February 26, 2011

My husband says I tend to be hard on people in general but soft on those around me that I love. Which I think is true, I do have “knee jerk reactions” to things I think are stupid. (Why does he have to be right about everything, it’s annoying sometimes) Like the way America votes on American Idol for example. Really Jennifer Hudson doesn’t win. Really! How stupid is America, well I better not go there that’s a long list.

See, that is what he means, I am so hard on the entire country but then let my kids get away with murder.

Well the other thing I am hard on is me. But it’s kind of funny because I slack on the stuff that is the most important and get done all the periphal things that are not “income producing or impact activities”. I look really busy and prodcutive most of the time. Do you know what I mean? Ya you do. I know you do. Being human is NOT easy.

I procrastinate on the really important things to do the not so important things. I tell myself these have to be done too. But why do I do them before the IC/IA stuff. Seems I’m stupid, just like America. No kidding, America is way stupider than me. LOL

The fact that I realize this is a miracle. That I am not doing the impact stuff AND that I am not kicking the shit out of myself is a miracle. Not only am I not kicking the shit out of myself I am actually writing, in print, for all to see that I am not doing the impact stuff first and all the time. HAH!! Miracle! Awareness is 80% the rest is work. I’m good – Everyday and in every way I’m getting better and better.

It’s easy to see miracles everyday here in Kauai, everywhere you look is a postcard and well, look who I live with. Mark is a walking talking miracle. So the miracles are abundant. It’s easy for me to see miracles around me, I didn’t murder the dog yesterday or my mother-in-law (she’s not one of the people around me that I’m easy on, workin’ on it), that’s a miracle.

My little mean girl daughter was nice today, and it was about her sister. THAT’S A MIRACLE.

Master Key System, GeckoJust now, right when I was writing this Mark called me down to the other side of house and we saw this totally cool thing. This big gecko was on a banana leave and because of the way the sun was shining we could see the whole outline of him through the leaf. It looked so cool. I think that’s a miracle. The gecko on the leaf at the perfect time of day for the sun to shine just right and Mark sitting in the perfect place at that moment to see him. Well it could be a girl gecko I guess!

Any my point is that is easy to see miracles outside ourselves and this week I decided to look inside for the miracles. And these abundant. I won’t bore you with all of them, there’s a bunch. I will just encourage you to see the miracle that is you. Sit down and think about all the miraculous things you have done in the past 5 months. It’s astonishing it’s well…….. a miracle.

Blessing and Believe,

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  • I think it is a miracle that I am in this course and I am seeing more miracles then ever before. It’s not that they weren’t there, I just wasn’t seeing them. Now my mind is more alert and my heart is more open and I am so grateful for the miracle that is you!

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