To Get The LIfe You Always Wanted

How To Get The Life You Always Wanted

I love the magazine headlines, I purchase alot of wellness, health, fitness mags and they ALWAYS have some version of this headline. On Cosmo and Vogue too. They appeal to our slothful nature and tell us there just this 1 little thing we can do and all our dreams will come true.

And we buy it, over and over and over. The self help gurus do it too.

Although I believe their karma is much more dangerous because they are supposed to know better that Madison Avenue.

My genius husband, Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker always says, “If it’s SELF help then why are you paying someone ELSE to tell you what to do?” Think about it.

Anyway these silly headlines make me think of all these quotes I get via email and on FB – Here’s one I found today.

I WANT-I WANT-I WANT. Everyday you hear people saying what they want. Well, this is what I want, I want people who are sick to be healed. I want children with no families to be adopted. I want people to never have to worry about food and shelter and heat. Most of all, I would like to see our people start to care for one another. Now let’s see how many people share this.

Now I know the person who posted this and to all appearances there is a decent heart there. There’s nothing wrong with it, as a matter of fact 36K people liked it and shared it.

What’s most unfortunate is that all those people don’t have a clue. We create the life we have, no matter what. It doesn’t matter how much you want people to be happy, healthy and free it’s up to them not you! You just live a good life and set a good example – but I digress.

Here’s what happens. Some of this person’s “FB friends” and the other 36K saw this and commented, and some shared. And here is the tragedy – they will believe that they actually did something.

Here’s what scares me about that and our future – and our unhealthy obsession with Social Media, curse you Zuckerberg (Kidding it’s not his fault).

People really think they are making a difference or doing something productive by posting this bumper sticker crap on FB and whatever social media sites we have let take over our lives. Or if they hit like that they have actually DONE some good in the world.

I am not saying the posting of quotes and and inspiration stuff is bad. I’m saying that if you do that or you like it or share it don’t have a false belief that you have done something that will make any difference in this world.

You have NOT!

All you did was spread a little motivational vapor. And motivation is like a warm bath, it feels really good in the beginning but after 20 minutes all you are doing is sitting in a puddle of cold, dirty water. Motivation and inspiration doesn’t change anything!!! Irritation now that works. The World’s Laziest Networker will tell you, “I don’t believe in motivation, irritation that’s what I believe in.”

If you believe in movitation check this out.

When my mom died suddenly in 1993, at the very young age of 56, so many of her contemporaries said to me. “Your mom’s death has inspired me to change. I’m gonna live more, better, healthier whatever.” Or some version of that.

Guess what none of the did. None. If the sudden and tragic death of a loved one won’t change people do you really believe a quote on FB will?

Here’s what you have to do in order to have the life you’ve always wanted – ACT – do some good, actual good. Now today!

Find out which politicians share your views and vote for them, not just the person with the most ads. Write to your representatives or the White House and tell them how you feel about what’s happening in this country or world. However you may view things.

I don’t believe you have to look past our own neighborhood to make a difference. ACT is what I’m saying. Think Globally if you like, act locally to make a difference.

Do you see someone in your neighborhood struggling. What can you do to be of service? Get creative. Do you know someone at work who could use a leg up. Do you have a classmate who could use a friend. Is there an elderly person who could use a meal, or a errand, or just a smile and a hello. A suffering child – how can you make a real difference in someone’s life. If you’re not comfortable with putting yourself out there (I confess I’m not that great at that) write a check to something you believe in – it can be 5 bucks, just do something!

If the 36K FB people did that instead of just sharing a quote what kind of impact do you think that would have on the world?
Alot of us don’t even say “Hi” to the people who live next door.

How about you just share smile at everyone you see today. Count how many smiles you get back and write me a comment. I really want to know.

Even that seemingly small effort will make a difference in our world, I guarantee.

The Fab Davene

The Number 1 Way To Build Your MLM Biz & Live Your Dreams

Aloha from beautiful Kauai.

Our meteorologist, Guy Hagi, on KHON news says all the time, “Here’s your forecast for the best weather on earth.”

We do live in Paradise here and it’s easy to avoid the “real world”, the news, the rest of the planet because it is so amazing here all the time.  Even when it’s raining and cold (sorry New Englanders now I think 66 is cold) it’s absolutely awesome.

As as result of this I never know what going on in the news or the world till someone tells me.

So Mark, The World’s Laziest Networker, and the best husband ever, says to me yesterday, “Hey what’s going on in Connecticut?”

“I don’t know I say but I think some young girl died, I saw something on Facebook the other day.”

He says, “No, I think something big happened.”  So I hit the internet and find out about the tragic tale of Sandy Hook School.

As sad as this is, as tremendously horrible as this is, I hope you’ll understand when I say, I could have just gone on living my live if I didn’t know about this.

I read a quote, supposedly anonymous but with Morgan Freeman’s picture (I guess cause he was God in that movie) that totally places the blame on the media.  Well I’m sorry to inform you but it’s not the media’s fault, it’s your fault, if you are one of the people who watch it, who scream for more sensationalism with their dollar by tuning in.  You don’t need to watch this over and over once you find out, shut it off and get down to getting in service.

Here is the number 1 way to build your MLM business and live your dream, shut off the television.

Don’t watch the news, CNN, CNBC, (I don’t even know what that is) MSNBC, ABC, CBS and all the other garbage out there that is trying to get you to take your eye off the ball, stop you thinking for yourself so you’ll continue to pay your taxes and not ask any questions about what their doing in Washington, DC (DC stands for District of Criminals).

I’m I saying all television is bad, NO absolutely not.  Mark and I watch MLB Network, Hawaii Five-O, and usually the last 10 weeks of American Idol.  There are some wonderful programs on television.  I saw this special on Oprah about the movie Lincoln and now I can’t wait to see it!  Some TV is OK – it’s all the ads trying to convince you if you eat at McDonald’s you’ll meet the man of your dreams and all slanted garbage that’s screaming at you.

It’s all the sadness, tragedy, lies, (Oh yea the lie about just about everything you see on TV) talking heads arguing on and on and on designed to distract you from thinking for yourself and designing your own life.  It goes much deeper but I’ll need at least a million words and I want to focus on the positive.

You can honor these tragic deaths but not watching the news.  Try sending a card or a prayer to the families struck by this horrendous event.  Don’t talk about the perp, let’s do a Harry Potter and never say that name, ever again. Let’s forget that part of it – forever – that’s what it deserves.

Talk about the brave teachers, heroic kids, send love to them in your conversations if and when you speak of Sandy Hook School.

Better yet, send a letter or an email and let the media outlets know how you feel.  Tell them you don’t want all this garbage screaming at you, you’re going to shut it off, plumet their ratings, this we can do!  Nothing is going to change until we do something about it.

It’s the people who ask for this garbage and only the people can change it.  Oh BTW don’t slow down and look at the accident either, just pray for their safety and keep driving.

Since Disney owns approximately 25% of all media outlets you may want to let them know how you feel too.



Mental Diet for Life


The Seven Day Mental Diet does one thing for sure, it reminds me just how negative my mind and my mouth can be.

I watched Iron Lady last night and although that movie could have been a lot better, Streep deserved the Oscar.  She portrays http://worldslaziestnetworker.comMargaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of The United Kingdom from 1979-1990 and the first woman Prime Minister.  There is a scene where she is much older and is forced my her daughter to see a doctor.  He is asking her alot of questions about how she feels.   Her response is great, “People don’t think any more. They feel . . . D’you know, one of the great problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than thoughts and ideas.”  She tells the doctor to ask her what she thinks and he does.

She goes on to say, “Watch your thoughts for they become your words.  Watch your words for them become your actions.  Watch your actions for they become your habits.  Watch your habits for they become your character.  Watch your character for that becomes your destiny.  You are your thoughts.”  Her father always said that she tells us.  I may not have that exactly but it’s the close.


Whether or not you agree with Margaret Thatcher’s political views everyone would have to agree that she stood up for what she believed and one of the things she believed was that your thoughts are what you become.  And she certainly left a mark on history.  I admire her for having the guts.

I’m a street kid from Lynn, MA, to survive that and 6 brothers you had to have guts, so I feel a little akin to Maggie and that makes me feel good about me, again because I admire her for standing up for what she believed, not necessarily WHAT she believed.

My fantastic husband, Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker tell us all that we can NOT see the greatness in someone else unless there is greatness in us.

Anyway the movie helped me this week on my mental diet journey.  AND I am going to need all the help I can get because we are launching Go90Grow on May 3rd!

Mahalo and Aloha from Kauai!