I Will Kick Your Ass!

COMPETITIVE? Huh? While reading Chuck Anderson’s blog this morning I had to laugh, he and his wife, Lisa had been “snippy” with each other.  He has the courage to share with us.  And he added that since they were doing the Master Key Master Mind Alliance together and were in business together all would be […]

Why This WIll NEVER Work For You!

RESENTMENTS Aaarggh! I hate resentments.  Isn’t that ironic, I have a resentment about having resentments.  Sometimes I just let my mind wander – fatal – and go to those places where the resentments live.  Those nasty places when I relive things that I am mad, sad or a version of mad, sad about.  I run […]

Lightbox – Rec and Dup

My husband Mark (The World’s Laziest Networker) and I have been telling people since 2004 that we are moving to Kauai.  We got the typical mixed reviews.  Some, mostly already successful or open-minded people, said “Wow great” others usually the ones who are not successful and closed-minded said, “Isn’t is expensive to live there?”   […]

This was Interesting to Me

So today started out not so great.  My beautiful, wonderful, darling baby Jackie texted me this morning.  “I miss you and I want to see you and ur new house and all ur little plants 🙁 I posted on facebook my avacado plant that we germinated from a avacado seed.  Jackie saw it today and […]

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