May 6, 2012


You’ve heard it before.  This is not anything new.  But still you’re not following the advise of 100s maybe 1000s of illuminated ones.

Watch what you say to yourself and think about yourself.  WHY Do you ask?  I hope you do.

Your subconscious mind believes EVERYTHING you say and think.

I’m not going to try to prove this to you or give you any examples.  The evidence is already overwhelming on a mental, physical and spiritual level. OVERWHELMING.  It’s true.  It’s fact.  Believe it or don’t up to you.  Here’s 10 things.

1. Never say “I have to lose some weight”  Replace this with “I am getting rid of weight”

Why?  Is losing things good? NO!  Enough said.

2. Look in the mirror, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!! And say “I Love You” 10 times, I dare you.  Let me know what happens.

3. Never say “I can’t do this _________” Replace with “I presently struggle with ________ but I’m getting better at ___________all the time.”

4. Look for someone to help.  Doesn’t matter who just get into service.   Better if it’s someone you don’t like.  Shoot for once a day.

5. Read 2 pages a day out of a book or a blog or something you would NEVER consider reading.  Do it for 10 days and see what happens.

6. You know how everyone says, “If you don’t like something about someone it’s probably a mirror for something you don’t like about yourself.”  Ya you know you’ve heard it and you probably said it too.  Think about this for awhile,  “If you DO like something about someone it’s probably a mirror for something you DO like about yourself.”

7. Don’t look at your cell phone when you’re with your kids – LOOK AT YOUR KIDS!!!

8. Just for 1 day only, 1 day drink half your body weight in ounces of water.  So if you weight 200 drink lbs., 100 ozs of water.  Just 1 day.  Try it.

9. Give 10 compliments today.

10. When someone gives you a compliment tell them that they are correct!

Mahalo and Aloha from Kauai!

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