September 3, 2014

Just created this new Opt In Campaign The 7 Day Mental Diet based on Emmet Fox’s great work.

My friend and a member of our Master Keys Mastermind Alliance course Marea Adejuwon gave me this great idea, so I did it.

If you opt in on my list you get this great Solution to Everything.  Most people are too busy to take the time to read 4 pages that will change their lives forever, but some of them will do it.

A a great part is the campaign is on 5 emails – Everyone know we all get to many emails.

I’m just back to blogging after a long, long time and we are launching Master Key Mastermind Alliance course again soon so I’m getting back in the blog saddle.

We had a very eventful summer so blogging was not at the top of the list.

We had a grand daughter the same weekend of the Go90Grow Live Event here is Kauai, that was actually kind of cool that it happened then.  Little Soul is now 4 months old it’s hard to believe.

All my dreams are coming true and a little native hawaiian grand baby was one of those dreams.  I get to take care of the angel Soul every Sunday & Monday for now.

This is because of the principles laid out in The 7-Day Mental Diet and the Master Keys.


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The Fab Davene

President and CEO of Training Solutions, LLC Davene has successfully run this lucrative training company for over 20 years. Subscribe for the 7-Day Mental Diet and get started on your new life.

  • Mark and Davene,

    I just recently completed the Go90Grow event and excited to get the opportunity to continue my growth and development as a professional networker. I am biting at the bit’s waiting to see if I am selected to become part of the Master Mind Alliance course. I am putting to use the skills that was presented in the Go90Grow and already see the fruits from the skills taught. I look forward to continuing developing my skills under your guidance. I would highly recommend your programs to anyone who is ready to make the move and commitment to the next level in the network marketing industry.

    Thank you in advance Mark and Davene,

    Carl Fletcher

  • […] awesome giveaway of the 7 Day Mental Diet just as thanks (based on a mastermind discussion with the Fabulous Davene). […]

  • I loved masterminding with you Davene! The MKMMA Course had this amazing digital connections segment, and I learned SOOOOOO much about blogging and opt in pops. I worked on my own for the Mental Diet, and I’m proud to say I almost have it figured out. Thanks for your help and support!

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