May 23, 2013

http://thefabdavene.comI meditate Almost everyday.  It’s not always your typical meditation where I sit silently and try not to think.  Ohmmmmm, ohmmmmm, LOL

Sometimes I read or sometimes I just sit and look out my window at this amazing living jungle and a beautiful avocado tree with about 60 of the gorgeous fruit hanging off it and I think about what I love and focus on my Definite Major Purpose.

It’s what Joseph Campbell says, “just take that time a do whatever it is that you love to do.”  He goes on to say with great enthusiasm, “get it done”.  It doesn’t matter what you do with that time, I usually take 1 hour, but even just 15 minutes just for you, doing what you love.  Read, listen to music, dance, swim, draw, legos, it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is it’s what you love – what do you love?

Taking some time for yourself is crucial, every single day.  The Master Keys teaches us that. Over and Over and Over.  All the illuminated ones teach us that too.  Stop for a while and just be.  Why is it so difficult in this wacky western society that we live in.  Why is it some kind of sacrifice to take some time for yourself.  To make your self better so you can be better for others.

Well anyway we’re not gonna solve that one in a blog that’s for sure.  But I will continue to ask that question, make the suggestion and fight for people to take their well deserved, sacred time for themselves.

Go90Grow teaches this in the Think and Grow Rich Bonus Material.  I don’t know why we call it a bonus it’s really the heart of the Go90Grow course.  Without it you’re probably not going to be very successful – in anything.

All successful people have some kind of personal growth, self improvement that they rely on, and Go90Grow successes are no different.  They have the Think and Grow Rich growth model that Mark Januszewski created to rely on and it’s great!!!

The sad truth about Network Marketing is that so much of the leadership and so many of the companies are based in bullshit.  That’s right I said bullshit.

Most of these programs and leaders teach people to be pushy, aggressive, lying a-holes, yes they teach MLM reps to lie.  You can go to training websites today, right now, and they are teaching their reps to lie to prospects.  Jeezz, and I could send you to some sites right now, but I won’t,  if you ask me I’ll tell you.  Plus I’m not giving them a free backlink, no way, not for nothing.

They are always yelling, “we’re the best, our company is better, our products are better, our doctors can beat up your doctors”.   “Whateves” as my daughter Dayna would say.

That’s not what our industry is about.  It’s very sad to me.  Network Marketing Truth and Multi Level Marketing are really the last vestibule for free enterprise in this country.

And the people that are reps for these companies and leaders just look up and say, “well they’re successful, shouldn’t I listen to them?”  I assert to all of you who think that to look harder.

If you know the story of Walter Deming you’ll see this is the same thing.  I ask you before Deming approached the American car manufacturers where they

making alot of money.  You bet they were.  But who’s making all the car money now?   It’s NOT the American car makers it’s the Japanese car makers.  They listened to Deming, they realized that they were leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table.

I say that Network Marketing companies and leaders are the same as the American car makers, they don’t want to hear “there’s a better way, you an make more money if run your business with integrity and honor” but they think they know better and they leave millions on the table, spewing the same old, worn out crap.

They are wrong!   Go90Grow is right!!!  Build your network marketing business and your life with integrity.  Get all the free skills at

Aloha and Mahalo from Kauai



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  • LOVE IT!!!! and I love that you go into taking time for yourself. Often I feel I have to sit with my eyes closed seeing the universe as I want it, and while I think that is powerful I love sitting and seeing the world with all it’s beauty as it is and thinking about my life.

    THANK YOU for sharing today,

  • Beautiful, many good words of wisdom, I’m sure much is rubbing off on you from the king,
    Thanks queen Davene .

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