June 25, 2013

How can I make such a statement!

I’m telling you I know how to do it!

Here’s the thing, my husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker created a version of Think and Grow Rich just for people involved in Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing or Home Based Business – whatever you call it.

Well I took his course, sort of a guinea pig, and I did what he told me to do.

I didn’t decide which was the best way for me to do it, I just did what I was told.  I don’t do that very often.

You see I was your typical MLMer, I didn’t want to follow rules or take suggestions because I think I’m smarter that everyone else.  Like a lot of MLMers I know.

There are the types that say my husband is wrong, that he calls himself The World’s Laziest Networker and says that MLM is NOT a numbers game.  Oh that horrible, telling people the truth.  IT’S NOT A NUMBERS GAME.

Hey if they want to recruit tons and tons of people, like some MLMer who recruits 10o’s of people, well that’s great but guess what!!!   The everyday MLMer can’t do that!!!

Most of us can’t possible recruit that many people AND if we did there is no way we could do justice to all those people and be of service to them and truly help them build their business.

Ya, if you want to do it that way go ahead, but don’t tell everyone who doesn’t do it that way that they are wrong.  Because we’re NOT wrong – the proof is in the print out people.  Just take a little closer look and see who if they are building leaders, not 1 or 2 people who are hitting it 14 hours a day, but real leaders that are helping their people build REAL teams.  It doesn’t take that close of a look believe me.

So back to business, so I do the course my brilliant husband created.  And here we are 3 years later, on June 30th, and I’m living my dream.


First moved to Kauai, I live in paradise, my paradise!  Mark, Me and my Mother in law – if you saw my life 3 years ago you’d have said that there was NO WAY we were moving to Kauai.  And 2 years earlier that I expected.

IMG_6752Then daughter number 1 Chelsea shows up with Tommy (Mark’s very sweet and beloved English Setter)

Chelsea is now the GM of Papayas, the largest non franchise store on the island!   She’s amazing, so passionate about providing safe, healthy, organic food to the people of Kauai!  I could write an entire blog about this amazing kid.

Then daughter number 2 shows up, Jackie my youngest.  She hits the ground running and is now the GM of Heart Flame Bakery, the biggest vegan, gluten free bakery on Kauai.  Holy wow what’s going on.

IMG_0212Now yesterday June 24, 2013 daughter number 3, my older daughter Dayna and her intended Jason are here!  The best part for me was the hug my daughters gave each other when the came together after not seeing each other for a year.  Ah, so sweet for Mommy.

I can’t wait to see what Dayna and Jason accomplish!

I dreamed of having Go90Grow members here in Kauai for  Live Event.  I dreamed that the kids would be involved and help us serve our members, ANOTHER DREAM CAME TRUE!!!  I didn’t even realize it until it happened – I see both girls there helping our members being of service to us and them, and it hit me right in the moment, I lost it right there in the meeting room a few minutes before the meeting started, oh my goodness it’s sweet to make your dreams come true.  Here’s a place when the word AWESOME is appropriate.  It was!

Go90Grow Network Marketing SkillsThe first Go90Grow Live Event was a smashing success, best of all many of the people who attended are growing.   Their businesses are growing and the lives are getting better and better because they were here.  A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME.



IMG_0047We’re here in paradise all the girls are here – now for Derek and his 3 amazing kids.  They’re next on my list!

So I’m telling you right now that Mark is RIGHT – this course gets it done.  There are 2 days left to change your life forever.  Get Go90Grow today!




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  • I started G90G last time around but got behind because of everything else I was trying to do. However, I learned some great things and have decided to do it 100% this time around. I’m excited about seeing my business EXPLODE!!!

  • WOW, you truly inspired me Fab Davene to press on to my dreams like never before! They truly can be realized and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. I needed to hear this today….and to continue to be encouraged about my dreams. I never really had BIG dreams until I entered into the T&GR along with the Amazing Qivana Company…..you, Mark J. and so, so many others have really encouraged me to MOVE ON to realize my DREAM and keep my VISION/BURNING DESIRE before me and NEVER, NEVER let it go!

  • Well, thanks for getting water in my eyes with this one!! Wonderful, powerful from the heart post. Have an incredible Week (I know you will)

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