December 17, 2010


Every year my daughters, Dayna and Jackie, spend Thanksgiving with me and the King, and Christmas in upstate New York. ¬†They are fantastic sous chefs btw. ¬†At first I resented this, I’ll say for a couple of years probably then I decided to let it go. ¬†Bear hugs kettle. ¬† You see they have a younger brother and sister, Cullen the magnificent and Joselyn someday to be magnificent. ¬†It’s so much fun to be around little kids on Christmas and both of the little kids are 10 years younger than my girls. ¬†So it was great for them all to be together for Christmas even though I felt sad and mad, I did let it go and I was able to truly be happy for all of them.

Now guess what, I was thinking today “O man it’s how many days till X-mas, holy crap, really,” and then thinking I’m not going to see my girls on Christmas and instantly¬†realized, hey I haven’t spent Christmas with the girls in like 11 years. ¬†Hooray! ¬†So today I am filled to the brim with gratitude that I let go of that resentment. ¬†Really a gift I am bursting with gratitude. ¬†Gratitude attack, I love those! ¬†I know it is making the separation from my kids softer and easier because I did the hard work and now I got the payoff. ¬†Who knew? ¬† Thank you Father for the¬†MKMMA.


Emerson’s Law is working in our lives so much, everyday there is new and exciting example of give more, get more. ¬†Here is a particular one I loved. ¬†Mark has made lots of friends on the island, as you can imagine, and 1 particular guy Chanc is just fantastic. ¬†Chanc is a surfer, hunter, spear fisherman just to name a few of his attributes, and come to find out a great chef too. ¬†Chelsea, Mark’s darling daughter, decided to do Chanc a solid and he was so excited and happy he offered to come over and make us dinner. ¬†He told us he had just caught a fantastic tuna off Kauai and we were getting some!!! ¬†YUMMY! ¬†I love Ahi!

So I figure Chanc, 26 year old surfer,¬†is just going to show up with a bag of tuna and we better be ready with some salad or something. ¬†Boy was I wrong, sometimes it’s so great to be wrong, I have to remember that. ¬†So Mr. Chanc fixed us a friggin gourmet dinner. The works he took care of everything AND cleaned up. ¬†No kidding, so excellent. ¬†He made this amazing wild rice pilaf¬†with a lemon thyme sauce & roasted almonds, yummy, wilted spanish and the most delicious piece of tuna I have ever eaten. ¬†I have had the privilege of eating a lot to tuna in some of the best restaurants in the US and this was THE BEST!!! ¬†Thanks Emerson and mostly thanks Chanc.

Blessings and Believe,


Watch Chanc’s technique.

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  • Davene, that was an awesome example of Emerson’s law. Hey, will Chanc be cookin’ when we come? ūüėÄ I could just smell the fish, rice and sauce!! YUMMY!

  • Ok Davene, now I know I need to be there! How cool is that!! Need some pointers….want to know how you get gourmet cooks to not only catch your meal, but cook AND clean up!!! What am I doing wrong….lol. Great post….apologize for not seeing it before now. Oh and BTW….spelling of my first name needs fixing…..guess your fingers were running away on you. Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to Sunday night’s call. Blessings, Diane Norris

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