July 30, 2015

Years ago I did this weekend retreat called A Cursillo.  Here is a description:

The Cursillo weekend is an invitation for you to experience the love of Jesus Christ on a personal level and to bring this love and joy into your daily life.

I gotta say for that time in my life I felt very loved.  The people who run the Cursillo encourage your family, friends and even strangers to write you notes and letters and give you little gifts whatever they want to show how you are loved.

There are other things that people will do like fast or give something up (sacrifice) for the time you are at Cursillo to honor what you are doing.  While I was there my sister put a pebble in her shoe to remind her to pray for me and send me love and strength.  My sister sacrificed comfort to be of service to me.

This got me thinking about a challenge that we have with people who decide to take the giant leap into the Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience.  Now lots of people take the course and experience real life changing stuff so it’s important that we give them all the help we can.

Sacrifice is a big part of what we teach members in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course and the other day I was reminded of the pebble in my shoe thing.

seaturtleWe were standing on the rocks watching the sea turtles in Poipu and a tiny rock slipped into my shoe and I walked with that pebble till I got to the car.

The led me to thinking about sacrifice and service and our members.  See we have these Certified Guides that are there to help our members through the course.  Yes, we offer this amazing one on one support.  So I am working out ways to assist the Certified Guides in helping our members make it through the entire course and making their lives better.

When we think about becoming better, and part of becoming better is giving up the things that are in our way, we have to include sacrifice.  Sacrifice in other words means giving up or overcoming whatever is in your way of achieving the life you want.

This is a struggle for most people.  If they can even think of what it is they want their life to be in the first place then they can try and figure out what is getting in the way of achieving that life.

So I have a suggestion.

pebbleinshoeIf your life is not what you want it to be e.g. are you happy, do you know your unique talents, do you experience bliss?  Are you happy in your job, your relationships, your living situation, with your family, with your friends.  Do you feel whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy?  If you don’t then put a pebble in your shoe.  Walk around with that in your shoe all day and try and figure out what it is that you must give up or overcome to achieve a blissful life.

This is just an experiment that I’m trying out so go ahead and do it and let me know what happens.

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance changes lives and it can change yours too.  Check it out at mkmmacourse.com

Aloha & Mahalo from beautiful Kauai

The Fab Davene


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  • Yes, it is also a challenge for me to identify and decide about what I want to sacrifice each time I update my Definite Major Purpose! I noticed that whatever the sacrifice, it is always something which keeps me in my comfort zone, so I love the idea of the pebble in the shoe, just to think of it makes me already uncomfortable! Thank you for sharing this idea!

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