Changing Habits thru The Law of Growth – Week 18

The Law of Growth is the mother of everything.  It seems so simple, what you think about grows so just think of the things that you want in your life.  AND be sure not to let the thought that you don’t want in.  HA!   Not so easy.  Right at this moment I am thinking of murder.  I don’t know if it’s mid life crap or what but I have these days where I just want to throttle people.  Everyone is annoying me and rubbing me the wrong way and I am trying to think – I’m grateful, this sand paper is rubbing me nice and smooth.  But I still have mayhem in my heart and mind.

The Law of Growth and the Master Key Master Mind has showed me that understanding your subconscious is essential to spiritual growth.  Changing my habits through all the daily exercises has been a tremendous learning experience.  Now I know that changing the habit of the way I think is the most important habit of all and the most difficult.  What I think about grows.  What I think about all the time roots itself in my subconscious so I have to stop thinking about how much I am being annoyed and think about how I can get into service.  OK so I am going to go get into service and then finish this blog.  I’ll let you know how it goes….

Pfew I feel better and she is still alive!

Ya it works everytime.

We did the last Master Key Master Mind Alliance class back in 2009 and when that class was going on I was doing all the stuff we are doing nowMark Januszewski The World's Laziest Networker and changing habits on a daily basis, all the reading and studying the Laws of the Mind including the Law of Growth.  I’m telling you this because my DMP was to move to Kauai, I had the date for April 2012.  My faithfulness to all these principles and doing the exercises changing habits and using the Law of Growth by thinking about Kauai everyday and focusing on that goal made it happen.

Changing Habits thru The Law of GrowthThe reason I am here and NOT freezing my behind off in the worst winter in history back in New England is because I changed by habits by following the Master Key System and participating in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance and you can too!

Blessings and Believe,




12 thoughts on “Changing Habits thru The Law of Growth – Week 18

  1. Aileen Johnson

    Davene nice post. Talk about killing someone. I am ready to tear my hair out fistfulls at a time. I had to set up the old computer to even communicate at all. All I can say is I am glad I am here and able to give thanks in all things.

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  3. Nancy DelRossi

    O Boy Davene, I’m afraid to email you!! NOT Your a Boston Girl, we just talk about killing people, it’s like most people just saying their pissed off, we actually don’t mean it. Some how reading your post makes me feel normal, ha,
    You need a vacation and friends around you so expect over 100 of your friends to be dropping in soon, you don’t mind putting us up right?!!!

  4. Dale Reynolds

    Hey Davene,
    Did you mean to say the reason you are there and NOT in the Northeast?

    It’s funny how I never look forward to our winters, but I always get through them. I was even walking outside today in a brisk wind, snow blowing everywhere…it makes me appreciate the spring and summer!

    Just like Mark said, gotta be grateful for everything 🙂

  5. Renae Massey

    Great post Davene, we all have those days. Beautiful goal and dream come true. I love you ended up in beautiful Kauai!

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  7. Wilma Woodson

    It is so powerful what we are learning in our Master Key Course about our Subconscious Minds & how to Change our Habits accordingly.

    Yes, our Growth is slow & difficult, but the important thing is that we are growing in the right direction.

    Just your dream to live on Kauai has manifested, we each have the Power to understand these Universal Laws, change our habits, get into Harmony with our Universal Mind, & also enjoy the manifestation of our desires.

    I believe in you Davene

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  9. Susan Marinac

    Hey Davene, I love your spirit. Can’t wait to meet you in Hawaii. I will happily leave this snow behind. I enjoy your blogs. You make me laugh. It also helps to know that following this system helped you realize your dreams.
    Grateful for all you and Mark are doing for us!

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