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Tomorrow Never Comes

Master Key Experience Week 10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never ComesMaster Key Experience Week 10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Today is December 3rd, 2016 and Week 11 webinar is tomorrow but, tomorrow never comes.

You may say, “What do you mean Davene, tomorrow never comes?”

Well I’ll tell you.

When my husband Mark was writing his book, “Standing Tall, Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly” he wrote this one, what I though was, a very funny verse.

“Look, you can never get there because once you get there … you are here. Happiness, health; real wealth is here, not there. I mean it might seem like we’re playing with words but we are not. The Verities and the thirteen riches of life are here, not there. Most people believe life begins for them when they get some place, ya know? When they get there. We all get trapped in that moving goal post thing. That’s the irony! Trying to get there prevents us from being here and here is the only place wealth is can be,” he says.

I tell him really I’m confused with the “here and there” thing and “now we’ve got the moving goal posts.”

Asks me to walk across the lanai, points to a spot. Says, “Go over there.” I do.

He goes through the sliders and out of sight. He asks me to yell to him my location … “so tell me, if I was looking for you, would you say, ‘I’m there’ or would you say ‘I’m here?’”


He comes back out on the lanai.

“I told you to go over there…but when I asked you where you were, you said ‘I’m here’. You can never get “there” Doc exclaims. “As soon as you get ‘there’ you are here” 

from “Standing Tall, Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly” by Mark Januszewski

I just love that – stop trying to get there, you’re already here! Enjoy it!

I Love You, The Fab D

Tomorrow Never Comesyoda-joke

Silence, “Shut the Heck Up” Is More Like It – Week 20

Silence is nearly impossible for me. Going into the silence – are you kidding Mr. Haanel?

Is it me or does anyone else find it practically impossible to silence their mind for more than a minute or 2. If I’m lucky!

This is my second time through the Master Key System. Without any reservation I will say that the first time was easier.

Easy is not a word to be used at all when we are talking about Charles Haanel’s Master Key System. Simple? Yes very. But easy NO!

Silence! HA! For 15 minutes or more HA! HA! Last time through I spent 15 minutes every morning “meditating”. I figured this time I’d add 5 minutes so I’m up to 20 minutes now. Sometimes it goes really well and I can feel my mind relax – when I did this a year or so ago sometimes I even fell asleep! This really peaceful deep sleep that was easy to wake up from.

Not so much this time. Maybe it’s because I have totally changed my lifestyle. Completely uprooted my entire life and moved so far from everything I’ve ever known. Or maybe it’s this whole multi-generational home we have thrown ourselves into, never done that before either. I don’t know but it’s definitely different this time. In a really interesting way. I am really curious to see how it all shakes out kind of way. That a great change. Curious instead of fearful, worried, scared or some other useless waste of energy.

Sometimes it goes badly, like this morning. I could not get my mind to shut the hell up. OMGosh! OK, I tell myself, “Time for http://mkmmacourse.com, Master Key Systemsilence…..” Oh shoot I forgot I have to grill all that chicken today, crap I hope it hasn’t gone bad in the fridge…. Man that fridge it small I can’t wait to pick out my own new one…. Nothing too fancy just bigger….. But thank God I have that freezer…. Don’t forget to put the baking soda in the freezer…… Oh Davene, stop it it’s time for silence, concentrate on your breath. Quite….. Oh did I send that email, I think I did no I’ll have to check…… Did I deposit the checks…… Now that I have that new Twitter account I’m going to have a million emails in that box……. I have to go thru my big email box I have so much stuff in there to clean out, speaking of cleaning out my car is a disaster……. STOP IT! Quiet, silence, go to the happy place……… I really would rather have that big pink house, but I’ll find a great place here that has a room where I can go and be quiet…… HA! alot of good that will do I can’t silence this crazy mind of mine…… and no one bothering me, it’s hard enough to get into silence when I don’t even have a room of my own….. speaking of silence. Davene shut the hell up and be silent……… BTW who the heck am I talking to anyway…….

So that goes on for 20 minutes – I set a timer on my phone and I hear that go off and I didn’t get a minute of peace. Not today anyway, but some days I do. But I’ll tell you this no one should spend any time in my head without adult supervision, including me! The Master Key Master Mind Alliance is that adult supervision!

When I hear and read about these people who can go into a meditative state and concentrate so fully I feel a little envy. (Yes, I eliminate envy) I think there must be some trick, like so many people think there is a trick to our network marketing industry, but I know intellectually there is no trick. Not with concentrated meditation and not with network marketing.

http://worldslaziestnetworker.comIt’s about practice, diligent daily practice and knowing my primary objective no matter what I am doing. The Master Key System teaches us that and if you read Emmet Fox, Joseph Campbell, Og, The Bible, the list goes on and on, they will all tell you. What you concentrate on grows, The Law of Growth, right?

So horribly simple, not so easy but I will not move off my belief that if I continue to try, continue to move forward, continue to focus on my DMP it’s all going to work out better than I ever imagined. It actually already has, but I want more. 🙂

Blessings and believe,