September 5, 2018

We call it The 7 Day Mental Diet

This life,” wrote the French poet Charles Baudelaire more than a century ago, “is a hospital where each patient is possessed with the desire to change his bed.” Unfortunately, there was no “How to Change Your Bed in Seven Days!” poem that followed. Today we still yearn for better bodies or relationships, jobs or houses.

We crave money, security, health, fulfillment, peace of mind, success, adventure or that most slippery commodity, happiness. Ya, yes here is one of my good buddies Jennifer and how she found her happiness.

The hunger for change is nothing new, but nowadays some consider these not idle longings but a birthright. We feel entitled to make the changes that fit our dreams and aspirations.  If we still have them in our consciousness. That right to change, to be the author of one’s own life. It’s really about liberty, autonomy, true health, spiritual growth, helping others, legacy and recognition. It’s about meeting those needs.  Needs all humans share.  How to change your bed in seven days or as we call it The 7 Day Mental Diet can be the beginning of our journey to possess what you desire.

But here’s the rub: (where does that colloquialism originate from) we’re often so flummoxed as to how to go about changing that we doubt we’re up to it or whether it’s even possible. I don’t know about my beloved reader, but I certainly didn’t get good directions on that front.

A Harvard study identified what psychologists named the “end-of-history illusion”. Drawing from more than 19,000 people aged between 18 and 68, it showed that the large majority, regardless of age, believed they’d changed substantially in the past but anticipated little personal change in the future.

One of the reasons for this could be from another study that was conducted on 1000s of volunteers who all took what is called a fMRI – Standing for functional MRI and when these volunteers were asked how they felt about strangers certain areas of their brain would light up, right normal.  Now here is the real rub… when these same people were asked to think about their future selves, drumroll please, the SAME areas of their brains light up! What…! Yep that’s correct humans think of their future selves as total strangers! Your tomorrow self to your is noone you know are interested in, want to help, nothing.  As such we treat the future self with zero regard, does the word procrastination strike a familiar note?

This extraordinary blind spot, so the study argued, may be down to the fact that the cognitive processes involved in reconstructing an old story are simply less taxing on the mind than those required to build a new one. Huh.

This implication – that we’re better at changing than we are at imagining it – led the Harvard team to warn of the practical fallout: how overestimating the stability of today can hamper the decisions we make about tomorrow.

The desire for change is nothing new, but nowadays we consider choice a prerogative

Of course the flip side to all this – and the irony – ‘I love irony’ my husband would say – is that everything and everyone changes all the time.

The good news is we’re better at changing than we think. Indeed, for most of us it’s hardwired into our very biology. Your brain has the ability to change – plasticity it’s called.  You have the innate ability to rewire your brain in any way you wish and as a result rewire your life any way you wish.

Simple right? How to change your bed in seven days is easy, not easy but extraordinarily simple.  What one must do is get started and have a supportive mastermind to initiate the changing of your bed/mind in just seven days and I have the answer.  Join the 1000s who have accomplished this already and get started with the How to change your bed in seven days FREE report. Just be sure you subscribe today.

Let’s get this done!

I’m here to help,


The Fab Davene

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  • Wow, started at the beginning of the week with the 7 day mental diet…

    It’s the toughest diet I’ve been on and I’m a positive guy… loving it

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