February 2, 2017

It’s Never Enough No It’s Never Enough – are part of lyrics from a great song by the Bare Naked Ladies. “Life in a Nutshell”. Love that title too. I’m grateful to that band for reasons you don’t need to know but do you ever feel it’s never enough no it’s never enough? Why, why do we feel that way sometimes. Maybe all the time…

Concern about your resources could make you feel uncertain today or everyday. Is this due to your feeling that life isn’t going according to your plan particularly when you compare yourself with others? Even though it may seem as if you don’t have enough or that you are lacking in some way, you may wish to bring your attention to what you have in life that is truly precious and the gifts that the universe has given you. Perhaps today you can create a gratitude list for the things that you have.

There a great song in the movie “White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby & The Incredible Rosemary Clooney, and part of the chorus is “count your blessings instead of sheep” and I try to remember that scene everyday.

Count your blessings instead of sheep. Some of you may not know what that reference means. The origin of that particular reference is for years if you couldn’t fall asleep the remedy was to count sheep in your mind. Kind of funny and weird when you think about it, just bore yourself to sleep really.

Anyhow, one of the best remedies for the feeling of lack, as eluded to above, is to remember all the things you’re grateful for or in other words your blessings. So here is a great tip for that, start with the letter A and write all the things that begin with A that you are grateful for:

So I start with Air – without that blessing don’t mean nothing.

Arms I’m super grateful for my arms – I saw this woman on a documentary one time and she had no arms and was taking care of her baby… with her feet and her mouth – AMAZING. Although she was super strong for doing that it made me more grateful for my lovely, strong arms! Sometimes I’m not because genetically I have to work very hard on them as they carry a lot of body fat and I feel super self-conscious about them – So I’m very grateful to remember how grateful I am for my arms. Wow so I’m grateful for 3 things already!

I believe you can see how this could become a huge list and never enough as a distant memory.  So work at it everyday – it’s a great tip I believe. So do it today even if you realize you are nature’s greatest miracle and that you and your life is perfect as it is and you are always evolving!

I love you!
It's Never Enough

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