October 3, 2010

So today started out not so great.  My beautiful, wonderful, darling baby Jackie texted me this morning.  “I miss you and I want to see you and ur new house and all ur little plants 🙁

I posted on facebook my avacado plant that we germinated from a avacado seed.  Jackie saw it today and so texted me.

So I started bawling, I went out into the car so no one would hear me and cried and cried.  Not something I do very often.  Not that I haven’t cried an ocean already for various reasons as I am sure many of us have.  You see I am very attached to my two daughters, Dayna my oldest 21 and Jackie my above mentioned “baby” she’s 19.  And I know their grown up!!!  Stop telling me that.

Ok so maybe too attached but I don’t care.  I miss them, they are 6000 miles away and I was sad about that today.  Not so much missing has gone on in the almost 3 months I have been here.  The longest stretch, by the way, ever that I have not seen 1 or both of my girls.

So here’s what’s interesting to me.  As I am bawling in the car I start to think “there is great opportunity in this adversity I just have to start looking for it.”  I realize that this is not so much an adversity as just a sad mom but it feels that way to me.

I know that my daily habits of changing my thoughts thur the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is what brought me to the thought that there is great opportunity and I am grateful for the work I have done and continue to do.  That would not have happened a few years ago, I just would have been sad all day started eating junk and watching TV till it went away or I forced myself out of the sadness.

Anyway, I finish my emoting because I gotta get going to the farmer’s market.  If you don’t get there early all the good stuff is gone.  So I get my husband and we head over.  So on the way over Mark says,  “Isn’t it amazing how God has given you another daughter to bridge the gap till your kids get here.”  Huh, What!  OMGosh it’s true!  That’s a bang over the head to me.  I realize this friggin miracle that justhas happened, and I don’t feel so sad anymore.  What he means is his daughter Chelsea, she will be here in like 6 weeks to live, here with us.  YEA!

This is a miracle because Chelsea didn’t like me for a long, long time and now it seems very recently we have become very close.  Such a gift to me.  She is an amazing kid and I have always liked her and I always had faith that someday we’d be friends.

Now it’s so much more that friends.  We say “I love you” when we get off the phone.  Miracle!  Yep she calls me!  Not her Dad and then asks for me, she calls ME, and skypes me, she asks to vent, or for advise – I feel she is mine and I am so, so happy.  It’s true the Universe, or God or whatever you want to call it has given me this miracle, Chelsea!

Actually it’s was Chelsea who started the avacado germinating for me in the first place, and that’s what started this whole thing, I love irony.

THEN GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?  Mark meets this adorable woman at the farmer’s market, Georgia Fernandez, and she is a pistol all of about 4 feet tall.  She invites us over to her house around the corner to pick a few fresh coconuts.  This my friends is a dream come true!  I have wanted to pick my own coconut for 5 years!!!  And I did it today.  I have been looking for coconuts since I got here.  I know you think there on every corner NO!  Everyone has their own palm tree so there is really no market for coconuts.  They are hard to find, can you believe that!!

Two miracles today because I decided to look for them.  Thank you Master Keys and my Master Mind Alliance.

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blessings & believe,


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  • Nice story ……All about manifesting what you need, so great….

    We all sometimes do the Master Key thing so well but we miss the manifiestation 🙂

    great job

    mark j

  • I loved this Davene. I even felt your feelings as a mother missing your child.

    Allowing yourself the time to express the sorrow and let it out rather then hold it in is the road to True Health. A lesson we all must remember.

    “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die” is so true.

    Opening up your heart to Chelsea even when she was not ready is Powerful as well.
    It tells us the kind of person you are. So happy to be apart of this amazing journey. Soon travel tickets will be available when ever the other 2 can travel. I’m sure it will be often.

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Agape’ Darlene

  • OMG Davene! I never thought about missing my kids as an opportunity, but like you, this journey is helping me change. I moved away from my 3 kids (all grown too) AND moved away from my mom about 3 years ago. My mom’s first comment was, “what daughter leaves her mom after 50 years??” We had always lived within an hour of her. Guilt, guilt and more guilt……at the time she wasn’t acting like she loved me, let alone liked me ….Since then, we’ve sadly realized she was going through the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease with a major personality change……So then it was more guilt…..if I had only known, if, if, if, etc., etc.,….. There was lots of drama going on at the time so the move wasn’t hard at first but Boy, as time has passed and I’ve missed the birthday celebrations, holidays, etc., there have definitely been some sad moments. I now also have two grandchildren 700 miles away but what I’ve come to realize are all the positive changes in my life due to the move. I’d probably still be struggling in real estate in Md and who knows what else….I’m not part of the daily ups and downs all young couples go through and that’s been a blessing…I usually just hear about all the good things.
    Once I moved to Florida, I began looking for “something” else to do with my life. I discovered network marketing, that led to a few failures and some pretty big cash outlays for promises, secrets, and more,….( I can easily see me part of that pile as high as the world’s highest pyramids)….but on the huge upside, I reconnected with John Cini after 15 years, which led me to meeting Mark and then you and look where we are all today! The growth and expansion of who I really am is still unfolding. But the bigger deal is I don’t believe any of this would have happened if I had stayed in Md. in 2007 and continued to just be mom to my kids, daughter to my mom, and always there for everyone. We also would never have taken the steps to move my mom and step dad to Florida where he’s a lot happier. My kids love coming to the beach where we live, our visits are more quality than quantity and they sure do seem to appreciate me more. So, yes, there are still quiet moments with tears, but the joys when we get together are spectacular! Thanks for sharing your story…..it opened a new view of looking at my own life. Lisa

  • Oh, Davene and Lisa. I so understand what you are saying. My sons are grown and my parents are gone. Lisa, my mother was very upset when I moved thousands of miles away, too. And, I lost her to Alzheimer’s as well. It’s a difficult road to travel. Make the most of the lucid moments and don’t judge the others. Davene, my eldest son and his wife moved to work in Baghdad a few years ago. Every day was difficult knowing they were in danger always. Yet, I learned to let go and let God. Tough lesson. However, now Joe and I are the ones who toy with the idea of moving. However, we have an eight year old granddaughter who lives with us and her dad. Waking up each morning and not seeing her seems unthinkable. I admire your courage. My son tells me to go – live my life. But my children (and now her) have always been my life. It seems I would be leaving my life behind. You inspire me….

  • WOW! This video makes me want to move to Hawaii…

    It is AWESOME how you shared this because, we are going to move to!

    We have it in our DMP so, it is GOING to happen! 20 PRIVATE acres, 5000 sq’ home!

    Thank you for sharing, now I can try to avoid some of these things in advance if at all possible… (ALL of mine are grown to)


  • Beautiful story, Davene. Happy ending (beginning) with Chelsea. I am at present experiencing a “strained” relationship with my Step Son (he is 27). Hopefully, as I get deeper into the Mastermind Alliance it will help us.

    Again, great story. I really appreciated it. Thank you.

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