February 24, 2021

Why do you want to be a hedgehog

Why Do You Want To Be a Hedgehog?

There has been a multitude of studies and research done at Stanford University about multi-tasking. My husband Mark Januszewski, The World’s Laziest Networker abhors multi-tasking. Me on the other hand I live for successful multi-tasking and I act like the fox. So, why do you want to be a hedgehog instead of being like me?

Here is a most eloquent explanation but one of our incredibly hard-working Master Key Experience members Peaches Land from Australia. YouWhy do you want to be a hedgehog enjoy reading this click here.

Each and every week we get an amazing MKE member sharing their experience, strength, and hope. Here is Anna’s magical article.

As a matter of fact, I completely identify with Peaches being a constantly running around fox like it was a good thing to be so so busy. Are peopleimpressed by entrepreneurs that a so so so busy – yes I think they are but I don’t want all the stress and damage to my brain! EGO! Gosh, darn that EGO.

Now I know the answer to why do you want to be a hedgehog.  Finish 1 thing at a time fully before moving onto the next thing. Although I am still going to consider doing laundry and running the dishwasher while doing housework or office work as multi-tasking LOL!

Mahalo for your attention & all good blessing to you,


WHy do you want to become a hedgehog

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  • Love it Davene! There is merit in being the fox whilst still having hedgehog purpose … all things in moderation. Multi-tasking can still be done consciously rather than manically and unconsciously where one loses ones head in the task!

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