July 16, 2013

the-next-big-thingEveryone says it all the time.  Reps, distributors, business owners whatever a network marketing company has their independent contractors call themselves, they say it.  Companies, leaders, gurus, fake gurus, icons they all say it.  This is going to be the next big thing!!!

I just got an email today.  Someone pitching me by asking if I heard of the xxx breakthrough, it’s going to be the greatest medical breakthrough forever and ever.

Really, really are you?  How is that every single new company, new product, new service, new system, new book, new lead generator is going to be the new revolutionary break thought that changes the industry forever!!! And how is it that every company is going to be the next billion dollar company.

I can give you a list of just the ones that I was told about let alone all the 100s or 1000s that I never heard of.  You can probably think of a few yourself.

So someone leave me a comment and tell me why there has not been 1 single billion dollar company in Network marketing in the last 20 years…….  someone tell me.

If everyone is going to be the next billion dollar company.

If products and services are easier than every to get.

If signing up new people is faster and easier than ever.

If everything is more expensive, products, signups etc the why.

Why has there not been another billion dollar company.

Someone told me on Facebook the other day it’s because all of you mlmers out there have low self esteem.   That’s why people aren’t more successful, and no one would answer my question, why has there not been a billion dollar company in the last 20 years.  That’s because they are probably selling something to you to help you build your business.  That’s what I’m guessing.

But I digress, I’ve been on a confrontation binge lately so that was a mistake on FB.  I know they’ll never answer that question, they won’t admit the truth to themselves or anyone they’re trying to pitch their stuff to.

I know why.  I know exactly why there has not been 1 single billion dollar company in the last 20 years.

I strive everyday to try and change the mindsets in the industry.  There is only 1 answer, and that is rare, it’s so easy, it’s such a gigantic hole that no one can see it.  But I see it, my wonderful husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker, sees it and we are going to keep trying to get others to see it no matter what!!!

There may be a few out there that know, probably this one that has been around since the early 90s – unfortunately the ownership are criminals and it’s the worst pay plan I’ve ever seen,  so they will never reach the potential of a billion dollar company but they had a shot.  They has a shot because they offered a standardized, systematized training system and no one else can train on anything other training system but theirs!  No only are their reps trained they are totally loyal.

Companies no longer offer training to their field and if they do is totally lame like one company that came along with weight loss, the training was just weak and no one knows what to do past the first level.  They either do that or just leave all their reps to the sharks, and so many different training systems inside 1 company that everyone is either confused or arguing about who’s is the best.

If I was looking to join a MLM company I be looking for a company that had the bawls to put in a standardized, systematized training system that everyone used, everyone had to use it – if they would tell these big wigs, hey you don’t like it leave.  If they would force the training downline then they would have a chance.  They might have a chance to be like that little company you may have heard of that all do it the same, MacDonald’s.

I’ve only seen one lately – that’s the one I’d join.  I don’t offer people advise on what company to join, there are alot of good ones, but I’d find that one out there that has a standardized system and join them!!!

Maybe someday this will happen but for now I continue to fight the good fight.




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  • Fabulous Davene,

    May I quote your husband in my greeting please. I am attracted because you and Mark are so honest and sincere. I was hooked when I heard Mark denounce the famous lies and rebuke them with facts that work. I wish to thank you for telling the truth in the face of so many lazy or ignorant sharlitons who want to profit on our ignorance. I am excited to complete the master key system when I return home. Thanks again I encourage others to learn from you but most ignore my suggestions. I will keep trying until we prevail.


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