March 1, 2021

Get Your Peptides In Line

Get Your Peptides In Line

The first line of this great blog post is, Those darn peptides! To go check that interesting info by Roberta Boyea click here.

Get Your Peptides In Line
This is the amazing Roberta Boyea

It got me to thinking, who knows how to get your peptides in line anyway. What the heck are peptides. Did you know they rule your entire life?

That is a big part of The Master Key Experience, getting the right peptides released and, (avoid like the plague) releasing the wrong peptides. Or let’s say the peptides for feelings you don’t want your cells addicted to.

Oh, did I say addicted! Yep addicted! You are addicted to the peptides that are released when you have a certain feeling.

When one, you, me anyone experiences a feeling that one releases peptides into the bloodstream – gazillions of them.  These peptides tell all your billions and trillions of cells what to do. The peptide is like a key and it slips into the lock on your cells and gives the cell a message explaining what to do.

In a very elementary explanation, happy peptides mean happy cells means happy homo sapiens and mad or sad peptides means… well you know, right?

Last week, Week 22, we shared how you can change the way you use feelings that may be some of the feelings that you try really hard to avoid.

Fear, anger, hurt feelings, guilt, and unworthiness. Ugg doesn’t the list just make you uncomfortable.  Well, it should.

The Master Key Experience 26-week course teaches us all how to get your peptides in line – Get your 7-Day Mental Diet started now and join the new 2021-22 Class in September.

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Get Your Peptides In Line

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