July 3, 2014

I looked up the word “better” in the Thesaurus on my computer.  Here is the first line under the adjective good, which is the first synonym of better.  So I could write a blog about “Make Yourself Better” and I was looking for a better way to say better.  😉 I love irony.

Fine, superior, quality; excellent, superb, outstanding, magnificent, exceptional, marvelous, wonderful, first-rate, first-class, sterling; satisfactory, acceptable, not bad, all right; informal great, OK, A1, jake, hunky-dory, ace, terrific, fantastic, fabulous, fab, top-notch, blue-chip, blue-ribbon, bang-up, killer, class, awesome, wicked; smashing, brilliant.

Dictionaries and Thesaurus are crappy from my experience.  Fine – really, Fine is first and smashing and brilliant are last.  WTF is this world about.  Fine is first!!!

I find it shocking that fabulous or top-notch are not first.  Don’t you?

In looking for a better way, well not better but a way that has less hits on google, a better way to say “Make Yourself Better” I decided to Thesaurus that thing and these are the dismal results.  Fine is first.

What did Donald Sutherland say about FINE in the movie “The Italian Job”:

F – Freaked-Out

I – Insecure

N – Neutoric

E – Emotional

Yep, that is what is going on with most people who say they are “fine”.

My take is that you’re not fine you are bang-up, you’re killer, you’re AWESOME!!  Do you believe that?

Can you look yourself right in the eye, while looking in the mirror and say, loud and proud, I AM FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC, HUNKY-DORY (ya sorry about that one, but it’s cute try it).  Can you stare into your own eyes and say, “I’m all that AND a bag of chips?”  Can you even just stare into your own eyes?

I’m guessing no you can’t, at least you can’t comfortably.  If you stare into someone else’s eyes for more that a few seconds you’ll get uncomfortable, even someone you know and love dearly.

Mark and I, well actually just Mark, did this exercise at the recent Go90Grow Live Event here in Kauai where the participants looked into each others eyes which holding onto each others DMPs – or Definite Major Purposes that were written out, and the crying started almost immediately.  I applaud the first few cryers!!!

Have you ever tried for even thought about why you can’t do that without some kind of strong emotional response?

Your life is never going to be what you want it to be unless you start asking yourself some of these hard questions.

It’s easy to be broke, stressed, tired, fed up!  Yes, that easy compared to starting in the mirror and loving yourself.  Go ahead try it and let me know how it goes.

I read this today, “The philosophy of education is that not matter what happens, something in you has to change.   If you have been changed by contact with another person, that has taught you something.”

This is what we are trying to do with our courses Go90Grow for MLMers and The Master Key Mastermind Experience for everyone else.http://go90grow.com

http://mkmmacourse.comIf you want things to change in your life you have to change your mind FIRST.  Let’s change your mind.  Here is a link to all the blogs from the last The Master Key Mastermind Experience Course that we ran.

I challenge you to read these and not be compelled to find out more.  Start in the first weeks of these blogs and see that change that occur over time.  I guarantee all these people can look in the mirror and very happily and comfortably say, “I love you!”

Mahalo & Aloha from Kauai,

The Fabulous Davene

Mark & Davene Januszewski
Mark & Davene Januszewski

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