June 15, 2016


Doc The Dog Master Key Experience Countdown is OVER!


Doc The Dog a beautiful, amazing English Setter will be joining our family. ¬†Set’r Ridge’s Doc Halliday – that’s his official AKC name.

Doc won’t be our first setter. Meet Chief, Panama and Tommy the other 3 gorgeous dogs that Mark had from 2001 to 2012.

Tommy & Panama

The last of the 3, Tommy, passed away here on Kauai in 2011 ūüôĀ Tommy was a sweet, loving, lifelong puppy.

Why is getting another dog a Master Key Experience you may be asking. I would if I were you.

Well because these quietly magnificent animals taught me so much about becoming a self-directed person.  They all assisted me on my continuing journey of becoming self-realized.

In 1 sentence.

Someday I hope to become the person my dog thinks I am!

Listen to me people! I’m NOT a dog person. Actually I think they are disgusting, smelly pee and poo machines and I have NO idea why people what to live with them. Now before all you dog lovers get your undies in a bunch. ¬†I love dogs. ¬†I believe they are special, intuitive, amazingly, loving animals and I do understand why people live with them. ¬†All the unconditional love – it’s priceless. ¬†Plus I’m a Westminster junkie! Best In Show! Classic. I appreciate these honorable animals.

But still I don’t want to live with them. Ugggggg

My husband on the other hand, well there is no other way to say it. When he has a dog around he is just a better person. Don’t get me wrong, Mark is an amazing man! In so many ways but when he has a dog, or 3, he becomes more of “the person his dog thinks he is”.

Mark is a larger that life character, and a handful (as my friend Rene Pepe once said Рspot on Rene) an astonishing person, he is!!!  Most who know him agree, but that type of person lends itself to constant pressure.

Living this lifestyle is high risk, stressful, constant adventure and there is a just an emotional need that Mark gets met when there’s a dog in his life.

Now here is the kicker. I always believed that these magnificent dogs of Mark would make incredible therapy dogs. ¬†Man, talk about good temperament no dog has a better temperament than an English Setter – no matter the owner. ¬†Anyhoo I really wanted to invest in making, Chief especially, a therapy dog but the time investment wasn’t something I could do at that juncture in my life.

I decide OK we’ll get Doc. Then bam! ¬†Miracle alert! Doc is being trained, by a total amazing coincidence, to be a therapy dog. It just happened!!!
The Master Key Experience strikes again.

Now I acquiesce. We are getting ANOTHER English Setter. The Doc will be in the house. Bring on the miracles.

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