July 2, 2015

When people use the term Servant Leader it’s almost always wrong in principle.

That person is they are referring to is NOT a servant leader. ¬† I say to myself – “it’s just a catch phrase people are throwing around”. Ya, what else is new. ¬†People are forever throwing around “politically correct” phrases that they don’t even understand.

http://richardbrooke.podbean.com/e/hero-maker-interview-with-mark-januszewski/My constant posting of the podcast that Richard Bliss Brooke of BlissBusiness.com, did with the genius mind Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker (Click Here to hear that podcast) is an answer to this constant throwing around of this very important phrase describing people out there as Servant Leaders. ¬†Here are 2 true Servant Leaders.

If you really want to be a Servant Leader don’t bother with the gurus and book writers out there. All they are is good writers and good promoters NOT servant leaders.

Here are the top 6 attributes of a Servant Leader.

1. Listening
2. Empathy
3. Healing
4. Awareness
5. Influence
6. Commitment to the growth of people

So there you go and here are a few tips on how to become better at these essential attributes.

1. Listening – this seems easy, but most are very, very bad a listening. ¬†They’re too busy looking at their iphones. LOL
No really this is super important. ¬†Listening to what someone is actually saying is cool but even more important is body language. About 90% of what someone is saying is in their body language. So shut your pie hole and watch the body’s response to what you say.

Find a free course in body language or watch a video about interpreting what someone is saying without talking.

The 2nd greatest way to listen is to try to figure out their personality type.

Here is a quick way to try to figure out personality type. Ask yourself 2 questions about the person you are listening to.
1. Does this person make decisions quickly or slowly?
2. Does this person care more about people or concepts?

There are 4 personality types – Red and the Red would be quick and concepts.
Blues – Blues would be slow and people.
Whites – Slow and concepts.
Yellows – Quick and people.

Super easy just listen to what personality color they are and you’ll be listening without even trying.

If you want to find out more about color code personality types go to lazynetworkercolorcode.com

2. Empathy is essential, there an old saying “Walk a mile in my shoes” truly do this , in service, and you’ll be all set and you’ll be a Servant Leader.

3. Healing РHave the knowledge, support and resources that people under you need to do their jobs effectively and that have a happy workplace.  This is a healing environment.

4. Self-Awareness is the ability to look at yourself. How do you effect the people around you. Take 100% responsibility for all your relationships. How could YOU do better?

5. Influence is NOT persuasion. Learn what makes someone tick and then identify the vital behaviors they need to change and influence them to change those behaviors. Try telling vicarious and compelling stories to help someone change. ¬†Ya it’s work but being a great leader is work.

6. Commit to People’s Growth personal as well as professional. Make sure that you understand their developmental needs to do their jobs. ¬†Do whatever you can to help them achieve their goals.

Here’s a way to do 5 and 6 simultaneously.

Another way to influence someone is to find out what they really, really want to achieve in their life and use that information to get them to do what you know will help them grow. This way you use 5 and 6 together.

The easiest way to find this out is to ask this question, “If you had all the money and all the time you wanted what would you do?”

Use this to leverage behaviors that will get them closer to their goals.

Be a Servant Leader!

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