January 18, 2011


Last week I spent hours trying to figure out who was out and who was in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Class.  Then I realized that I am 2 weeks behind on my blog!!!  Holy double standard Batman.   Although I am sitting here in paradise behind my laptop appreciation and gratitude are running thin.

There are now 5 people living here, 4 women, a man and a dog.  As a result my brain is completely scattered.  Being pulled in 6 directions at a time minimum.  Although I have to tell you some of that is my own fault.  If someone is in need I am the first to jump.  So I cause alot of my own interruptions.   And now I’ve been trying to write this blog for 3 hours!  And on top of everything I had to watch the *&$%# Patriots lose to the New York F’ing Jets AND miss the Golden Globes!!  The Golden Globes are the Oscar playoffs so 2 huge playoff disappointments… Whoa is me…but I’m telling your right now I WILL be missing the February 27th call I just telling you right now!

Haven’t lived with this many people since I was a kid, there were 10 of us in the house, 2 cats and a dog.  Good, Irish, Catholic family.  My mom had a full time job as an RN – how the hell did she do it, my Dad was no help at all.  Just more work actually.  When I think of my mom and the crazy, nuts, busy life she had I feel like such an ungrateful whiner.  So I’m going to think of her more, as a good example to me.  We lost that wonderful woman when I was 28 and she was 56.  I was a young mother and I really missed her, so I’m think maybe I won’t work so hard….  🙁

Anyway living with all of these women you’d think Mark would be the one having a hard time – but Noooooo – we’re ready to kill each other sometimes, meow cat fight – and he’s having a ball.  Mark loves it.  Not that we are not exactly harmonious, he is just loving the whole experience of a multi-generational home.  He’s so grateful and doesn’t beef with any of us, he has true serenity, sometimes I want to give him a slap and say how the F are you dealing with this so well.  He has embraced the role of head of the household and it’s fantastic to watch, this is a spiritually grounded man. I’m telling you right now, do whatever Mark tells you to.  With network marketing skills, with Master Key stuff whatever don’t question it, just do it.  Nike again!  He right!

Back on point, maybe, Mark and I learned in a class we took one time that 1 interruption causes at least 15 minute of time lost.  So you’re sitting there working, minding your own business, you’re in the flow, all is going well then someone comes up and starts talking to you or the phone rings or you are the only person who know where someone’s headset is or whatever.  Now for you to take care of whatever the interruption is and then get back in your flow takes at least 15 minutes.  For me it’s more like 1 hour.  Again alot of them are my own fault.  And to make my point it is now 4:11 PM, HST and I have gotten NOTHING done.

Are you getting the feeling that I am creating a very nice, little excuse for being behind on my blogs.  If so I am very proud of you because I am.  We’re you buying it up till now?  LOL.

There is no excuse for me not being up to date on my blog and I apoligize to you all, even thought noone seems to be reading my blog.  🙁

Still I am sorry, we’re requiring you to do this work and there is NO reason for me not to be doing the work too.  So I am doing it.

Blessings & Believe,


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  • I read you Davene! I love your blog!

    Sometimes we do create our own interruptions…need to teach others how to be self-sufficient but it doesn’t always work. We have 2 back scratchers in the house but hubby prefers my nails LOL and can never get his suspenders on by himself, the belt through the back loops, etc. But it makes me feel needed and loved 🙂

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  • I read your blog, and love your expressiveness. but sometimes I don’t say anything. I feel the same way, that no one reads mine. The past few weeks I have chalked it up to the fact that they were being transferred over and even found myself looking at old ones. With the work that Jim and Chuck have done, we should be all up to speed now with no excuses.

  • Hi Davene,
    I enjoy reading your blogs as well. I have a different set of circumstances that has me behind on my blogs too. I’ve not wanted to write about it to sound like I am making excuses, but there have been enough events happening in my life that I find it difficult to breathe. I don’t know if there is anything more crippling than lack of money. Could be the constant pain or the homelessness, but I think it’s more the fact that I have been struggling to find that glimmer of hope to keep it going. I do want to catch up in this course. I have once again found a place with a roof over my head and have internet again…so if there’s a way you and Mark could give me a couple days to catch up…I will. I have a surgery scheduled in a couple weeks so I am hoping that will resolve the pain issue and while I am laying around recovering…I should have lots of time to get my network marketing business to a point of paying off my bills and bringing me back on track with my dreams. Been overwhelmed and under nourished (spiritually, I guess).

    Thanks to all you two are doing. I know your big launch will be successful and that you guys are providing the tools that will make others lives work for them…it’s up to them to apply it. I realize that for myself as well.

    Take care,

  • In one blog you have summarized my daily existence these past two weeks! It must be ingrained in moms….we HAVE to help. I don’t have all the extra people living here but my kids are my life and when they call, I answer. I was able to spend a few days with both my daughters in San Diego and even though the week was filled with business, it was one of those treasured memories.
    This is the first time I’ve been behind on my blog and your blog is the first I’ve commented on in a couple of weeks……apparently I am truly a person of habit though because someone actually thought I had dropped out of the class since I hadn’t written a blog or made a comment!! Well I’m back! And now onto my own blog……..

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