February 15, 2021

Become Your Own Life Magician

Become Your Own Life Magician

After reading this blog, I am sharing today, I was authentically blown away. This is the sentence “I am feeling that my life is improving in so many ways! Wow, and the coolest and most awesome part is that it is me who has created it – I am a true magician! That is soooo cool! Anna has become her own life magician.

I’m thinking to myself, “OMG the Master Key Experience course helps so so many people change their lives for the better, thousands of people. Then why, WHY GOD! are there not 1000s of people knocking down our doors to get a $1 Pay It Forward Scholarship?

Well, your guess is a good as mine. We have done, as far as I know, everything we can to attract sapiens to our course. Spent $1000 of dollars on marketing. Ripped off is more like it LOL – funny, not funny.

We’ve tried year after year to get people to share the course and now I’m down to thinking it’s just sloth. Yep, you’re (you’re being people who won’t even look at MKE) all just lazy, smartphone-addicted, fear enveloped losers that can’t get out of your own way.

Why so harsh Davene? I know sorry. I’m just so deeply disappointed when I read a blog like this one, and there are 1000 more, here’s another great one it makes me sad, so sad the more people are not open-minded and ready to evolve to higher consciousness.

Why is Evolution so slooooooow?

The human mind evolves super slow but it can speed up by utilizing some very ancient and simple truths. The first step to ‘become your own life magician’ is to take 100% personal responsibility for your own life. You are living the life you choose. Do you love it? If not are you willing to do something to change it like Anna Magnusson has I’m worried for you? Are you willing to do the hard mental labor it takes to be a success in life? In all areas of life?

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Become Your Own Life Magician

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  • Hello Davene,
    Thank you for paying attention to my blog. I love magic and I believe that what you are learning us is like going to a magic school – like Harry Potter’s Hagwarts. The Universal laws are there anyway and we are learning to fly on the brooms 🙂 I am forever grateful for you and the rest of the MKE squad for making this system. And about the laziness and zombie-state of the world…well whatchugonnado?
    Be happy <3
    Lots of love,

  • I get the Magician thing, because unexplained things happen when you ‘wake up’ your unconscious mind. Being a big Einstein and Og Fan, I am going to continue to refer to them as Miracles.
    I used to write them off as Synchronicities or coincidences, but honestly, they happen way too often to be happenstance. They are Magical Miracles. 😉

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