December 13, 2014

While reading Luc Griffet’s awesome MKMMA Week 11 blog post this movie clip popped into my mind.

One of the major themes of the Week 11 section is Persistence.  Mark and Trish wrote a brilliant webcast last week about how all the MKMMA members have already developed the amazing gift of Persistence.  They didn’t even know they were doing it!

It’s so awesome to tell them all what the have already accomplished in just 1o short weeks.  A new life.

Then, as usual with me, anger and resentment set in, it makes me sad too, but real anger wells up when thinking about all those A$&h0L3s out there telling people to be persistent.  Man do I get mad at gurus!!!

I want to punch them in the face for being so selfish and just wanting to sell crap to people by touting bullshit like telling folks to persist without out telling what to persist at!  Right! common sense not so common.

OK so anyway, (restart the Mental Diet, again) I thought about this clip from the movie Lincoln which is a great movie that was based on only 5 pages of the great Doris Kerns book “Team of Rivals“.

So watch this and you’ll understand what Luc meant and what I agree with.  Persistence is useless if you are not conscious of what you are persisting at, right!?

Persist at truths.  If you don’t know the truth then be quiet and listen and you’ll hear it.

You know, you’re just to busy with self centered crap.  Swamps, deserts and chasms like iphones, tablets, facebook, instagram, TV, movies, bullshit drama and chaos, that if you think about it you probably created, going to concerts, out drinking & partying, depression or some other time waster that you created in your life in the first place.

Find out what your true North really is.  If you just put that friggin phone down, sit quietly and still for a few minutes with your eyes closed you’ll be surprised at what you’ll hear.

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