August 30, 2016

Tom Chenault

Tom Chenault has a pretty famous radio show in the MLM industry. He recently interviewed Best Selling Author Mark Januszewski.

Now a Best Selling Author Mark Januszewski is also the creator of the best online marketing course Go90Grow and the life changing 6 month experience “The Master Key Experience“.

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Here is the interview.

Best Selling Author Mark Januszewski
Mark’s new children’s book
Tom Schreiter loves Standing Tall
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter loves Standing Tall
Richard Bliss Brooke and Kimmy Brooke
A great day with Richard and Kimmy

Here are a few pretty impressive fans. ¬†Tom “Big Al” Schreiter led us to Richard Brooke and Tom Chenault. ¬†Good thing these people are wonderful. We are so glad to have been able to host them here on the beautiful island of Kauai
Mark’s new best selling book
Wally Famous Amos
Wally Amos spent the day!
Tom Chenault
A wonderful evening with Tom and Denice








Now that we call him¬†a best selling author¬†Mark Januszewski¬†I’m hoping that it will be easier¬†get the word out more.

It’s hard to get found on the internet and in the world.

There’s just so much noise but we persevere. Some of our members and big fans (we’re blessed) keep saying, “We’ve got to get this message to kids, get it in schools!” ¬†We agree.

Mark wrote Joey Stands Tall and we pray that it can be in the hands of children all over the world.

That it may change the future to one of gratitude, kindness, harmony and love. Yep World Peace that’s what I’m after.

Politicians you can trust, safe air and water and earth, spending on the welfare of people who need it, really need it. ¬†Taking care of our precious planet and our precious children. ¬†To quote a great man – “I have a dream” of a world that our future can be – get Joey and read it to all the children in your life. Get Joey Here¬†you can even get some free chapters is you want to try it out.

Do it now

Change the world 1 kid at a time.

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