October 7, 2016

The Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Digital Connections Week 2

We’re in Week 2 already? That was fast! The Master Key Experience Digital Connections Week 2 is when the sort of techno portion of the course starts.

The Master Key Experience is the incredible 26 week course that you’ve heard about online.  One of the big parts of the course is the Digital Connections portion and that starts this week.

We have a hand selected team for “Digital Connection”s and they are incredibly dedicated to the DC Course and the members success. The Master Key Experience


They work tirelessly for 26 weeks to make sure that everyone who want to can create a blog AND if they are interested in starting a, what they call “hosted site”, for their business or to build a list any member has that option. A hosted site is a paid for website that one can use for business and/or profit.

The Digital Divas, and the Dude, do so much, they answer hundreds of questions, create blogs, support people and help them figure out what they want in a website, create super helpful tutorials, monitor members progress and so much much more!  We are so blessed to have this team of truly in service pros!

So one of the requirements for members to maintain their “Pay-It-Forward scholarships” is to blog once a week about their Master Key Experience. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but we do get resistance once in a while but for the most part members realize the value of sharing in written form what’s been happening for them.

And for many of the members blogging is a completely new confusing experience. Totally get that, and we’ve seen it for years now once they get the hang of it they love that they learned this new skill. The blog writing becomes a cathartic, un-replaceable gift.

For our part well it’s a great resource for the guides and staff to see how it’s going for people, keeping them on track and most importantly keeping them in the course.

Yes, keeping them in the course, it’s our job to keep them in the course until they see the light! Now since were in The Master Key Experience Digital Connections Week 2 we are ready to take on the challenge!

Some see it right away but others need time and we know. We know that we know that we know AMAZING, Astonishing, Fantastic epiphanies, miracles, events, connections, changes, life altering things are going to happen for them. We gotta keep em in and we’ll do whatever we have to to achieve that end.

So the blog helps keep members on track among so many other beneies. That’s why we provide this super valuable The Master Key Experience Digital Connections portion of the course. And we are happy to do it!

Love You ALL! 😀

The Master Key Experience

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