September 20, 2014

We are about to close the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship process for the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Experience.

I keep telling everyone and I keep typing on my posts and ads that this will Transform Your Life. It’s shocking to me how many people ignore this opportunity to completely change their lives into EXACTLY what they desire and dream for.

Like I did! Myself and my wonderful husband Mark Januszewski transformed our lives into what we dreamed for and desired. We are living our dreams in Kauai, Hawaii and most of our family is here with us.

Our 3 daughters Chelsea, Dayna and Jackie. Now a new grand daughter Soul. And Dayna got married here in Kauai to the wonderful Jason Merry.

We have a thriving successful business and have the opportunity to be in service 24/7 to anyone and everyone.

So why do people decline?

If I had the answer I’m sure I wouldn’t have time to write this blog because I would have 10s of 1000s of applications to process.

Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of applications, we’re full very soon. My question is for a course that is ubiquitous and is the answer to most people’s prayers (how do I achieve joy, happiness, bliss, my deepest desires?) why is not everyone wanting to get it? Let me know if you have the answer. I’d love to know.

Here is a short video with lots of Master Key Mastermind Alumni who have Transformed Their Lifes’ and are making their dreams come true.

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