September 8, 2018

Why is the 1953 Yale University Goal Study…

like 50% of all female orgasm – As Elaine Benes would say, “Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake”.

It’s funny cause’ it’s true. I love that about good jokes. Sorry if you’re in the 50% though – partners let’s step it up but that’s not what this is about – one blog can’t fix that one.

But really it’s not a joke, but instead the tragic reason for the bogus sale of millions of books, thousands of seminars, lectures and worst of all billions of dollars that have been wasted on this tragic truth.

That’s right! The world famous 1953 Yale University Goal Study that was quoted by all the top self help gurus never happened.  IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Iconic gurus like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and the evangelica Zig Ziglar quote and based their works on the bogus information of The 1953 Yale University Goal Study to make millions of dollars, some of those dollars may have been yours!

Tell me the truth have you ever participated in any of these activities offered by self help gurus? Did anything change?

The thing that drives my up the wall is that these gurus, or their estates, continue to make millions and have droves of sheep follow them when what they based their teaching on is fraudulent! It’s also personal.  I’ll tell you why.

My company, Training Solutions, LLC, offers a course each September called The Master Key Experience and I don’t yet have those droves following me! I admit it I envious of the fake gurus.

The Master Key Experience

This course is not only based on human nature but also the principal of a Mastermind. One must be in a true Mastermind to make any significant change in their lives. Among other things that I won’t get into in this particular writing.

There is no question about the fact that a mastermind is essential. As a matter of fact a true ‘self-help’ teacher Napoleon Hill states in his self-help bible, Think and Grow Rich, “No one makes it without a mastermind. No one.

So I get mad, jealous, frustrated all the words you can think of to convey profound disappointment, due to the fact that people continue to listen to gurus. The Oprahs of the world continue to put them in the spotlight even though their works have ZERO quantifiable evidence that anything they ever sold actually works!

Ten thousand dollar workshops, walking across coals and nothing changes in the lives of people who spend all this money based on the fake, fake, fake, fake 1953 Yale School of Business Study.

I guess I wouldn’t mind if there were refunds available 🙂 No I’d still abhor these practices, continuing to sell crap that doesn’t work.

Irrefutable Evidence

Our course does work people! The Master Key Experience Members irrefutable state that they are happier! The FACT is over 93% of The Master Key Experience Members are happier. They also tell us that this course changed their lives for the better.  Many of them enroll their loved ones in the course after they take it. What does that tell you?

1953 Yale University Goal Study1953 Yale University Goal StudyHere are just a fraction of our 100os of happier members – Check out Ellen Ward and Bob Rometo just in case you don’t believe me. I got tons more…

My hope is after reading this everyone will share this blog about the fake 1953 Yale University Goal Study to ensure that as many human beings as possible will have the opportunity to know the truth about TOP GURUS and that what they are selling is a sham. Just go over and investigate something that actually works and changes lives for the better.

Go to or send people to The Master Key Experience Launch.

By the way if you know Ellen or Will Smith, maybe Jim Carrey please forward this to them so we get stop the counterfeit self helpers and get everyone what they are truly searching for.

Do It Now.


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