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Why the MLM Gurus and Icons Hate The World’s Laziest Networker

Saw this picture on Facebook today ~ we all see these types pictures and quotes all the time. Usually posted by Network Marketers, Internet Marketers or Multi Level Marketers trying to get you to buy something or opt for something, right.  Ironically not this person though.  🙂


If I could figure out why this is so popular I’d be as smart as Zuckerberg himself.

Social Media seems more a place to pontificate with famous people quotes and political ravings. Although I have to say I believe that sites like Facebook could make a real difference in the world if everyone would use it to spread the word about the injustices in the world – but don’t just inform; offer a solution!!!

This picture and quote is a perfect example.

Great, talk to the elephant ~ thanks alot for the advise but how the hell do I do that?

My hope is that when you see these silly posts that you take action and find out how to accomplish this feat or other.

But how much better would the world be if the instructions on how to talk to the elephant were included or how to make your attitude determine your altitude… or some other wonderful useless quote.

And those that rant about Obama, GMO (me), Taxes or the myriad of issues used to distract us from the truth. When you post one of these things that outraged you; a solution must be included. You have to also post some kind of solution…. It should be the law of social media. No ranting or complaining without a equal opportunity to do something about it.

Anyway back to the Elephant.

Ya, ya people are always spouting off about your attitude, your goals, your why, be positive, on and on and on but no one and I mean NO ONE give you any solution.

No one gives you the directions of HOW to achieve this great attitude we are all supposed to maintain. Especially all those Gurus and Icons that hate The World’s Laziest Networker.

So why do they ‘hate‘ the World’s Laziest Networker?

Well, they probably don’t ‘hate‘ him…..it’s more about ‘human nature’…..people tend to not like what they do not understand……it’s the basis for prejudice, eh?

Maybe they are just doing what they were taught and the don’t realize that people need the directions, the skills.  But the real problem people, the, ahem, gurus peddling ‘secrets’ have with the Laziest Networker is 2 fold.   First, he makes it clear that there are not really any ‘secrets’ and, secondly, you can build a big, big business very part time.

See, some MLMers cannot understand, so they decide to ‘not believe’ that you can build a big business in under 12 hours a week.   Period.   This means someone who has done OK income-wise but worked full time to get there would have to admit there is a better way.   Ut-oh…..that means the ‘secrets’ don’t hold water and that’s not so good if you are in the secret selling business.

I know, because I saw it happen, several times, one can easily build this business to gangster money very part time once they believe that is true and learn the mindset [no, not some ‘feel good’ POP motivational nonsense], and the skills.   That is a 1-2 punch I saw developed, defined, refined and work…..for him, myself and 1000s that ‘get it’.

The suffering with MLM, leads, politics inside groups, fear, and doubt can end as soon as you decide there must be a better way and surrender to the simple idea of embracing a 4000 year old truth…..

THINK!  Think to when you were a kid and the future seems unlimited.  Today, most people have lost that spot.   You’ve got to get back to that spot, to that moment you believed your future was going to be incredible……because, within that spot is something very special.   Access to a power that will virtually manifest thoughts on demand.  I know, I’ve seen this happen over and over and over again……and NO…..this is not ‘self help’ feel warm and fuzzy stuff.  You have to know where this power is,  how to access it, claim it and use it.

For most people this seems like ‘Aladdin Lamp’ nonsense but I can assure you this is the reason people tend to be highly critical of this Lazy Networker thing.   You’ll discover, if you really look and experience the MKMMA [it’s a free course, don’t worry, not pitch coming], that no one who goes through it doubts the power and ability to create change on demand.

Not so easy in this world that is telling you, with every single opportunity it gets, that you are NOT good enough. Not smart enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough. DOWN WITH DISNEY!!! Princesses suck! Prince Charming only cares about one thing if you know what it mean! That’s reality! And in such a crazy whirlwind reality, with 1000 things screaming at you from all directions, you need the instructions, the direction, and answers on how to get this wonderful positivity attitude that everyone is supposed to have already….. ya right.

So, here we are.  A defining moment for you.   Go with the ‘gurus and icons’ view of stuff or investigate …..free.   And that word free is another problem so people have who feel they are in competition with Mark, The World’s Laziest Networker.   How can he keep giving all this stuff that actually works, away, free?   More prejudice 🙂  That kind of thinking make it clear, once you learn and apply the Master Key System the way he teaches it……why success will never come from people leveraging inexperience & fear, selling secrets or leads.

So I am tired of all the rhetoric and mindless spouting and ranting and I have some solutions for you. If you take the FREE Master Key Mastermind Alliance course you get the answers you yearn for, locate the power to manifest and learn the simple truth behind all self sustaining success.

Power of Thought & Ice Cream – There’s No Denying It – Week 22

Sometimes blog ideas come easy and sometimes not. This week I am struggling. I like blogging I really do – I believe it’s cathartic to write down what happening emotionally, spiritually and physically and it’s joyful for me.

This week has been a mainly physical one. Strange how things happen and I wonder about why. Too much probably. Lots of times I am looking for the metaphysical meanings to why things happen they way the do or don’t. And I am always wondering how and if I make things happen with the Power of Thought.

Power of ThoughtLast week I was asked to be the judge for the Ice Cream eating contest at the Waimea Heritage Days, a great honor as far as I’m concerned. Or course I agreed, and NOT for the free Lappert’s Ice Cream, the best on the planet. So there I am in the middle of a Hawaiian Island in the blazing sun judging 5 different Ice Cream eating contests. It was judged in 5 age groups. So in all the excitement and my delirium at being asked to join in on a community event, it didn’t occur to me that my fair, Irish skin was NOT slathered in 45 SPF sunblock – No! It didn’t. Hence the unbelievable sunburn. Bumma

Didn’t think much of it except that it was so, so irresponsible. I don’t like to hurt myself. Well who does, I think those people end up institutionalized.

So anyway, on Tuesday evening I was tryingPower of Thought a new thing, Cauliflower mashed potatoes, delicious by the way, and I received a horrendous steam burn on three of my fingers. So I start thinking what the hell is with all this burning. Where is the Power of Thought in this – am I think about burning or hurting myself is this some karmic debt and was somehow manifested because after all it has happened twice. I can’t just write it off as happenstance. My crazy mind don’t work that way That’s the old habit of looking at things like this and wondering how did I cause this??? Old blueprint.

It can get a little unhealthy at times thinking like this, then BAM, Mark burns his thumb on a hot plate. OK what the f is going on here! Now no way can I ignore this stuff, 3 really bad burns all in a row, inside a week. So I’m obsessing now how did I make this happen what thinking did I do that brought this about. Burning, hot, fire, blazing sun what’s it all mean…..

The Power of Thought must have created this isn’t not just coincidence. Mark calls me clumsy all the time but I’m really not. And he certainly is not, he is the antithesis of clumsy. So what’s the deal….

Now I have a couple of choices. Believe we’re are just doing to much, under too much pressure and not paying attention or…. We’re absolutely on FIRE!!!! Totally and completely on a great roll and everything we touch is going to be blazing, hot fantastic!!! We’re going to be to hot to touch. Hop onto our blazing coat tails and enjoy the ride.

That’s it I figured it out, new blueprint, thanks dear readers you helped.

Blessing and Believe,