August 7, 2021

Ultimate guide for creating

Are you asking yourself why do I need the ultimate guide for creating the life you deserve and desire?

Good, I’m glad. Asking questions, I have found in my life, is the very best way through life. If one doesn’t understand something, or something seems off. Or as my husband Mark Januszewski, best known as The World’s Laziest Networker, would say, “there’s a rat in the woodpile”, or “the pots not right”.

What do you do when something seems off, start asking questions? There are very few who just to this most amazing skill. What others think is just not on the radar, getting to the truth is the goal.

They know, most of all who cares if you don’t know something or don’t know the answer.

This is just one of the essential skills you glean from the ultimate guide for creating the life you deserve and desire.

The YouTube Video for this weeks’ Thoughtful Thursday is the second of the 7 Laws of the Mind, CLICK HERE FOR THE 7 LAWS OF THE MIND REPORT.

Or click the picture of the adorable baby to crack the beginning of your ultimate guide for creating

7 laws of the mind

In this Laws of the Mind series, which is fully a part of the ultimate guide for creating the life you deserve and desire, Mark explains how most people know more about their cell phones than they do their own brain.

The most impressive mechanism on the planet sits atop one’s head and most of this incredible power just gets wasted. 🧠

Mostly because MOST humans don’t know how to leverage all this unbridled power. The power that is just sitting there 24/7 – 365 waiting to be utilized to give you the life you desire, dream for, hope for, win the lottery type thinking.

Unfortunately for MOST, and I’m talking about 95% of all humans, most never even scratch the surface of this enormous gift. But, kids, but the ultimate guide for creating the life you deserve and desire is literally in you!

If you have ever wondered what is mean by the Kindom is within you just found out. Let’s show you and everyone you know and care about how to use this thing.

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  • Davene, he IS an adorable baby and when I clicked on his pic I got your wonderful clear list of the LAWS OF THE MIND. I just know this will help me know my mind much better than I know my cell phone!! Thank you SO MUCH for all you do and write to help me “leverage all the unbridled power” my mind has to do GOOD for me and those whose my life touches.

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