June 11, 2013

Right now I am overhearing a phone conversation between my husband and a very nice man who is a network marketing rep.   It’s a conversation I heard many, many time over the years.images  Mark is explaining the fundamentals of network marketing skills.  Again.

Why don’t they get it, company leaders, company founders and ownership, alleged icons in the industry.   They just don’t get it.  They keep pitching the same crap.

Listen to this and pay close attention.

  • There has not been a Billion Dollar company in this industry, in the United States since NuSkin founded in 1984! Does that make you wonder why everyone says “We’re going to be the next Billion Dollar Company” – no you’re not.
  • There have been only 16 Companies that have passed the $250 Million mark and 8 of them are NOT in the United States
  • It’s easier that ever to get products to people, the products are more expensive (volume should be up), communication is easier… how is it possible???

Are you kidding me.  Mark, The World’s Laziest Networker, calls it the bell shaped curve of volume that happens when an MLM companies catches fire in the US.

Some hit big, right place, right time (like most of the so called leaders in this industry) then the volume spikes after a few years then down the others side.index  I bet you can think of 2 or 3 right now.

There is a weight loss company right now, does BMW strike a familiar note, that is now bleeding volume in the US, like all the others since 1984.  Will They Never Learn?

They all scream sponsor more, sponsor more, sponsor more!  Land whales, some of them actually pay other reps to come into their companies.  Not just the leaders are stupid enough to do this, but the owners and founders are too.payoff

What do you think will happen if you pay for someone to come into your company and bring their people with them…. you guessed it!  They do it again and leave your company for the next highest bidder.   I don’t get the lack of logic, and I’m Blue personality “Not Logical” and it make perfect sense to me.

I could go on and on and on about how foolish companies and some leaders are,  yelling about their great product, their great comp plans (please) their great company.  What do you think everyone else is yelling.

You must offer something the prospect and new reps something they don’t know they need yet.  SKILL!  How the hell are they going to build if they don’t have the skills.

It seems so simple to me, why is an entire industry continuing to do it wrong.  Remember this is NOT my opinion it’s facts.

The industry continues to flounder mostly because of conflicting information.  The internet helped but it also hurt us, people are confused.  Everyday with a new system or lead generator or some other junk.  We did this too, until we figured it out.

The companies don’t force training and skills.  They leave it to the leaders.  And you see where that has gotten this industry, there is not denying it but the companies and leaders still do.

They don’t know how to break from the pack, how to become great!  They just don’t know how to do it – you don’t have to believe me.  Just look at the facts – in the richest time in our history there has been no Billion Dollar Company.  Pilzner predicted it to happen 2 years ago – so he was wrong too.  How is this possible???

Common sense is not so common!

The real key to becoming the next Billion Dollar company is Network Marketing Skills – not sponsor more people – it’s more people sponsoring.

Standardized, systematized network marketing skills.  And yes, it has to be exclusive.  If the leaders don’t want to do it – they want to do it their way – the way of bell shaped growth – the cut them off.  Kick the out!

That’s what franchises do, that’s why they have 1/3 the amount of people as MLM and 100 x the volume.  That’s right even though our industry has better products and way more people franchises kick our ass.  They all do it the same way.  So simple.  And if they don’t they’re OUT.

But MLM’ll never do it – I have no idea why.  Affirmational bias & ego, probably.

Anyway unless there is a company that will be willing to take on this industry changing challenge,  I don’t see a Billion Dollar company in our future.

Oh there are plenty that will do well and lots of people who will make good incomes, but that’s all they will do – they won’t become GREAT!

And  $250M is nothing to sneeze at, but don’t tell everyone you’re going to be the next Billion Dollar company, cause you’re NOT.  Not unless the company has standardized, systematized training that EVERYONE uses and teaches.

There is something you can do though.  Remember that it’s your company from you down.  Get your people trained effectively.  Make sure you’re all doing the same thing and it will duplicate and your business will grow.

Aloha and Mahalo,

The “Fab” Davene


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  • Great blog, Davene! You really know how to cut to the chase and tell it like it is. Glad you and Mark are out there teaching the skills that are needed to make a good income in this industry. I am so lucky to know you both. 🙂

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