March 20, 2016

philosophersSo while getting into the study of some present day philosophers earlier this week, Week 24 of the Master Key Experience, an idea to write a blog about Junk Food Junk Thoughts appeared.

Then while going thru email this quote showed up from the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

“The mind never becomes tired, but sometimes it becomes bored with the “food” it gets.”

It’s a sign to write the blog!

So, yes, struggling with Junk Food has been a lifelong addiciton.  It’s been a long, long time fight.  Being an addiction the only recourse is to change my thoughts about it.  Don’t think STAY AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD, or THIS IS SO BAD FOR YOU but instead think HEALTH and INCREASE HEALTH.

Then the thought came oooooohhhhh I can do the same with Junk Thoughts.  Stop trying to push them out and instead replace them with all the tools I have from the Master Key Experience.  The Law of Substitution, The Law of Dual Thought, The Law of Growth.  You can learn all about these by opting in for the “7-Day Mental Diet” over there on the right.

Gratitude is the thrust of my life today and “I’m lovin’ it Jerry!”

So I’m doing that again this year thru the Master Key Experience with the members and they are having wonderful results this year too in the course.

It’s so exciting to be a person who is trying everyday to make the world a better place!

Mahalo & Aloha,


Davene 2016

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  • Junk food and diet can be difficult. (First part of diet is “die” – not a good thought). From my DMP: I enjoy exercising 15 minutes a day, eliminating unnecessary foods and making healthy eating choices.Thanks to the MasterKey Experience, you, Mark, and the team. Really enjoyed this post.

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