November 20, 2015

Love the Lessons in Week 9 Master Key Experience

From my experience Week 9 Master Key Experience is a big turning point. I love the lessons that can be learned from this amazing course.

Even though this is probably my 7th or 8th time through Week 9 Master Key Experience, not as rigorously as our Master Key Experience members go through it, and I still learn so so much each time. It makes me wonder if there is a bottom if there is ever a time that I don’t learn something new about myself. Some growth that can happen?

I heard someone say a long time ago and my husband, Mark Januszewski, and I quote it often and it goes like this;

First you get a message

    I like to use the car analogy. So your driving along minding your own business and you hear this weird noise come from the engine. SO what do you do, ummm turn up the radio, duh!

    Second you get a lesson.

      So your driving along and you hear the noise you turn up the radio then the car stalls and you’ve go to pull over. Well just wait a few minutes you probably flooded it… yep all set on my way.

      Third you get a crisis.

    You on your way to the most important meeting of your year. It means everything for your financials, family, job, health it’s really important and you hear the noise, the car stalls, it’s broken and won’t start and you cracked the engine block. The car is totaled and you didn’t make the meeting. Crisis!

    We didn’t hear the message, to much noise in the head. There a good reason to use the Master Key Experience and learn how to shut that off.

    We missed the lesson completely oh probably arrogance, ego. No matter. Again MKMMA for that.

    Now what if you had listened to the message? You know the small, quiet voice that is always, ALWAYS! Right. Ya that voice.

    That voice was Divine intervention, or God, maybe it was your own subconscious or Universal Mind whatever you choose. It tried to tell you but you didn’t listen.

    I received such a message this week and I just want to say MAHALO to who or whatever it is that sends those blessed messages.

    MAHALO! I love you too!

    Week 9 Master Key Experience – I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious & Happy!

    Week 9 Master Key Experience

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