December 20, 2014

Many emails have come in this week from the Master Key Mastermind Members that usually start about this time, Week 11 – Week 16 or 17. These emails usually start coming this time and the come for a reason.
The rubber starts hitting the road in this portion of the MKMMA course, beginning of the 2nd trimester of the course, members will usually either “break thru” or they start to break. In either case it’s a huge victory!!!

The above mentioned emails will contain information like; I couldn’t blog or I missed the webinar this week because I got so sick, I have hives, laryngitis, my back went out, twisted my knee, unexpected oral surgery, fill in the blank. I could go on and on. I love these emails.

Why you ask?

It means that something is happening. It means that all the work and hard mental labor that these amazing, resilient people are doing is effecting something in their lives.

Some believe that ones’ old blueprint fights back only on a mental, emotional or spiritual level but they would be wrong. The old blueprint, or in other words the peptides one is addicted to, will fight back on ALL levels including physical.

Once we all admit that we ARE addicts, deeply addicted to something, it doesn’t matter what, then the healing and changing can begin.

It can’t be stated more strongly, WE ARE ALL ADDICTS. You don’t believe me I know but it’s true. It maybe be anger, sadness, being a victim, shame, why me, why not me, loneliness, being a total self righteous jerk, being late, feeling like a loser whatever that we are addicted to. But it’s something. And it doesn’t really matter what.

It’s something I guarantee, we are all addicts and we will all create the circumstances to reinforce and feed those addicted peptides because your subconscious mind believes what it has been told for the last 10, 20, 30, 40 or more year.

Somehow (there are a gazillion ways, parents, family, teachers, institutions, friends, not friends, tv, the list is endless) we were convinced that one, or one not mentioned, of the above beliefs is in our subconscious about us.

http://mkmmacourse.comAs an aside the most widely read self discovery book of our generation “Think And Grow Rich” states unequivocally, “The reason most people fail is because they listen to well meaning friends and family.” I KNOW RIGHT!

And until and unless we change our thoughts, through hard mental labor, nothing in our lives will ever change. NOTHING.

It won’t matter how many seminars, books, lecture, courses, gurus, etc., etc., you do – it won’t even matter if you walk across hot coals – our life will NOT change until our thoughts change. There is no way to change thoughts except through hard mental labor! HARD MENTAL LABOR.

Sadly most won’t do the work 🙁

But I don’t want to talk about them – we, the MKMMA, are blessed with an astounding group of people who will, and are, doing the work and some of those are the ones sending me those emails. And I want them all to know that it’s great! It’s a great thing! It means that they are winning! Their new realty, ‘the new you’ is emerging through the cement.

The amazing future self is being honored. They know what I mean. Did you really think it was going to be easy to knock of all that cement? LOL

I am just letting the world, or whoever sees this, how much I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Mahalo from all of my heart!!!

You’re the greatest!!!

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The Fab Davene

President and CEO of Training Solutions, LLC Davene has successfully run this lucrative training company for over 20 years. Subscribe for the 7-Day Mental Diet and get started on your new life.

  • I cry reading this, Davene, tears of joy because I see transformations in the lives of so many in the course, and tears of sadness for those who refuse the Call to Adventure of their Hero’s Journey and invite themselves to come back next year. Grateful, profoundly so, for you and Mark and the Master Keys! Mahalo Mucho!

  • WOW I loved reading this post n I’m about to read more of your posts n pages etc it’s like a stalking lol
    happy 2015 may the MKMMA force be with us all

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