June 18, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

After spending time here on Kauai Mark’s son Derek had us shooting beautiful videos of what we decided to call Thoughtful Thursday. Try this 4000 Year Old Formula for Success.

You can make a difference using Thoughtful Thursday

If one accesses the state of our country and the world with honesty and no judgment of others there is a certainty. What is that certainty? It’s that you believe and understand fully that the only challenge this world faces is there are not enough self-directed thinkers walking this planet. We started Thoughtful Thursday for just this reason.

Here is social proof for you. If there were enough self directed thinkers in the world there would be no wars. No poverty. No crime or people hurting each other.

Think about it, my dear reader. Do you really believe that this is the way we are supposed to treat each other and our home? The systematic destruction of our ONLY home planet earth would NOT be happening if there were enough self-directed thinkers walking around being in service and searching for their bliss.

Listen to me – If it’s good for you and doesn’t take anyone else’s good you can have anything you want. If you wish to learn how that can happen for you, just like it did for me and my family, then just Subscribe over there on the left. Start your 7-Day Mental Diet now and you be ready for the Master Key Experience Course launching in September 2021.

There are thousands of happy, well-adjusted self-directed thinkers in service to the world right now here are a couple of them that you be thrilled to read about. Elena Perez is killin it check out her hero’s journey and The amazing Nicole Sikora a ginger bad ass!

See you on the other side.



Thoughtful Thursday

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  • Love this blog from our caring Fabulous Davene. Thanks for letting us know that you posted this marvelous blog about this awesome video that Mark created.This is one of my favorite videos Mark put together for #ThoughtfulThursday. So excited for all the upcoming posts. Truly appreciate you and Mark (Maahk) very much.

  • Awesome! So much good stuff and wisdom in here, boiled down into the few key ingredients. I have a hard time even picking out my favorite parts because they are ALL so important! Love the insight that we ALL have the same amount of faith or belief – we just don’t all put our belief in the same places!

  • So love your passion, Davene! I’m totally on board with using all the minutes I can find to help people find the system that joyfully, systematically gets us to being self-directed thinkers! Hooray for the #MasterKeyExperience #NothingLifeIt !

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