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Tomorrow Never Comes

Master Key Experience Week 10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never ComesMaster Key Experience Week 10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Today is December 3rd, 2016 and Week 11 webinar is tomorrow but, tomorrow never comes.

You may say, “What do you mean Davene, tomorrow never comes?”

Well I’ll tell you.

When my husband Mark was writing his book, “Standing Tall, Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly” he wrote this one, what I though was, a very funny verse.

“Look, you can never get there because once you get there … you are here. Happiness, health; real wealth is here, not there. I mean it might seem like we’re playing with words but we are not. The Verities and the thirteen riches of life are here, not there. Most people believe life begins for them when they get some place, ya know? When they get there. We all get trapped in that moving goal post thing. That’s the irony! Trying to get there prevents us from being here and here is the only place wealth is can be,” he says.

I tell him really I’m confused with the “here and there” thing and “now we’ve got the moving goal posts.”

Asks me to walk across the lanai, points to a spot. Says, “Go over there.” I do.

He goes through the sliders and out of sight. He asks me to yell to him my location … “so tell me, if I was looking for you, would you say, ‘I’m there’ or would you say ‘I’m here?’”


He comes back out on the lanai.

“I told you to go over there…but when I asked you where you were, you said ‘I’m here’. You can never get “there” Doc exclaims. “As soon as you get ‘there’ you are here” 

from “Standing Tall, Acquiring the 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly” by Mark Januszewski

I just love that – stop trying to get there, you’re already here! Enjoy it!

I Love You, The Fab D

Tomorrow Never Comesyoda-joke

Only 7 Days to a New You MKMMA Week 7

The 7 Days to a New You

The 7 Day Mental Diet or as I sometime call it Only 7 Days to a New You tells us:

If you make a false start, or even if you go on well for two or three days and then for any reason “fall off” the diet, the thing to do is to drop the scheme altogether for several days, and then to start again afresh. There must be no jumping on and off, as it were.

And we at the Master Key Experience have an informal rule about this, Only 7 Days to a New You, which is if you get a negative thought and hold it for more that a few seconds the you must restart the Only 7 Days to a New You.  Even if you’re on day 6 you gotta start again at day 1.

Putting together 7 days without a negative thought is a miraculous achievement.  I hope to get there some day.

But let me tell you the Universe picked an interesting week for our 7 Days to a New You to fall on.  Election week!

And not just another election but the most divisive election in remembered history.  Now I’m not having an negative thought when I say the election is divisive – there has not been an event that has divided the county the way this election has since the Civil War.  Which according to my daughter, Dayna, most high schoolers don’t know happened.   Maybe we do need a change…

I am thrilled that our 7 Days to a New You has fallen on the week.

Maybe this group, the Master Key Experience members, can make a difference in the negative word, thoughts and deeds that are spewing into the country because of this wildly historic election.

Share love, share acceptance, agree to disagree, be kind it’s all going to be fine.  There has not been a three term democrat since Roosevelt.  It’s going to be fine.  Everyone is just caught up in the shock of something that no one really thought would happen.

Let’s embrace that it’s all going to be just great, better that would could have ever imagined!

Living Your Dream


Aloha & Mahalo,


Living Your Dream

Living Your Dream Doesn’t Mean Everything Is Perfect MKMMA Week 6

Master Key Mastermind Alliance Week 6 – Living Your Dream

In this week 6 of the MKMMA I’d like to share with you that Living Your Dream Doesn’t Mean Everything Is Perfect.  I know because I’m living my dream and guess what – it’s not perfect.  Are you surprised?

My husband Mark (The World’s Laziest Networker) and I have been telling people since 2004 that we are living our dream moving to Kauai.  We got the typical mixed reviews.  Some, mostly already successful or open-minded people, said “Wow great” others usually the ones who are not successful and closed-minded said, “Isn’t is expensive to live there?”   In essence the comments, positive or negative, were just versions of these.  All the same in principle.

In this situation in my life I was able to be an observer, rare for me, I could see each person’s response in a very objective way.  Non- judgmentally because I knew thru working the Master Key Master Mind Alliance that these comments would have zero effect on telling myself and believing ‘you will be living your dream soon in Kauai’.  It was so freeing just being the observer. Really delightful!

So I am achieving the goal of being the observer (no fear, no judgment) 100% of the time in my life.  A daunting task but necessary if you want to live your dream 🙂

So as I sit here in front of my dream computer, living my dream, in my dream beautiful home in Kauai with an ocean view and I am observing how everything isn’t perfect.  Did I think my dream was going to be perfect?   Well ya kinda.  I had lived here in my mind for over 3 years.  It’s not exactly as it was in my mind but it is a miracle that we are here.  A friggin miracle!

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that this isn’t exactly as I pictured, living your dream doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but I am choosing to focus on the fact that there is no earthly reason that this should have happened.

All odds were completely against us and still we are here.  There is not explanation for it except that I Living Your Dreaminfluenced my subconscious mind and it attracted to me the forces and people who I needed to get here.  Including building the Go90Grow® Course which saves us financially.  Mahalo to all those amazing souls who helped us build Go90Grow® into the very best online sales training on the planet.

All that I have dreamed for our lives here will happen and much, much more than I could have ever imagined.  I will continue to live my dream, and observe myself in the process – observe myself being grateful.  Ummm and sometime not so grateful oops. :0

I know I am connected to the Universal power and that all that I need will be drawn to me.

Kauai is perfect, I am perfect, the Universe is as it should be and I will not be the one who is going to make the perfect the enemy of the great.

Blessings & I Love You,


Living Your Dream