August 31, 2018

Here is my question?

Part of my responsibility as one of the facilitator of the Master Key Experience, is to teach people the fine art of blogging and my assertion today is when it comes to blogging are we concerned about the highest good of all concerned.

I ask this question, are we concerned about the highest good of all concerned? I ask this for a very important reason.

Blogging and Bloggers offer a terrific avenue for delivering value to a global audience. They can provide a hub for useful information, tutorials, experts sharing content and constructing resources that help individuals that are looking for useful information. Everyone knows that. We are all experts at finding quality resources on the web that deliver real value, thanks in large part to Google. Even if they are taking over the world.  It’s good right?

While there are clearly an endless drove of blogs out there being started on a daily basis, most people who start a blog don’t actually follow through with it. THis may be a good thing as we don’t know yet if our new blogger is concerned about the highest good of all concerned.

Success in the blogging field requires consistency. And it requires the delivery of valuable content that in ongoing and that readers can count on. But imagine if you will if all bloggers were concerned about the highest good of all concerned.  Can you imagine that world of the internet.  I sure can.

This is what I want to share with you

Nancy Ottinger

If you are going to blog to share good information and accumulate subscribers you are going to have to be similar to a great magazine, a lauded newspaper or any other types of media outlet, you have to keep the content machine churning if you want to thrive.  When I share my scant knowledge about blogging there is always the hope that the ones listening will always be concerned about the highest good of all concerned.  I truly believe they are and so I wish to share a beautiful blog from one of those honored members of the Master Key Experience, Master Certified Guide Nancy Ottinger. Nancy shares so honestly and deeply that I am certain her intention is the highest good of all concerned.

Not everyone gets it. Most that decide to join the fray are enticed by the hype of internet marketers, promising them the sun, moon and the stars, with the ability to earn thousands of dollars per day, virtually overnight, on autopilot.  My hope is they will see this blog, or hear the message somewhere else and it will sink in immediately.  When you’re about to this the Publish button, please dear blogger, ask yourself this will this serve the highest good of all concerned?

Aloha & Mahalo from The Fabulous Davene

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  • Thank you for the reminder – I am a believer in the highest good for all concerned (otherwise known to me as paragraph 5) Thank you for the light you shine 🙂

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