September 3, 2013

angry-customer-phoneI see we are going through another lead scraper, phone broadcaster things – bullcrap system again…..  I can’t stand those scraper things. That Is No Way To Achieve Your Dream

Again, really……  I’m getting these total garbage messages everyday.  I judge, yes I do.

“Take massive action” – “Next billion dollar company” – “We taking the industry by storm” – “The next top earner hasn’t even gotten in yet” – Really?

Please give me a break, you people have been shoveling the same shit for the last 40 years.

It is very hard for me to believe that network marketers, multi-level marketers, relationship marketers (that one makes be throw up a little), online marketers.ThrowUpLarge  Whatever the hell we are calling ourselves these days..  It’s hard for me to believe that you guys are falling for this one again.

Please, I implore you, ask yourself the following question.  This is the question you SHOULD be asking yourself, not should I buy this lead system for $250 or $29.95 a month.

Here we go.

If the average person knows somewhere between 1500 – 2000 people (don’t give me that bullshit, it’s a fact)

OK – if the average person knows between 1000-1500 (happy I lowered it, try this skill) people and they tried to build a business prospecting people they know and/or who love them AND those people didn’t respond to what they had to say –  WHY, In the name of all that is good, do you think that strangers are going to respond any better???!!!

Can someone answer that question for me, please?  If you have something to say about my blog, please grow some “Schmessticals” to leave a comment.  Or shoot me a message if you’re chicken.

Buying leads in any form is NOT for the majority of people.  The vast majority.

OK, here is when you CAN purchase some whatever lead system from someone.  Who is, BTW, probably disguising it as a training.

First – have a 6 month to 1 year bankroll (you’ll see why in the second point)

Second – prepare to spend 80 hours a week on the phone pitching strangers and plugging away on Social Media (Yes, I said 80 hours or 2 people at 40 hours a week)

Third – grow a very thick skin, very thick.  If you are the type of person who takes things personally, this is most people, then this will be very difficult.  You will need alot of psyching up and cheer leading.

Fourth – Most importantly!  If you have NOT build an authentic burning desire, centered around your personal pivotal needs,  you are dead in the water.  Dead!  If you don’t know what I am referring to then don’t even attempt this foolhardy business.

So, if those 4 things are firmly in place then you can possibly make something happen in about 1 year.  Good luck to you – I really do wish you the best.  It can be done.  We’ve done it. But you better be prepared to kiss alot of frogs.


You could learn some skills – learn WHAT TO SAY to people so you get more of them to say “yes” and as a result build a solid business based on people who know what to do, what to say and how to teach this duplicating machine.  Real duplication where everyone is doing the same thing.  Isn’t the point of the business, to teach others what to do so they can do it without you?

Not what some bullcrap leader tells you is duplication, it’s easy to discern if you look.  They are either all doing the same thing or they are not.

This is a concept that our industry has not embraced, thus the extremely obvious stats.

16 Million people do mlm and it’s a $30 Billion industryth-1

728,000 people do Franchising and it’s a $3.3 Trillion (Trillion with a T) industry.

Essentially franchising is 100 times more successful than MLM – gee I wonder if we should try “all doing it the same way” – duh….

But you do the math.

Gee, what would be easier for you – bang my head against the wall 80 hours a week contacting leads or learning what a $3.3 Trillion industry does.  Hmmmmm.. that a tough one.

Listen to me, I know from where I speak.  I was a top sales person in a top dealership selling cars 65 hours a week.  Honda North, Danvers, MA, what’s know as a Presidential Dealership.

Try to imagine selling 20-25 cars a month, think about that for a second.

You are standing in a dealership, or if you are like me, you are standing out on the lot in the hot sun, the rain or the snow, waiting for people to come and tell you, “Oh we’re are only looking today”.  Can you imagine being a car sales person.

Guess what?

It was easier than trying to build a business by pitching leads, much easier.

The people walking into the dealership were coming to me.  I was not calling them and pitching them or driving over to their house in a car I was hoping they would buy.

It’s not about leads, systems, the company, the plan or, Goodness forgive me, your precious product.  IT’S ABOUT YOU!

If you don’t change what you are doing and saying and mostly WHO YOU ARE nothing will change in your business or your life.

It’s really about what it going on in your subconscious.  What do you believe about yourself?  What do you believe you deserve?  That’s all it about, which is far to big to get into here, but if you are interested the MKMMA course starts in a few weeks.  Oh yea, it’s free.

But I will tell you that if you have this part right it won’t matter who you talk to – your business will build.

The bottom line?

Stop falling for these crappy, leads selling, scam artists and learn how to be a professional networker who understands their worth.

All the skills you need are available for free at The World’s Laziest



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