November 27, 2015


“Not my chair not my problem”. “I weep for the future”. Here are a couple of quotes that I think about when I see some of the behaviors of people younger than me.

May parents and grand parents, aunts and uncles said the same things. These kids today. So I wonder if I’m just getting old and see when younger people do a detrimental to the future.

So I went on a manners rampage the other day. How is it possible that one of my kids doesn’t know that you must bring a gift in this situation!?

Then I though well did I behave that way when I was in my 20’s – I have to say yes. I never would go to someone’s home without bringing something. I always ask can I help, if the say “no” help anyway. No elbows on the table. When someone asks you to pass something you would NEVER use it before you passed it. Man the list goes on. And I wonder is this really necessary. If I went to Russia and didn’t burp after the meal the host would be offended. Hmmm…

So I’m thinking, yes! We do need some kind of protocol to follow that respects other people’s ideas. When in Rome.

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