September 27, 2016

#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day

#1 thing I learned will change your day and all your days to come.

When I was a kid I had this poster in my room and I still remember it so clearly to this day.

It was a 2 frame poster cartoon, 1 frame above the other like in the newspaper just not left to right but top to bottom. The top picture was a cartoon of elevator doors open and you’re looking in at a bunch of people. You can tell they’re going to work. All grumpy, mad, sad faces and holding briefcases and stuff.

To the left of the elevator door is a woman in profile heading to get on the elevator and she is holding a baby on her shoulder so the baby’s face was looking back in the other direction.

Then the bottom frame was the elevator of people with the woman and she is facing you and you see the back of the baby and all the people in the elevator have huge smiles on their faces.

I just loved looking at that poster as a kid. I think that’s why what I want to share with you impacted me so much.

I have looked all over the internet for this little gem but can’t find it. This picture really was worth a thousand words.

Now I want to share this because you are not going to believe this #1 thing I learned today from my good friend Jana Martinez.  This #1 thing I learned will change your day and all your days to come.#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day

It’s the very first week of the new 2016-17 Master Key Mastermind Experience class and we are all super excited about making real and lasting change!

Jana did an awesome Learn to Read Faster webinar for us today and at the end of the webinar she told us this one thing that I CAN NOT believe I have not heard before.

Ok here goes this 1 thing I learned will change your day.

Smile! ¬†Ha! Are you kidding me. Nope I’m not. SMILE!

So here’s the thing. ¬†If you smile and hold that big smile for 17 seconds you will release all those happy, pleasure hormones. ¬†These hormones are knows as endorphins. ¬†You’ve heard of those, right?

These are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, which in turn releases these chemicals. ¬†If you’re stressed out the SMILE because it not only releases endorphins, but get this, it also reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone!¬† Double the benefit!#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day#1 Thing I Learned Will Change Your Day

Ready for the triple benefit?  When you smile you look better, younger and happy which attracts people to you.

17 Seconds can change your entire day – the effects last four hours! ¬†Can you believe that, half the work day, if you have a job! ¬†Smile twice and your entire day is better. Smile 6 times a day that’s it to change your day and all your days to come.

And guess what?  If you hold that smile for 65 seconds you actually lower your blood pressure!  That will change all your days forever.

Here’s a classic laugh out loud for ya! It’s one of my favorite TV shows ever and I now it will make you smile.

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  • Thanks for sharing Davene. Smiles are truely my favourite. Many times I am asked to do a serious face in photos and it is almost impossible for me as I love to smile and be happy always. It is always a pleasure to get that reassurance especially from someone as fabulous as you. Love and gratitude always.

  • I so appreciate your message…my wife and I smile a lot and will now enjoy the benefits of smiling longer. Thank you so much.

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