December 16, 2016


Week 12 Master Key Experience Harmony

Harmony is on my mind today.  Week 12 Master Key Experience Harmony is on my mind.

Why is harmony so difficult to attain with humans.  All other life forms on this planet have zero trouble achieving harmony.  Every other life form!  Everyone except us.

The lack of harmony among humans is astonishing to me.

Ego, opinions, lack of personal responsibility, unwillingness to do what ones says they will do – so frustrating.

Hey, I’m not perfect and I do this stuff to. ¬†I guess it’s free will run riot.

Anyone I’m focusing on being as harmonious as I possibly can today and everyday.

I’m frustrated this week and I usually am around this time.

It’s so sad when people quit the class and it’s so hard when people don’t get what we are trying to do. ¬†It’s so sad to me when people don’t want to do the work. ¬†Do what they promised they would do.

That’s why we have everyone write “I always keep my promises” all over everything we do. ¬†Every card has, “I always keep my promises”.

People today think nothing of blowing off a promise, missing appointments or lying about showing up. ¬†It’s crazy.

I’m at the end of the baby boomers and I gotta tell ya, my parents would NEVER make a promise and not keep it. ¬†They were both from the greatest generation. ¬†That group of people ¬†although maybe more prejudice¬†about things were certainly driven by integrity. ¬†Fear of God.

What I mean by Fear of God is not hell and wrath of God type stuff but Karma if you will – if you do a certain action you are going to pay a price good or bad.

People don’t believe that today, if you hurt someone, if you lie, if you steal, kill whatever you will pay a debt for that action. ¬†The same is true for being kind, inservice, loving humanity – there is a payment for that too.

I’ve always said that peace of mind is my birthright, it’s on my DMP. ¬†So few of us have peace of mind. Experience a calmness and quieting of our minds. ¬†If you desire peace of mind get into harmony.

Let’s get into harmony, be kind, shout praise from the roofs, when tempted to critique bite on your tongue.

I love you!

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