November 28, 2010

1 down 1 to go.  Holidays I mean, these are the big 2 and we all know it.  The other ones are just window dressing.  You have to do these 2.  Thanksgiving and Christmas, right.   Thanksgiving is for all of us, Americans anyway, and Christmas has taken over our world it seems right after Halloween.  So 1 down 1 to go.

This year was very different for me since going from the east coast to Hawaii.  A lady at the farmers market, she is from New York, said they don’t know how to cook Thanksgiving here.  I thought that was funny.  I’ll tell you what else they don’t know how to do, be nuts before a holiday.

We decided to keep it low key, it’s just the three of us after all.  So we went out on WEDNESDAY, that’s right the day before Thanksgiving to shop.  No frantic, crazy people trying to get their turkey and cranberry sauce, sure it was busier that usual but that stressed out, franitic energy was just not there.  I was so pleasant.

For my whole life I have let the stressed out world of the Northeast affect me on holidays never giving them their due.  Let’s be grateful – a whole holiday, one whole day to be grateful.  How about everyday.  All day everyday.

If you have not guessed by now I think holidays are stupid.  And the graddaddy of them all in right on my doorstep.  The biggest rip off in the history of retail.  This is bullcrap!  Going out and spending hundreds and thousands of dollars because this supposed to be the day that Christ was born.  WFT – it’s bullcrap!  But I don’t need to go there.  Nothing personal of you love X-Mas.  I love people who love Christmas.  My husband loves Christmas – And I kid you NOT – he still believes in Santa Clause.  And keep your trap shut around him.  I can’t let him around to many 9 and 10 year olds that are figuring out that they have been lied to for their whole lives and I don’t want him to find out too.

The reason holidays get me going is it seems we give them more that they deserve.  Why do we go so overboard, I couldn’t believe the crazy shoppers on “Black Friday”.   Ya, it must be the bad economy.  That’s why there out throwing their credit card a the clerks.  What is that, there is no way on God’s green earth I would be caught dead in a mall on that day.  I just don’t understand.  Why?  Can someone tell me why we put so much money and effort and emotional energy into the days.   And then let’s complain about our credit card debt.

I don’t want any presents, I mean it.  I know people say “Oh don’t get me anything.” But what they really mean is I want a really nice gift from you.   I really don’t want anything safe your money put it in the bank.  This is the only country that has negative savings.  Or if you insist all of you who love me pool your resources, everyone throw in $20, and get me something I really want.  Like a new bike.  That’s not a hint either.  Put your money back in your wallet.  Don’t waste your money.  Sorry I know this is harsh and people love to give.  OK then give me some love and understand.  I take that.  Especially when I am being a jerk, which happens alot more that I ever thought it would, the change of life I guess.

Give me your prayers and good wishes.  Imagine if we all just prayed for each other on Christmas.  That would be awesome!


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The Fab Davene

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  • I am with you on the gifts Davene! We finally changed the rules on that in our family when we found we were all exchanging gift cards which is just a nice way of saying “CASH” with each other. There is no substitute for time spent together and no gift will ever replace that! I do treasure cards though because I feel the card giver actually spent time picking it out and it’s a meaningful gesture. Black Friday??? Another store had a situation like last year where people trampled over each other and stampeded to get inside. Are you kidding me?? Luckily no one was killed this year but it’s a sad statement about our society when things like that happen.
    Despite our no gifts policy though, I still like Christmas. I love decorating for the holidays even when I know there won’t be any kids coming to visit…….some childhood memories you just can’t forget. Sending a prayer and many good wishes to both of you! Lisa

  • Davene YOU are a man after my heart. Everything you stated is my exact feelings. Why go out and purchase something for someone just so they can take it back and exchange it for something else. I think we should celebrate Christmas for what it really is not “Santa’s Birthday”.
    A lot of prayers and thanksgiving is coming your way from both of us.

  • I agree! I don’t feel the need to exchange gifts. My husband still always wants to buy me something, so I try to steer him toward something I would have gotten anyway (this year I told him masaages!) But mainly for us it is just time off from the office so we can enjoy each other’s company!

  • You know Davene, I read your blog twice and have arrived at the conclusion that you are absolutely right. The first time around, it was why is she going overboard about Christmas like this, but the second time, I have to agree, people are spending money they don’t have only to complain a few days later that they don’t have any money. I thought about my home country and how we celebrated Christmas. From the second week of Christmas, people starting baking cakes, scones, stocking up on sodas but also taking fruits which they picked from the tree and making homemade drinks. The most important part was that all of this was not only for the family, but your house was made open to whoever was walking by – they were invited in to share. I always think about that. In lieu of all that good will, we can think about each other on that day and indeed pray for each other.

    Having said all of that, I still have to buy my grand kids their gifts or their parents may say their Mama is a Scrooge.

    D. Anne

    • Wouldn’t it be nice is we did here in America as you did in your country that way we could meet more people and be more friendly instead of so terribly busy all of the time. We don’t even take to smell the roses.
      I guess my 15 great grand children will just have to call me Scrooge.

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