January 26, 2011

We are always moving, not matter what you think.  Hopefully you don’t think your not moving.  The earth is spinning, as we all know, at a dizzying speed.  Everything is growing or dying.  Plants, birds, bugs, grass, without effort.  Stuff just comes to life and dies all around us all the time. It’s not hard to change, just look at the nature of it all around you.  The grass just grows with no effort and so can you.  Especially if you’re in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

You’re moving and changing, I’m moving and changing.  And here is the important part, if your not moving forward your going backwards.  There is no stagnation, stagnation is death.  Once there is death, that it it’s over.  You’re done.

Mark likes to quote Will Rogers all the time, “Even if your on the right track you’ll get hit by a train if you don’t keep moving”.

There is alot of change in life, life is constant change.  Think about it, who were you last week, last month, last year?  Someone totally different than the person you are now.  One day can completely change you.  Even all your cells are changed in about 11 months I told by the experts.  You’re a totally different person.  It’s constant change.

So answer me this please, why the hell is change so darn difficult for everyone.  Oh, there are those few, 5% probably, who embrace and love change, but for the most part humans abhor change.

Why?  I have no friggin idea, any suggestions would be welcome.

Technology and the MKMMA
Apollo 11 Master Key

So I know that there is alot of change with all the techno stuff that we’re doing in the MKMMA course but you gotta change anyway.  The whole world is changing toward technology.  It’s scary – what is the bullshit about there being more technology in my iphone than on the entire Apollo spaceship.  That nuts.  I was 5 when the Eagle landed on the moon, July 20th, 1969, how can that be possible.

Well it is.  Jump on this technology horse and thank God, or whoever you thank, and be kissing the ground your standing on grateful, that someone wants to teach it to you for free.

No I’m kidding you don’t have to kiss the ground.  But embrace this challenge, if it’s a challenge for you, and get excited about sharing these amazing ideas and being in service AND making some Change.

Blessings & Believe,

Davene J

Mrs. World’s Laziest Networker

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  • If we want things to change we have to realize that WE have to change. The MKMMA course is the best way to go. Baby Steps. It can and has repaired a lot of stinking thinking and when people wonder why they don’t have what they want in life the MKMMA can help them figure it out. Best course I’ve ever taken, it has totally transformed my way of thinking.

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  • I’m grateful, Davene. Thank you for your patience with all of us who are new to the technology you are teaching. I know my business and life will continue to thrive thanks to all the work you and Mark are doing with and for us.

  • Davene I really aapapreciate all of the changes that you and Mark have shown us. I will be forever greatful. I really liked you blog it makes us think again.

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