January 30, 2011

Just a heads up about what you’ve gotten yourselves into.  Read this very carefully it’s important.

We received this email from Lisa Anderson:

Hey Mark……found this picture when I was proving to Chuck that I had met you in DC…..not sure who the rest of the people are but I know that’s Artie Leonard on the left. Looking forward to meeting again in Kauai! Lisa

And here is the picture – not sure why she had to prove this to her husband, doghouse Chuck, and he didn’t just take her work for it, but I do understand the principle.  People just love what Mark does, they are so impressed by him especially when he trains them, or when he starts working with them, or when the meet him at events.  He’s an impressive guy.

The World's Laziest Networker Mark Januszewski
Nice Picture

It got me to thinking about what we are doing here with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Now I know that this task, maybe, seems a little daunting right now but I know, that I know, that I know that we can do it.

We are such a GREAT bunch of people and without a doubt my husband, Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker, can create such amazing material that we have a home run on our hands!

For those of you who know Mark and his work or have seen him on stage you know he is THE BEST “entertrainer” on the planet.

For those of you who don’t know I’m going to tell you.

Here’s a snapshot of what happens when Mark speaks at an event or does any kind of training at all.  Once he is done and goes back stage or off stage he is immediately surrounded and people who just gush compliments and praise and thanks all over him.  If it’s a small event lets say 200 or less we spend the next 4 hours taking one person after the other who want a piece of Markie.  Usually these lovely folks wait in line, can you imagine waiting a couple of hours in line to talk to someone?  I’ve never done that.  Maybe I should.

If it’s a big event like a convention or something this is a nightmare for me.  We can’t even get more that a few feet down a hallway before someone is stopping us, more compliments, questions, thank you’s, then another line forms.  I am not kidding!  And usually we are all dressed up and I’m in heels!  Like Ginger Rogers said, she had to do everything Fred Astaire did except backwards and in high heels.

No I kidding, I love this attention lavished on my wonderful husband.  He deserves it.  I really do love that part.  It’s so much fun to be famous is a small time and place.  What a great feeling when I would hear people whispering to each other about how great Mark is, and how they can’t wait to meet him and talk to him, that was blissful.  Then he’d tell people that I am the “brains”.  Don’t you believe it, he’s a genius, you have a genius working for you!  Do you realize that?

What I am trying to get across with my little story here is that Mark is the best at what he does and between our efforts in building lists and learning how to be better networkers with Network Marketing Skills and Mark,  The World’s Laziest Networker creating this amazing product the sky is the limit for us, for all of us!

We are going to knock it out of the park!

Mark loves sports analogies.

Blessings and Believe,


Mrs. World’s Laziest Networker

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The Fab Davene

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  • Hi Davene,

    Loved the story you wove around Lisa’s picture from the past. (Hope that got Chuck off her back).

    I, too, think that endless waiting for the ‘star hubby’ would get old especially with heels on.

    Tell Mark if he wants to hit a home run later at home, to figure out how to do some crowd control so you two can get outta there in a reasonable length of time.

    Take care,

  • Davene, I couldn’t agree more with your comments! The picture was taken the night of the first day I met Mark…..I didn’t have a clue who he was, other than someone in John’s circle of friends and successful business partners. Had I known he was such a “star”, I would probably have gotten tongue tied and all nervous. (so I’m glad I didn’t know). The next morning I got a first hand look at how passionate he is! He did a small training for a few of us local DC people at the time…..He did that “dropping of something on the floor” move and I was hooked. I remember thinking, “this guy is good!” If I had known what I know today about him, I’d have tried to pick his brain a lot more that weekend! The things I remember most though, are how unpretentious, down to earth and sincere he was!
    You’re both doing a dynamite job with our class and I feel blessed to be a part of this journey. I really do look forward to “doghouse” Chuck and I making that trip to Kauai.

  • Great blog Davene, that really does give us all an insight of what Mark is really like. I have enjoyed this trip all along the way. By the way take a pair of tennis shoes with you to meetings we will all understand. Heels are for the birds they are so uncomfortable.

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