February 19, 2015

screwlife1. Negative Thinking – You’re reading it everywhere now from Reader’s Digest to the Costco magazine for crying out loud, thinking negatively will hurt you.  A lot!

Not just hurt your mind but your entire live!!!  Maybe it’s even killing you.

Now most people just read that and say, “Oh – OK negative thinking is bad.”  Then that’s end of the story.  You CAN’T JUST STOP THINKING NEGATIVELY!!!!!  You have, I have, we all have in some cases decades of thinking the same way and never, ever trying to change it.  But there is not doubt that negative thinking will kill your dreams, your joy, your relationships – EVERYTHING!!!

More that anything right now I really, really wish I could just write something here to help you but it won’t work.

Just like all the books you’ve read and the courses you’ve taken and the seminars, the expensive gurus…  OMG $8K or something to go to some tropical place and be told, “you can do it rah rah!”  Jeez I’ve met so many nice people who have been ripped off so hard.  Makes me sad 🙁

Here is a fact!  FACT not my idea about it – Here you go pay attention – It takes hard mental labor to change the way you think.  That’s just the way it is so I’ll will give you a solution that will work but it takes work.  It’s not point to click to happiness, that doesn’t exist.  Click here for Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience.

Go to that site, there’s NOTHING for sale, and check it out.  Caveat though – Sorry we don’t start again till September but it’s your very best chance for happiness.

2. Emotions – I know from personal experience the “Tyranny of Emotions”.  The biggest thing here, for me anyway, is resentments, anger and sadness.  But don’t think other emotions don’t get in the way, they do.

There are situations that have happened to me that I all of a sudden realize I am reliving in my mind.  I have to consciously tell myself to stop thinking about that!  After reading some scientific information about how the brain works it seems that I may, alot of us may, suffer from PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) if any of us were subjected to violent abusive junk in the past.

So I’m not wearing that moniquer and it compelled me to looked and looked for something to help me forgive.  Forgiveness is the answer to PTSD BTW. LOL.   I found a really cool technique that is working great for me.  It’s not easy, simple yes, but it not easy.

Here goes, when one of these resentments, or whatever causes you to “relive” an unpleasant experience in your life or maybe it’s just pops into your mind, imagine a dear loved one.  Get that image in your head, feel the love and take a few deep breaths.

Now imagine the thing you have the resentment at and superimpose the image of the your loved one over the resentment.  Use your very powerful imagination for your good.  Merge these two thing together and breathe deep.  Now let go of the resentment part of the image and just feel the love you have for that dear, dear loved one.   Just stay with that love for a few breathes and then bask in your own greatness for doing something so marvelous for yourself.

3. Not Breathing – So many of us just don’t breathe enough!  Stop now and take a big cleansing breath.  Be aware that when you have stopped breathing, I don’t mean completely cause well you know…  I mean most people are taking these tiny shallow breaths and that not enough to live and grow.  So be aware, especially when something stressful happens.   When people are stressed the first thing they do is stop breathing and you need oxygen even more under stress.  So breathe!

4. Not Being in Service –  A very wise person told me once, “If something really bad happens get into service immediately!”  It may be the very best advise I have ever received.

Listen, bad things happen to everyone it’s part of life.  There’s loss, pain, tragedy, disappointment for EVERYONE!!!  If you have trouble with this, as I do, then when something strikes that is difficult or downright horrible go help someone else.  Then watch the unpleasantness melt away.  You’ll be much more likely to deal with whatever is happening if you go help someone who needs help just as much as you do.

There you go.

Mahalo & Aloha for reading.


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