July 10, 2015

YES, MY LIFE IS AMAZING AND I’M BLESSEDhttp://thefabdavene.com

Working hard and having the right mind set certainly helps. ¬†This amazing life didn’t just appear before my eyes. ¬†Hard mental labor had to be applied daily.

The hard mental labor most are not willing to do, as stated by Charles Haanel the author of The Master Key System¬†– which is why so few have amazing lives. ¬†That’s sad to me because this is not easy but it’s very simple.

The “Master Key Experience” is the fastest and easiest way possible to achieve what you really want in life. ¬†This course was created by the magnificent Mark Januszewski.


Because I received ANOTHER email today that blew my mind, made me cry a little, made my heart soar, made me cover my mouth, say OOOOOOOO and thank the Universe. ¬†In the words of the immortal Dirty Harry, “go ahead made my day.”

Well it happened today. ¬†Another “Master Key Experience” member and Certified Guide for the “Master Key Experience” just made my day!

Like I said ANOTHER email. ¬†Because I get alot of these “blow your mind” emails, thank the Universe I do, but this one was particularly rewarding and humbling.

The reason for that is when we¬†received this marvelous woman’s DMP (Definite Major Purpose) statement a few years ago, A DMP¬†is what our members are required to do. ¬†Write out their goals in a particularly powerful way. ¬†Anyway when the DMP was received it was assigned to my daughter – The Dynamic Dayna Marie Merry. ¬†Now Dayna was an apprentice at critiquing DMPs at that time and wisely asked for assistance. ¬†Dayna said, “Mom she wants to move to Ireland but she’s so negative about it I don’t know what to tell her”? ¬†So she sent it to me to help.

When I saw the DMP it was indeed extremely negative and needed some improvement but I could feel the true desire written in it and gave her some educated feedback.

This person ultimately because a Certified Guide with the “Master Key Experience” and now she gives educated critiques to new members on their DMPs. ¬†So that’s cool – but you have got to read¬†what I received this morning from that very person:

Just wanted to let you know that I am moving with my family to Ireland in August!!  Yes I had it in my DMP and it’s manifesting right before my eyes.  We put our house on the market May 1st and we were in contract 3 weeks later.  Our next adventure is just beginning.  I am embracing all that goes with moving and there is a lot as you know. 


This is a blow your mind email and is just another in a long line of bliss, joy, happiness, courage, strength, perfection, power, love DMPs that have come to fruition through the Master Key Experience.

There will be many, many more to come and I hope if you are reading this that you’ll be one of them because I know you deserve to be deeply happy everyday of your life.

The joy I feel at being able to humbly serve the great beings that inhabit this planet is indescribable and I feel truly, truly blessed by God, or whatever you choose to call this marvelous Universal Energy, that helps me daily.

Lou Gehrig’s got nothing on me today!

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The Fab Davene

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  • Wonderful. Thank you for all you have done, do, and continue to do. Your courage and love is helping thousands, who in turn are helping thousands. Rippling around the world. Thank you Davene, Mark, Dayna and Trish for your vision and love.

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