October 14, 2010


Aaarggh! I hate resentments.  Isn’t that ironic, I have a resentment about having resentments.  Sometimes I just let my mind wander – fatal – and go to those places where the resentments live.  Those nasty places when I relive things that I am mad, sad or a version of mad, sad about.  I run these scenarios in my head about revenge or some other silly waste of time.  It ain’t easy being human, sometimes it down right sucks. When I find myself doing this, and I do, I snap to my DMP immediately and rewire that connection.  I feel so blessed that I learned how to do that thru the Master Key Master Mind System.   So lucky!

So anyway, here’s one for ya.  You can’t see the picture above, on my header, in its entirety because wordpress only lets you put a long skinny picture. [do I detect a resentment]  Anyway here is the entire picture.

It’s Jesus, Buddah and the Egyptian God Anubis sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows.  And it was drawn in pencil by my amazing daughter Jackie.

Now why do I show this, motherly pride, I must confess yes partly but the other reason is RESENTMENT!!! STEAMING RESENTMENT!!

You see I brought this beautiful, amazing little drawing into the professional framers who has been in business for like 40 years AND has framed many things for me before and guess what?  I go in there a few weeks later to pick this up and the F#*&^@g, a-hole LOST IT!!!!  Yes, the professional framing shop lost my baby’s masterpiece… please pardon my language but you saw “Good Will Hunting” right, well people from the Boston area do really swear that much.  But I’m working to do better.

So I do still hold this resentment.  (Ya think, my husband would say)  do I try and try to let it go, yes I do.  Do I sometimes acutally forgive and know for certain that there is a seed of greater opportunity here, yes I do.  And I know for sure that some day it will be gone completely.  Sometimes it’s a process.  Part of my process is putting this picture on my blog header so I know everytime I see it that there the a seed of much greater opportunity here, I will continue to dig for it.


There will be times in my life when forgivness and letting go will be an event and sometime not.  And the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is a process too.   It literally took me years to write my perfect DMP and then it was only perfect for about a year and I had to change it AGAIN!!!  Yes, you will have to change your DMP many times and as YOU change your DMP changes.  Holy crap my PPNs changed that shocked me.  I’ll tell you!

Why This WIll NEVER Work For You!

The main reason for this headline was to catch your eye, be controversial with my headline so you, dear reader, would read this blog.  The other reason is to tell you that in no uncertain terms if you hold resentments the MKMMA will never work for you.

I write this so whoever reads it will give themselves a break, it’s never perfect, there is no such thing as perfect in the human outerworld, only the spirit is perfect.  Your spirit your “I” is perfect all the time every second.  The miracle that you are is perfect so don’t worry about the rest of it.  You’ll get it and even if you don’t your are trying and thinking about what you really want in your life that is a gift.  When I am thinking about my DMP I am not thinking about the guy who lost my daughter’s picture, the guy who certainly didn’t mean to lose it and I know felt bad about it.  The guy I can forgive today.

blessings and believe

Davene J

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  • Your header definitely got my attention and I must say I read it twice. I am sure most mothers would be upset if such a masterpiece had been lost. We must all forgive and forget just as our Divine Master has forgiven us. This lesson will be good for all and eaise all of the tensions in our lives.
    Thnak you Davene.

  • It worked Davene! Your title caught my attention big time! I have someone who recently “wronged” us and I’m having a terrible time forgiving him…..we’ll earn back the money he took us for, that’s the easy part, but the man himself and the trust we put in him and his family, that’s going to be a lot tougher!!! I know I should and I know according to one of the master key’s we’ve read so far, it says we can not hold negativity or hatred in our heart…..so I am working on it. I pray about it daily! I’ve taken every book he’s written, every DVD, ANYTHING with his name or picture on it and thrown them all out! It was sort of a cleansing for me…..but I know I’m still coveting a small area of resentment as I see him out in the world speaking publicly about his great life with a new Network Marketing company……I guess I keep telling myself that what goes around comes around and he’ll get his justice some day, but I also hope he doesn’t hurt someone else down the road…….so I continue to work on this….and work on it. Thanks for writing your story…..I do KNOW I have to let it go and move on……easier said than done, but I feel I’m closer to that end since starting with you and Mark on this journey. I’ll know I’ve succeeded when I can see his face and not have any emotion well up inside! It’s truly a work in process….

  • Davene, you mentioned ‘a seed of greater opportunity’ as a result of this situation. Well, I believe your opportunity is right here, sharing this post with others. If you can change one life by someone reading this amazing story….WOW, what an opportunity 🙂

    One day my wife Tara and I will be able to express to you and Mark what all this MKMMA stuff really means to us. We’ve been working soooo hard for 3 years to get back on our feet after losing it all….well, actually we found out it’s possible to lose way more than ‘it all’ 🙂 Anyway, thanks for all you guys do. You’ve touched us in a way, one day, we’ll be able to pass on to some other folks. This, my friend, is a TREMENDOUS seed of greater opportunity.

    We appreciate you … BIGTIME

  • Okay, first off, people from Boston do swear a lot,,, it’s in our blood somehow, it makes us special right… so don’t give that up girl….Second, thank you for your honesty when stating that we will change our DMP’S over and over because we are changing. There were times in the past 3 weeks I thought I had lost my mind because I thought I needed a perfect DMP or nothing else was going to work perfectly..
    The picture is beautiful and your daughter is very talented. Thank you for sharing
    As far as forgiving people that use to piss me off, well, the mkmma has made me a little more selfish and I refuse to waste my incredible mind thinking about rotten people…

  • WoW! Where do I start? You hit on 2 “hot buttons” with your blog.

    First: I am so happy to hear about the challenges you had putting your DMP together. Thank the Lord it’s not only me. For me, this was an exercise that was, by no means, easy to do. I’m still not really satisfied.

    Second: I listened to a phone message this morning that was left yesterday by a man who was my business partner several years ago. I was supplying the $$ (life savings) to start and keep our small environmental business going until I finally realized that as I was putting the money in, he was taking it out for his own personal use. he wasn’t paying the bills so everyone was coming after me.

    It took me three years after we dissolved the company to bail myself out financially, I lost my entire life savings, ended up in the hospital several times, etc. So you can only guess as to my feelings toward him.

    He has called me from Florida several times in the past and I never returned his calls but after listening to his message this morning, I decided that I will call him back and put this entire “experience” to bed once for all. What can I attribute this to? Has to be the MK-MMA way of thinking. Can’t think of anything else.

    So, thanks, Davene.

    (It must be a great feeling to know why you and Mark’s were put on this earth for)!

  • Excuse the spelling mistakes–hit the button before I spelled checked. Must be tired. Oh, well, you get the point, right?

  • Lisa it is very hard to forgive someone that has hurt you as you have stated but that is what the Good Book tells us to do. After you have forgiven him if you should ever have the opportunity to meet him face to face you will be able to hold your head high and smile because you have done the proper thing. He knows that he has wronged you so he will have to live with that.

  • Davene, great essay. I still have things from my past that pop to mind and I have to seek forgiveness for the pain that I still feel. I guess that this keeps me humble. Not that I have any reason not to be humble…..
    R/ Dave

  • Isn’t it odd how I can “let go” and “move past” something like the loss of our son 10 months ago, yet suffer over the disappearance of our little cat? I guess that’s what is meant by the verse about little foxes spoiling the vine. I feel responsible somehow for the loss of our cat, even though I know it isn’t my fault.

    I know my son’s death was an accident, and no one’s fault. We know where he is, and we have great support from all directions. We miss him so much, every single day… but acceptance took place many months ago, and we have let go of any negative feelings about it.

    But with our little cat? For some reason it’s harder, perhaps because we don’t even know if she’s really “gone”… we only know she’s missing. It’s hard to let go of something when you don’t know what it is you’re up against. Yet the answer is the same… we’ve done all we can to find her… now it’s time to let go.

    Willena Flewelling

    • Willena all of the things that you have stated are very true. It is very hard to lose a pet they are really one of the family. You are right it is time too move on and possibly that little kitty will return. Our Vet’s kitty was gone for 2 months and then one day he just wandered back. (Maybe someone had him locked up and he couldn’t come home.)

  • Willena, my heart goes out to you over the loss of your son…..I cannot begin to imagine and sincerely admire your acceptance! Having had several pets through the years, I can relate to those feelings quite well…….they’re just special. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

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